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“Kukulkan” – Mayans MC – Season 2, Episode 8


“Kukulkan” – Mayans MC – Season 2, Episode 8

Kukulkan (/kuːkuːlˈkän/) (“Plumed Serpent“, “Feathered Serpent“) is the name of a Mesoamerican serpent deity. Prior to the Spanish Conquest of the Yucatán, Kukulkan was worshipped by the Yucatec Maya peoples of the Yucatán Peninsula, in what is now Mexico. The depiction of the Feathered Serpent is present in other cultures of Mesoamerica. Kukulkan is closely related to the deity Qʼuqʼumatz of the Kʼicheʼ people and to Quetzalcoatl of Aztec mythology. Little is known of the mythology of this Pre-Columbian era deity.


Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “Kukulkan”

EZ and Felipe are having breakfast at the table in front of the butcher shop.  Felipe (Edward James Olmos) teases EZ about always being on his cell phone telling him that it will make him stupid.  Angel joins them, emerging from Felipe’s shop, with one of Felipe’s books in his hand. The Reyes brothers exchange some good natured ribbing, then Angel kisses the top of Felipe’s head, tells him that he loves him, and informs EZ that he is needed at the table and that he will contact him when they have finished.

Emily’s Discovery

Meanwhile Emily (Sarah Bolger) is helping the Reyes brothers get to the truth behind their mother’s murder by looking through ledgers in the Galindo family’s storage facility. She finds a box marked household bills and pulls out an older ledger. She locates the transactions that exactly match the ones Happy pointed out to EZ and Angel.

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After breakfast, EZ and Emily have a secret meeting (Miguel has ordered Nestor not to let her out of his sight). Emily is concerned and upset that EZ might be getting her involved in something she does not want to be. She tells EZ that she found the photo that Dita had hidden in her journal of Felipe, Espina, Dita and Jose Galindo. EZ tells Emily that he had recently discovered that his father worked for the Galindos decades ago. Emily is even more confused by this information and wonders out loud what she’s doing. She begs EZ to tell her the truth and he does just that.

EZ and Emily Argue Over the Facts

Emily and EZ argue over his belief that that his father did something to anger Jose Galindo, which might have resulted in Miguel deciding to order a hit on Felipe and Marisol Reyes.

Emily tears up as it registers that the Galindos were likely the ones who had Marisol Reyes killed. She’s shocked and says, “No, that can’t be right! I loved your mom.”

His parents fled to the U.S. and were safe until Miguel moved to Santo Padre.  Emily tells him that Miguel didn’t even become involved in the cartel business until his father died. “I know Miguel. He is not the person who destroyed your family,” says Emily, voice shaking.

Emily continues to deny the Galindos had anything to do with the murder, calling the very thought of a connection “insane.”

EZ reminds her he wouldn’t be exploring this avenue – and involving her – if he wasn’t 100% convinced he was right.


EZ’s last accusation earns him a heavy slap from Emily.

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When EZ asks Emily if she found records of the transactions, Emily counters his question with one of her own. She asks EZ why he’s doing this? He does not answer. Emily walks away, telling him that he is wrong and she is going to prove it.

Let the Interrogation Commence

When Emily returns home, both Dita (Ada Maris) and Miguel (Danny Pino) question where she’s been. Emily says she was just getting her nails done.

The tension between Emily and Miguel is obvious to all. Emily tries to ease Miguel’s suspicion by offering to make them dinner.

At the Table

Meanwhile, at the clubhouse the Mayans discuss getting further involved with SAMCRO in the gun trade.  SAMCRO sets up a meeting. Depsite the fact that the Mayans Santo Padre charter won’t be in charge, SAMCRO specifically wanted Bishop and the Mayans at the table.

“This is one of Jax Teller’s last requests. We’ve got to represent,” says Coco.

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EZ’s arrives at the clubhouse as the meeting ends. He tells Angel that he talked to Emily and that she knows everything. Angel tells EZ he belies it was a huge risk telling Emily everything. EZ then tells Angel that Emily refused to tell him what she had discovered. He says that she “needs time” to sort it all out.

The Mayans head out for their meeting with SAMCRO at the casino.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 8

When Potter Calls

While EZ and Angel were talking, they simultaneously receive a text from Potter. They ride over for a secret meeting in the middle of nowhere.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 8

It is obvious that Potter is going crazy trying to figure out who’s double-crossing whom. He attempts to blackmail the Reyes brothers for information on the Galindo cartel and the rebels. Potter is using the last thing he has left, the deportation of Felipe, over the brothers.

“Whether you’re inside his circle or not, you had proximity to the cartel and to Senor Galindo. So, my question is to you gentlemen, how far does the ruse go?!” asks Potter, voice escalating into a scream by the end of the question.

Potter says if they don’t tell him everything he needs to know, then ICE will pick up Felipe and lock him up in a detention center. He will allow them a couple days to figure out what they want to do.

Potter (Ray McKinnon) says they “need” each other. EZ and Angel tell him that they do not need him.

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After Potter’s threat, EZ is forced to restrain Angel, who wants to kill him.  EZ asks Potter wants, telling him that he is willing to kill him, even though he knows Potter’s security will kill him for it.

EZ’s finally able to calm his brother down. They’ll think about their options on the ride back to the club.

Dita’s “Doctor” Visit

Miguel drops Dita off at the doctor’s office and she has another secret rendezvous on the roof with Felipe. He tells her that if she continues to summon him, Miguel will surely find out about their meetings. Dita tells him that they are “almost done.”  She tells him she loved him, that he was her savior and protector. But, he left her.


Felipe tells her that he is “Sorry.” Then she tells Felipe that it was because he “fell in love with a village girl” and married her.

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Dita asks him to never tell Miguel that he is his real father. He promises. Dita then gives him a hug and asks him to forgive her.

Emily Ignores EZ’s Calls

EZ’s been calling Emily but she’s ignoring his calls. Angel asks EZ what they’re going to do and when EZ replies, “We’ll know when we know,” Angel tells him that he “needs to stop praying at the church of Coco.”

Crow Flys Straight

Next, we see crows flying above and hear engines roaring… Angel announces that “Reaper” has arrived.

Then, we see four of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original members ride up to the lodge. The Mayans greet these old friends as Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), Happy (David Labrava), Quinn (Rusty Coones), and Montez (Jacob Vargas) enter. In typical Chibs style, he greets the Mayans with “Who do I have to f*ck to get a drink around here?”

The meeting begins (after a lot of hugs) and Chibs admits they never expected to still be in the gun business. However, now they’re ready to focus on their other income and need to drop out of moving guns. However, the Mendocino port where the Irish send the guns is going to shut down, so their part of the gun business is going away in three weeks.  A new arrangement needs to be made immediately which is why SAMCRO invited the Mayans to the table.

On to The Matter at Hand

Chib’s points out that the port’s closing will be the best way for the club to leave the gun business once and for all, which was Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) plan. The Sons reveal they were in touch with a club from Tijuana who would be perfect replacement.

Bishop says that the San Diego port isn’t an option because the military keeps it busy. Chibs tells the Mayans that he was thinking the Irish should use the Tijuana port, and the Vatos Malditos.

Bishop informs Chibs about the shoot out days before and that he doesn’t think that will work out so well.  Montez says that the VM leader is a friend of his. He says his friend never even mentioned being on the outs with the Mayans. As it turns out, SAMCRO requested they also attend the meeting and should be arriving soon.  Montez assures the Mayans that if VM never mentioned a beef, that means they are willing to sit down with the Mayans.

Montez gives the Mayans his word nothing will go down with SAMCRO there. Chibs says they need to sort this all out because there’s lots of money riding on this deal.

“You bring them to the table. They’re willing to talk…we’re willing to listen,” says Bishop.


Miguel Meets with Paloma

Meanwhile, Miguel meets with Sederica Palomo in the tunnels. Shehands him a folder with information on a woman named Sophia Fiero. Sophia is a young woman with a deformed hand who fit the description Miguel asked about. She lives in Coatzacoalcos and the locals share that she is a blind woman who sells items in the market. They add that in the past, she was with a tall white man with a moustache. They agree that this is Potter.  Sophia has a child and based on when Potter was there, the child is probably his.

Paloma wants Miguel’s word that no one will hurt this woman and her child. Miguel gives it, telling Paloma that he will use the information as leverage to get Adelita back.

Mayan v. Mayan

Outside the lodge, EZ’s busy filling the tanks of the Santo Padre charter’s bikes when a couple of members of the Tempe group start harassing him. Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) and Coco (Richard Cabral) step in and one of the Tempe Mayans shoves Coco.  Coco turns to EZ and says, “I’m feeling a little burnt out from the ride. Do me a favor – f*ck this b*tch up.”

EZ doesn’t even hesitate before headbutting the biggest guy. After the big guy falls, EZ moves on to the next one, punching his repeatedly. So much so that the Tempe Mayan is barely able to defend himself.

Angel comes outside to see his brother in the middle of the fistfight. He can’t believe EZ is hitting a patch member of their club and calls out to him. However, Angel backs down when Coco tell him that he ordered EZ to do it.

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Once the fight is over, EZ  and the Santo Padre Mayanss head back inside the Casino’s lodge to get a drink.

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Emily Finds Her Proof and Takes It to Felipe

Once again, Emily returns to the storage facility, determined to get to the truth. She finds binders with copies of checks issued which are exact matches to the figures EZ asked about. All of the checks were signed by Dita Galindo!

As promised, Emily (with Nestor paying close attention from the front passenger seat) picks up Dita at the doctor’s office. Dita asks Emily if she found the quote from her father that she was looking for in the storage facility. Emily says that she didn’t, but she did find records of old household payments from 10 years ago. She drops off Dita at home and then tells Nestor that she needs to go downtown. She has Nestor stop at Felipe’s Butcher shop.

Emily Brings Her Discoveries to Felipe

The shop’s closed but as usual, Felipe re-opens for Emily. With Nestor outside, Emily slyly pushes an envelope across the counter to Felipe. He looks through the documents while Emily tells him what she knows and he prepares the steaks Emily has ordered.

Emily tells Felipe that EZ has uncovered the fact that it was a hitman who killed his moother and that the hitman was supposed to kill Felipe too… She explains that EZ discovered that the payments came from Mexico and that upon EZ’s request, she discovered that the copies of the checks in the envelope match the amounts paid for the hit.

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Dita ordered the hit, so it would seem.

Emily doesn’t know who to turn to with the information she has found and she asks Felipe to help her. They need to protect both of their families.  Felipe asks Emily for a couple of days to get things together and make sure they’re safe before she tells anyone what she found.

Miguel arrives and Emily goes out to greet him. Immediately, he demands that she tell him why she is there!  Felipe walks out with the steaks she ordered in a bag. “It seems as if all the women in my life can’t stay away from you, Senor Reyes,” says Miguel.

Felipe reminds him that he is the only butcher in town.

Then, Emily realizes Nestor’s been reporting her movements to Miguel all along.

Sit Down With The Vatos

The Vatos Malditos arrive at the Casino’s lodge. It is clear that the Vatos are not “alright” with the Mayans being involved in the deal from the start.  Chibbs makes it clear that he does not have time to deal with their “issues” and that they need to get down to the business they are there to discuss.

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After Chibs and Montez lay out what’s at stake, the VM decide to participate in the meeting. Chibs explains the payouts for the guns, with the Vatos Malditos’ cut set at 30%.

The Mayans agree to the terms and when the VM ask what SAMCRO’s cut will be, Chibs begins to explain they were supposed to get a share for the first two years of this new deal. Bishop interrupts as Chibs seems to be on the verge of saying they’ll take less because it’s taken three years to make it to this point. “We’re okay with that – you getting the 10%,” says Bishop, with the Mayans acknowledging that’s what Jax Teller wanted.

Montez has a quick whispered conversation with Chibs and then announces SAMCRO’s giving half of their 10% to the Vatos as restitution for the Mayans taking out nine of their club members.

The Vatos Make Additional Demands

The Vatos leader refuses the offer. He wants “restitution” directly from the Mayans for the nine men they lost.

Bishop barely contains himself as he reminds VM they came over the border and into the Santo Padre charter’s area without even a phone call. They got what they deserved.

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Chibs tries to play peacemaker. He says both sides are in the wrong, but also suggests the Mayans put something on the table as restitution for nine dead. Bishop confers with his people and then offers that during the first year they’ll match SAMCRO’s 5%.

The Vatos leader demands 20%. Both sides stand, with the sound of guns being cocked.

Chibs remains seated but yells, “Jesus Christ, f*cking Mexicans! You make us Scots look sensible!”

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Chibs suggest the Mayans up their offer to 5% for two years. Everyone returns to their seats and the deal is hammered out. Tensions remain high. When the meeting ends, SAMCRO says their goodbyes and heads back home. Chibs’ parting words to Bishop are that Jax would be proud.

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When Chibs and the SAMCRO riders leave, the Mayans decide to celebrate their successful day at the lodge. They don’t notice that the other club is hiding in a van outside of the property.


The Attack on the Mayans

Later, although the Vatos Malditos have cut a deal that secures a price for their fallen members, but then they decide that the deal should be paid by blood instead.

EZ is outside taking care of the bikes. As he finishes lining them up for the trip, he sees a van at the end of the road. He doesn’t think anything about it but as he is re-entering the lodge, the van carrying the VM quickly backs up the drive and launches a Molotov cocktail at the Mayans bikes.

The club comes charging out and they immediately come under fire.

Bishop and some of the club head back inside, with Bishop instructing his men to follow him. Their plan is to hit the VM from the side while they are busy with the Mayans outside.

Unfortunately, the VM enter the lodge before Bishop and his men can leave through the side exit. Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) yells at Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) to get down and is hit as he spreads his arms to block bodies. Riz takes several gunshots to the chest. He’s down, possibly for good.

The VM finally retreat but not before tossing another Molotov cocktail which catches Coco on fire.

Coco is severely burned, probably blinded. The club has lost its sniper.

As the episode ends, Riz barely has a pulse, and Taza is screaming for an ambulance. Coco is alive but in severe pain. He cries out that he can’t see.

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