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Itzam-Ye – Mayans M.C. – Season 2, Episode 9


Itzam-Ye – Mayans M.C., Season 2, Episode 9

Itzam Ye Explained

Also known as Itzam-Yeh, The Serpent Bird, The Celestial Bird, and The Way of Itzamna, Itzam-Ye was a deity in bird form which nested in the axis of the great Ceiba tree, the World Tree, which connected the underworld with the middle world (earth) and upper world.


Itzam Ye – Mayans M.C., Season 2, Episode 9

At the Hospital

This episode picks up after the ambush at the sit down where the gun deal was discussed between SAMCRO, the Mayans and Vatos Malditos. We see Bishop and the rest of the Mayans at Riz’s bedside as he clings to life. Riz is critical, but stable, intubated, and is still unconscious. His lungs are unable to keep up, but the surgeons say that they were able to get the bullet fragments out.  The Mayan Kings are on the way to Santo Padre.

Coco is discharged from the hospital. He has a patch over his right eye. The doctors are not sure if his sight will be restored or if he will remain blind in that eye… it’s too early to tell.

Potter Beckons

During Itzam-Yeh, the Reyes brothers receive text messages from Lincoln Potter requesting a meeting. He wants to know what is happening with Miguel Galindo, the rebels in Mexico and Polomo. Potter thinks Galindo is double crossing him. He cannot prove it, so he tries blackmailing the brothers into getting him proof.


The Kings Arrival in Itzam-Yeh

At the table, Bishop meets with the Kings. They have a different take and opinion on the events and what they feel needs to happen.  As much as the club wants retribution for the Vatos actions, the Kings remind Bishop that they were lashing out after having nine of their members killed by the Mayans.

An angry Bishop reminds the other Kings that the Vatos’ disrespected all Mayans by coming into their backyard and setting up shop without ever bothering to ask permission.

The Kings remind Bishop that the deal with the Irish guns is worth millions. That it will stabilize Mayan charters all over the country. In addition, it will shift the power base of the Mayans from Oakland to Santo Padre. It will be their responsibility to run the gun operation from Mexico into the United States.

Bishop is Left With No Real Choice

Bishop does not like their position in this matter. The Kings explain that if Riz survives, then no one was killed, and the Vatos Malditos would consider the score settled.  This narrative does not appease Coco, or any of the other Mayans who wanted vengance.

Bishop talks to the Mayans and tells them what the Kings decision was. Coco is very angry and only thinking about the fact that he may never ride his motorcycle again.  He is upset that Bishop is treating the club like a corporation and not a brotherhood. He believes the Kings are not concerned with his (or Riz’s) quality of life, if it means losing their gun money.


Bishop advises his crew to “Play it smart.”


Honesty Begets Honesty

The Reyes family meet to discuss Ignacio Cortina in Itzam-Yeh. Felipe tells them that he grew up in a “dirt poor village” with the Galindos. His Grandmother took in an illegitimate child of theirs. 20 years later, Jose repaid that debt by getting Ignacio out of some trouble he had gotten into while Ignacio worked in the anti-drug squad. After a bust went south, it looked like his carreer would be over, but Jose Galindo stepped in. He gave Ignacio a position and Felipe tells them that was when his life got even more complicated.


Felipe tells his sons that they need to meet with Emily to get the truth on the table and plan what to do next.  Felipe promises to tell his sons the whole story once they can get together with Emily at his house later that night.

Miguel & Emily

At the Galindo home, Miguel has decided to be honest with his wife. He tells Emily all about Sophia, the woman Potter was with years ago in Mexico. She was a witness in a big case Potter handled. He tells Emily that Lincoln’s “Mexican tenure” would most likely be revoked if the truth about the relationship were to come out. Next, Miguel tells her that he plans to use this information as leverage to help Adelita, and wants Emily to know everything going forward. He says he is tired of them both keeping secrets. The viewers know that is mostly because he doesn’t trust Emily.

Itzam Itzam

Miguel Wants the Truth

He then asks Emily to come clean with him about everything she’s been keeping secret. He suspects that she had the city planner’s assistant killed in order to secure the winning bid on the agro-park contract. Emily refuses to share her secrets. Then, she reminds her husband that Marlin’s death was ruled a suicide and that she had nothing to do with it.

In the end, Emily ends up angry and storms out of the office and Miguel is left wondering exactly what it is that he doesn’t know. In order to find out what Emily has gotten herself into, Miguel asks Alvarez to do some digging into Emily and the Reyes family, which may lead him into a conflict with the Mayans.


Miguel Senses a Problem

Later that evening, we see Miguel watching Emily, trying to come to terms with what his livelihood has done to his personal life. He is well aware of the fact that Emily trades lie for lie with him.


He and Nestor talk about it while sitting on the stairs. Nestor tells him that it works in both ways, each bit of truth Miguel offers will gain a bit of truth from Emily. In Itzam-Yeh Nestor assures Miguel that Emily loves him deeply. The viewers know that to be partly true, but it is obvious that Emily still feels something for EZ as well.


The Mayans at the Table for a Vote

Bishop is pi$$ed that the Vatos might get away with their actions without any vengeance being dished out, but he also knows that this gun deal means a lot to the Mayans organization and they won’t get a second chance.

At the table in Itzam-Yeh, Bishop calls for the Mayans to vote on vengeance against the Vatos. Gilly, Angel, and Coco vote yay, while Tranq and Bishop vote ney, along with the proxy votes they hold. Coco is outraged and storms out. Angel calmly tells his President that none of them know how Coco feels. He tells them that CoCo is terrified of losing his eyesight and his ability to ride again.

In the clubhouse, Coco is furious that the Vatos might get away with what they did to him and Riz.


For clarity, Bishop calls upon his mentor and founder of the Mayans, Marcus Alvarez, and requests a sitdown. Alvarez tells him that the gun deal is huge for the Mayans and it puts them on a whole different playing field than they have ever been on before. They will have power they have never had before and resources to fully fund other Mayan charters.  Alvarez tells Bishop that the reality that they aren’t a bunch of “motorcycle enthusiasts” and never were. He says that they’ve always been outlaws, so these types of decisions inevitably happen. As hard as it is to hear, Bishop knows what needs to be done.

El Padrino Questions EZ

Before leaving, “El Padrino” has a conversation with EZ Reyes. He begins to question him about his relationship with Emily Galindo and his part in the death of the city planner’s assistant. EZ doesn’t directly lie to him, but evandes the whole truth. He does however tell Alvarez that if Emily needed him, he would be there. EZ also suggest that if Miguel wants to know what is going on with Emily, he should ask her directly.

Dita’s Confession to Emily

In Itzam-Yeh Dita explains to Emily about why she tried to kill herself in the fire that devastated their home. “I lost my purpose, as a woman, as a mother” Dita explains. She feels like the trouble between Miguel and Emily is her fault. She encourages Emily to do whatever it takes to fix her marriage. In this exchange, it appears that she truly loves Emily, but viewers know that she refers to Emily as “El Diablo Blanco” or the White Devil. Just then, Dita receives a telephone call from I.C. – who we know is Felipe. He asks Dita to help him and his sons get a secret meeting with Emily. Dita schedules a “Girls spa day” for her and Emily and insists that Emily come with her. The whole thing is a ploy to get Emily out of the house so she can meet with the Reyes family.

Reyes Family Meeting

Felipe picks up Emily from the spa, and they drive to the Reyes home, where EZ and Angel are waiting.


They look over the documents Emily discovered in the storage facility. It all traces back to the Galindo family. The brothers become very angry. They demand to know why their parents were targeted. Finally, Felipe tells them that he had an affair with Dita after the Galindo’s lost Cristobal.

Felipe says following their child’s death, Jose checked out of the relationship and Dita turned to him for comfort. He eventually severed ties with her and fell in love with the woman who would become his wife. After Marisol became pregnant with Angel, he knew it was time to leave Mexico. He tells them that the affair is the reason he and Marisol came to the US under the names Felipe & Marisol Reyes, to start their new life together.

Felipe explains that “things just sort of happened.”  He takes full responsibility for the affair, assuring his sons that it all happened before he met and married their mother.  Felipe also mentioned that it struck him as odd that they had a problem free life in America, until Miguel arrived in the U.S. Emily vehemently denies that Miguel was involved.  The Reyes brothers have seen first hand the viciousness of the cartel boss, and suspect it was he who ordered the hit.

Creeper Asks Questions

At the hospital, it seems as if Taza can’t bear to watch Riz wasting away. He answers a few questions Creeper has for him about his recently discovered past with the Vatos. Taza is hesitant to disclose much information, but it appears that he holds a grudge against the Vatos’ club president.


Taza gets word of the decision for no retaliation by the Mayans and shares it with Creeper. He arranges for Creeper to step out of the room.

Riz’s “Death”

Taza breaks down in tears. He kisses Riz’s head, apologizes to him and pinches the breathing tube to cut off his airflow and put him out of his misery. A few seconds pass and Riz goes into arrest. Doctors rush in to try to save his life. Weanwhile, Taza acts as if he has no idea what just happened. The doctors are unable to revive Riz and he dies.  We as viewers are not sure if this was a selfless act or whether Taza is using the Mayans to settle an old score with Palo and the Vatos.  With Riz’s death, Taza knows that the Mayans will change their votes for relatiation.

Word of Riz’s death gets back to Bishop and the rest at the clubhouse. Bishop announces that the vote is “null and void.” He tells the Mayans to prepare for a war. Then, he notifys the Mayan kings that the Santo Padre chapter is going to war with Vatos Malditos.

Emily Proposes a “Deal” During Itzam Yeh

As EZ drives Emily back to the spa to meet up with Dita before time runs out, he comes clean to Emily about Lincoln Potter’s threats to have Felipe deported. He tells her that Potter will deport Felipe if EZ refuses to help him get dirt on Miguel.

Emily tells EZ that Miguel has obtained some information on Potter that he had planned to use to force Potter to free Adelita.  She offers it up to the Reyes family if it will help Felipe. Apparently, Potter had taken a Mexican lover, who was a witness in one of his big cases.  They appear to have a child together.  She offers this information in exchange for Angel and EZ’s promisenot to lay a hand on her husband.

Recognizing Dita

Just then, Dita comes out of the Spa and pulls Emily from the truck so they can meet with Miguel’s security detail before they get suspicious.  This is actually the first time that EZ has seen Dita Galindo,  but quickly realizes he has seen her before.

During Itzam-Yeh EZ has a memory flash from years before when he was at a carnival. He was there with Emily and Angel. Felipe and Marisol sat together on a bench obviously in love. EZ recalls seeing Dita Galindo was at the carnival that night staring at his parents before she Miguel pulled her away.  Miguel had no idea that his mother had just saw a couple of ghosts from her past.  This memory causes EZ to surmise that it was Dita who put out the hit on his parents, causing the death of his mother and his subsequent incarceration.

Now All of the Peices to the Puzzle Fit

Dita ordering the hit explains why payment was made from the family account.  It also explains why the outstanding hit on Felipe was never attempted. Unlike Jose or Miguel, who would require blood as payment, Dita had no way to follow up on her orders. She was unable to follow up because she had ordered it without the knowledge of Miguel or her husband.

Felipe is devastated at the realization that a woman he once loved was responsible for his wife’s murder. And, making matters even worse, according to Dita, Miguel Galindo is actually his son.  A secret that Felipe did not chose to share.

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