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Muluc – Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


Muluc – Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6 Recap


  • Day Sign: Muluc (east) (Water) Muluc – (pronounced: moo-luke)
  • Key meaning: the power of the emotions
  • Native Names: MULUC [moo’look], TOOJ Common Mayan
  • Usage: raindrop, water
  • Qualities: signals, signs, awakened attention, awareness, understanding, self-remembrance, divine guidance, Godseed, cosmic communication, beacon
  • Symbols: lotus, beacon of consciousness, puma
  • Number: nine (grand cycles)
  • Colour: sunset peach
  • Element: earth Direction: east

Muluc – Water/Offering – Emotional, Imaginative, Intuitive, Vessel of Gratitude, Essence of Life, Offering Gratitude for Water and Life.

The Mayan word Muluc means “something that is gathered up or collected” referring to rain clouds collecting in the sky before a storm.  “The Mayans taught that the power and energy of the rain was ‘collected’ in water pots or vases, which were kept by the Chacs, the helpers of the rain god. During a rain, the Chacs pour forth the waters of abundance from their rain pots.


Water has the power to give life or take it away. Water is used by the Maya and others as a ceremonial offering. It is especially potent for group healing and purification, releasing negative emotions and promoting change.

*Definitions taken from various Wikipedia searches on Google (These are not my work)

Muluc – Mayans MC Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Angel Is In Turmoil

In the opening scenes of Muluc, we see Angel (Clayton Cardenas) tossing and turning in his bed. (It’s always a good evening for this writer when we see Angel shirtless.) He is still trying to come to terms with the choice Adelita (Carla Baratta) made, including the loss he feels for a child he may never see as a result of her choice.

Angel is awakened by the sound of several crows  making noise outside his window. He grabs a HUGE gun and points it at the crows.  He pulls the trigger and, it’s just a water gun. The birds leave and the crowing stops.  EZ (JD Pardo) wakes up after having spent the night watching over Angel, since the Adelita “rescue” did not go as planned and he enters Angel’s room and sees him standing there with the water gun.


Angel comes out into the kitchen and assures EZ that he is fine. They banter back and forth, get dressed and head to the clubhouse.


Brotherly Love

EZ and Angel ride up into the lot at the clubhouse and encounter several of their Mayan brothers, including Taza, who hugs Angel and congratulates him once more. During Muluc, Bishop offers his congratulations again and after Angel walks away, Bishop asks EZ how Angel is really doing. EZ tells Bishop (Michael Irby) that Angel is “fu@#ed up, but not broken.” “Something’s shifted,” says EZ.  Bishop tells EZ to keep a close eye on his brother.

Bishop: So big brother, how is he?

EZ: He’s fucked up, but not broken. Somethings shifted.

Bishop: Keep him close.

EZ: Absolutely.

It’s a Happy Day

The Reyes’ brothers arrive inside the clubhouse where Chucky (Michael Ornstein) tells EZ that he has a secret message for him that he has written backwards, and in cursive. The message tells the Reyes brothers to slip away head outside to meet with SAMCRO member, Happy (David Labrava) and his Prospect, Howard.

Outside, EZ and Angel meet up with Happy, who rode down from Charming with the information he got from Packer about the hit put out on Marisol and Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Packer keeps immaculate records, which are coded, of all the jobs that have come in through the club over the years.

Happy: I was in Berdoo yesterday. Told Packer I had some bounty hunter up my ass questioning an old job. Had to pull anything I booked through his charter, make copies.

EZ: He keeps files on that shit?

Happy: Yeah, coded.

Angel: Have to. A lot of pieces of pie to be cut. Keeps us honest.

The Reyes hit shows that Western Union transfers came in from Sonora, Mexico.  Jose Galindo was already working with the Feds by that time, but there was another rival faction called Lobos Sonora. As you might remember, a major part of the Sons of Anarchy’s involvement in selling guns to the Galindo cartel was to assist them in battling against their rival, the Lobos Sonora cartel.
He shows EZ and Angel numbers of account numbers that paid off the hit to the club in small amounts. The numbers are from a bank in Sonora, Mexico. This could point in the direction of Jose Galindo. Is it possible Jose got wind of the affair between Ignasio and Dita?

Happy: This one is the info for your folks.EZ: Five entries.

Angel: Whats this number mean? WU3459.

EZ: Western union.

Happy: The last four digits. I id’d the branch, Hermosillo. Sonora, Mexico.

EZ: Sonora? Galindo.

Happy: Back then, could’ve been Lobo Sonora too. There were more players.

The information does not point directly at Jose, as the Lobos Sonora are also a possibility, based on the timing of the hit.

Angel: Well, five payments is somebody who’s obviously trying to avoid having a big number flagged.

Happy: Most likely.

EZ: This period of time, Galindo Senior was already under the DOJ’s thumb. If he wanted to get anything done behind their backs, he’d have to hide it.

Angel: Bury it in household accounts.

Their conversation is interrupted when Tranq (Frankie Loyal) comes to tell the brothers that Alvarez has been taken.


Happy Joins the Mayans on Their Rescue Mission 

When the three exit EZ’s trailer, the Mayans are all set to ride out to meet up with Miguel Galindo.  Bishop looks concerned when Happy exits the trailer with the Reyes brothers and wonders aloud why Happy is there, since he was not made aware of another gun shipment.  EZ indicates that Happy was helping him with some outstanding parole business up in Stockton. Bishop tells all of the Mayans (and Happy) what has happened to Alvarez and asks Happy if he is willing to ride along to lend a hand.

Happy decides to ride along and show his support because Alvarez is involved and they have a previous relationship through SAMCRO/Mayans working together. Happy responds in the affirmative adding, “Jax (Charlie Hunnam) would want me to help. I’m in.”


Happy: You know me, always a helper. 

Bishop: I got two men on the DL. We could use a hand.

Happy: Alvarez? Jax would want me to help.I’m in.

Bishop:Can’t tell you much, other than where to point the gun.

Happy: I’m okay with that.

The crew heads out to formulate a plan.  As they head through town, they pass Felipe sitting in front of his shop.  He knows that something is about to happen…



Potter is informed that Adelita is now in custody at a military base in San Diego, so he tells his assistant to pack up, he’s sure there is a spot for them there in Muluc.


Adelita’s transfer to San Diego is the good news, the bad news is that while she was being recaputred, two dead agents were discovered inside a burned-out car. No one is sure who attacked the car. Potter suspects that if it was either the rebels or the cartel Adelita would not have been there when the policia arrived.


Miguel Alvarez’s has vehicle trouble and he calls on Nestor for help. Before Nestor can get there, the mercenaries arrive. They immediately shoot Alvarez’s driver and security agent in the leg and accost Marcus (Emilio Rivera), forcing him into their vehicle and speeding off with him.


Nestor (Gino Vento) passes the mercenaries on the road just before arriving at the disabled vehicle. Alvarez’s driver and security officer fill Nestor in on what happened.


Nestor leaves his security officer behind to assist with the injuries and takes off back down the road alone, chasing after the mercenaries.

Nestor to the rescue, almost

During Muluc, the mercenaries easily notice that they have picked up a tail and the two vehicles split up. Nestor follows the vehicle carrying Marcus when the second vehicle veers off. The tow truck (the second vehicle that veered off) reappears and T-bones Nestor SUV, sending it off the side of the road and the embankment.

Muluc Muluc

Nestor is able to climb out of the battered SUV and sees the Clearwater Towing truck drive away. He notices that the magnetic sign on the door shifted and he can see part of a telephone number on the truck. He uses his finger to write 243 in the dirt on the hood of his battered SUV.

Emily Meets With Ileana in Muluc

Ileana summons Emily (Sarah Bolger) to her hotel room during Muluc. She informs Emily that another bidder, China, placed their bid at the wire and that their bid is the lowest bid. Ileana tells Emily that she has no idea how this happened. Emily tells Ileana that it’s obvious to her that someone gave China information on her bid. It seems as though she might point the finger at Ileana when she suddenly recalls being directed to Ileana’s assistant Marlon when she brought in her bid package.


Emily tells Ileana that she believes it was Marlin who provided China with her bid package. Ileana doesn’t think Marlin would do such a thing.  Emily responds, why not, you did… Now Emily demands information on Marlin.  She reminds Ileana that if she can prove Marlin gave her bid information to China, she can go to the committee meeting tomorrow with the proof and their bid will be disqualified. 

Emily leaves another packet of money with Ileana, to remind her that she is in control, not Ileana.


The Torture of Alvarez

The mercenaries torture Marcus, trying to get him to crack and give them information on who attacked the station wagon carrying Adelita. Alvarez is bloodied and beaten, but refuses to give them any information.

Muluc Muluc

The mercenaries blieve that Alvarez is close to his breaking point. Hobart orders them to rip off his fingernails, one by one. One of the mercenaries tells Marcus that the pinky fingernail will hurt the most.


Alvarez has an idea… he begins begging them to stop and finally confesses that it was “the brothers.” He give the mercenaries several numbers to text and promises that the mercanies will hear from them soon.

Meeting at the Dress Warehouse

During Muluc, Miguel and his men meet with Bishop and the Mayans to try to determine who has taken Marcus and where they might have taken him.  Miguel thinks it is Potter. Angel suggests that it is the remaining mercenaries, to get revenge on the Mayans for killing their men.


Emily arrives at the dress warehouse unexpectedly and demands to speak with Miguel. He is obviously very angry that she has interrupted his meeting and he insists that she go home.


Nestor Makes it Back to Santo Padre

Nestor finally make’s it back to Santo Padre and to the dress warehouse. When he enters, he is pretty battered and explains that he was afraid to use his phone, suspecting that it might be tapped.  Emily is immediately upset to see him so badly injured. Miguel tells his security officers to get Emily out of there and take her back to the house, since she is refusing to leave as instructed.

Nestor tells Galindo and the Mayans about the events of the day and about the truck that rammed him over the embankment. After some checking, the Mayans discover that Clearwater Towing does not even exist. They check into the 243 number that Nestor saw and gather some useful information on possible locations from that. Coco (Richard Cabral) and Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) are able to come up with 28 possible phone numbers. They narrow that to a few farms and some businesses.

Then during Muluc, EZ gets a text message, Angel sees it and warns his brother of impending trouble. EZ ignores Angel and heads out.

Miguels Attempts to Confront Potter

Miguel heads off to see Potter, however, Potter is gone when he arrives and he is only able to speak with Potter’s assistant, Agent Anna Linares (Efrat Dor). She says that she cannot believe that Potter would kidnap Alvarez, since he has what he wanted, Adelita, down in San Diego.  Galindo believes that Potter is testing him.

Message From Alvarez

Miguel returns and discovers that he and Bishop have received the exact same text message from Alvarez’s kidnappers which are addressed to “the Molino twins.” The message tell them to contact a burner phone to set up a meeting about a very important job.  Galindo and the Mayans are trying to make sense of the message, but cannot seem to.

Miguel: ”For the Molino twins.Call burner.Need you to meet me.Very important job.From MA. You got the same message?

Bishop: I did, 20 minutes ago.

Miguel: MA has gotta be Marcus Alvarez, but who the fuck are the Molino twins?

Angel: Windmill…. What? You made me read fucking “Don Quixote” (toward EZ)

Angel: Molino means windmill in Spanish.

Riz: Twin windmills – turbines.

Coco: Fucking farmland.

Bishop: See what farms are running with wind.Check it against the numbers.


Just then, Angel recalls that Molino means windmill in Spanish. The Mayans determine that Alvarez’s message indicates a clue that he is being held somewhere with TWIN windmills.

Coco and Riz review the information on the 243 numbers that match farmlands near twin windmills and have a much more narrow list of possible hideouts for Alvarez’s kidnappers.

Clandestine Meeting in Muluc

In Muluc, after Miguel sent her away from the dress warehouse, Emily headed to Felipe’s butcher shop. Felipe puts out the closed sign and she tells him that no one knows they spoke about the pictures and documents she discovered and adds that she has no intention of sharing what she learned about his prior identity.  Again she appologises to Felipe.

Next we see that Emily is actually there for a secret meeting with EZ. She tells EZ that she was wrong to go to the dress warehouse and that Miguel was right to kick her out.

Emily: Thank you for meeting me.

EZ: Sure

Emily: Oh, no, I’m okay.

EZ: You’re always shivering. You okay? That was rough today.

Emily: It was my fault. Miguel was right. It was a mistake to go to him.

EZ: Seemed pretty urgent.

Fx Mayansfx GIF by Mayans M.C.

Emily explains to EZ about the Chinese bribing Marlin and under cutting their proposal.

Emily needs his help, but cannot bring herself to ask him for it… She tells him that this Agracultural project is all she has right now. Emily knows she cannot go to Miguel for help, because she knows he will bring his “other world” into their legitimate business venture.

Emily: That’s why I wanted to see you. I know I have no right to ask you this.
EZ: Ask me what?
Emily: I need your help, EZ. I need a favor.
EZ: Okay.
Emily: This Agra Park project that Miguel and I are working on. There’s a bidding process that we should’ve won, but our Chinese competitor, they bribed a clerk in city planning. They got inside information so they edged us out. I need — fuck, I’m so sorry.
EZ: Just ask me, Em.
Emily: I need this to work, EZ. I need something to work. This project’s all I have right now, and this asshole just undermined everything.
EZ: This what you’re gonna tell Galindo?
Emily: Yes. That’s why its a mistake to go to him. I can’t tell Miguel.
EZ: Why? What’s he gonna say?
Emily: It’s not what he’s gonna say. It’s what he’ll do. I just need to keep the other world out of this.

Emily lies to EZ, telling him that she found out about the Chinese bidder from a friend of hers.
EZ: And what world am I in?
Emily: Hopefully, mine.
EZ: How’d you find out about the bribe?
Emily: A friend in city planning. She got suspicious. I just need somebody to talk to him. Tell him he has been found out; that we’ll call the police. We’ll check his phone, his email records. We just give him a chance to tell the truth. No charges. He walks away.
EZ: And if he doesn’t?
Emily: Well, he’s got to. He’s just a clerk, EZ. He’s not gonna risk going to jail.
EZ: I’ll try.
Emily: It has to be done by tomorrow night.

She asks EZ to talk to Marlin and convince him to tell the truth about helping the Chinese outbid her. She doesn’t want him hurt, but says she soes not believe that Marlin would risk going to jail over this, so she asks EZ to threaten him with jail.

Alvarez Is Located!

EZ steps away when Angel calls to tell him that they have figured out where Alvarez is being held. Before leaving he agrees to pay Marlin a visit.

The Hobart tells Alvarez they sent the text and have had no response. He is losing his patience. Marcus asks if Potter is pulling the mercenaries strings then tells Hobart he knows who they are and calls him Hobart! Hobart then jabs a spike through Alvarez’s left hand, promising to do the right hand next, then if he still refuses to tell them anything, they will begin cutting his hands off!

The club and cartel post up in the hills above the comound during Muluc. Coco uses his sniper skills to shoot through the forehead of a mercenary who is acting as a lookout.

Nestor tells Miguel that it’s not safe and that he should not be there. Miguel tells Nestor that he is not concerned because he knows that Nestor will “jump in front of a bullet” for him.  Nestor responds that he always has, and always will.

Coco is not able to locate any of the other mercenaries from his current vantage point. Angel decides to get closer to check things out. Coco and EZ try to follow him when Angel turns and abruptly and admonishes them.

Angel: “The three of us moving together kind of defeats the whole stealth thing,” “I’m not suicidal you f**king morons! Just let me do something right.”

Angel makes it to the brick wall nearby where the mercenary Coco took out is laying.  He uses the tow truck for cover in order to plot out his next move as he inches closer to the building. On his next attempt to get closer to the building, he steps on a metal rod creating a loud clang. Luckily it appears that no one heard the noice and he continues inching closer and eventually is able to peek through a window.

Angel sees the mercenaries with Marcus. Just then, another mercenary checking the perimiter sees Angel. Before the guy can lift his rifle or alert the others, Coco puts a bullet in him, saving Angel.

Making Their Move in Muluc

Hobart tells Marcus that time is running out.  The mercenaries believe Alvarez gave them bad numbers just to stop the torture.  They compliment him on how tough Alvarez is and how long he has been able to hold out.

Before the mercenaries can resume torturing Alvarez, glass shatters. The mercenaries take off in the direction of the crash and the tow truck crashes through the closed garage door, running over several of the remaining mercenaries. The Mayans and cartel come charging in behind it and bullets are exchanged.  Happy shoots one mercenary and the rest are handled easily by the MC/Cartel combination.

Miguel and Nestor arrive and enter the building, once all the shooting and comotion has stopped.  Alvarez is cut loose.  He is in pretty bad condition, but thankfully still alive.

Finishing the Job

Hobart is still alive. Alvarez is offered a gun so he finish him off, but waves it away.  EZ understands, and offers Alvarez a pipe wrench. The guys assist Alvarez in getting over to Hobart, where Alvarez utters that he should have learned a little Spanish. He then proceeds to beat his head in with the pipe wrench.

Alvarez:Those numbers weren’t bullshit.

Hobart: [indistinct gurgling noises]

Alvarez: You should’ve learned some fucking Spanish.

The Mayans regroup at their clubhouse and EZ and Angel take a minute to say goodbye to Happy, who hopes that the beef between them is settled, since he has passed on information from Packer’s records.  EZ makes it clear that they are not “clean” until the information provided leads them to the person responsible for ordering the hit on both of their parents.

After getting a hug from his brother, EZ heads out sying he is going to to see their dad.

Alvarez Thanks Nestor

Alvarez is carried back to safety where he receives the medical care necessary to treat his wounds.  While Alvarez is getting stitched up by the club’s doctor in Muluc, Bishop tells him to never scare them that way again! Nestor arrives and Alvarez says what he did “gives loyalty a whole new meaning.”


“I’m proud of you and I thank you, my brother,” says Alvarez.

MulucHe gives Nestor credit for risking his life to help track him down and save him. This elicits a somewhat envious look from Bishop, who has been one of Alvarez’s best friends for years.


Emily Tells Miguel She Has Things “Handled”

Miguel arrives home to speak with Emily during Muluc. She tells him that she knows that she screwed up and should never have come to the dress warehouse while she knew he was meeting with the Mayans. She tells him that she loves how close they had become since the double deal with Potter and Adelita and that since then, the two worlds he lives in have become harder to distinguish.


He apologizes and she accepts his apology. He asks her what she wanted earlier and she tells him that she made one call and handled the problem and not to worry about it.

Potter Has An Epifany during Muluc

Potter calls the mercenaries and the phone just rings. Next we see the garage with  the six dead mercenaries lined up on the floor, and we hear the sound of the phone’s endless ringing.


As Potter leaves his office, he hands over a note to Agent Linares instructing her to check out the two names and let him know what she finds. The two names are Felipe Reyes and Ignacio Cortina.


Confronting Marlin

Afterwards in Muluc, EZ says he’s going to check on their father but in reality he heads over to Marlin’s house to convince him to give him evidence that the Chinese had inside information on Emily’s bid on the Agra Park project.


When EZ arrives at Marlin’s house, he watches while Marlin arrives in a brand new sports car. He knocks on the door and announces himself, using his real name.

Marlin: Who is it?
EZ: Ezekiel Reyes. Can I talk to you?
Marlin: EZ Reyes, All valley pitcher. Marlin Buxer. I was a few years behind you. I played freshman ball.
EZ: Oh, right.
Marlin: Heard about that shit. You took a pretty hard left turn, huh?
EZ: Yeah, I guess so. You mind if I come in?
Marlin: Uh yeah, sure. My mom’s in Punta Gorda with her friends. Ceramic class. That’s where she makes all this tacky shit.

Marlin opens the door during Muluc and EZ is suprised to disvocer that Marlin remembers him. He remembers him from the Santo Padre baseball team when EZ was a senior and the star pitcher. Apparently, Marlin was also on the team, as a Freshman.


Marlin lives with his Mother, who is out of town. He informs EZ that he is moving into his own place soon, as he just put down a deposit on a new condo.

EZ: You live with your mom?

Marlin: I’m in-between places, really. Actually, I’m gonna put down a deposit on a condo next week — some new units off the canal.

EZ: Wow, things are going well for you, Marlin.

Marlin then asks EZ why he is there. EZ finally comes clean about why he is there.  He tells Marlin that he knows that he is the inside man at the city planning office. EZ tell Marlin that he needs to turn over the information that will disqualify the Chinese bidders. The same bidders who paid him so much money that he can suddenly afford a brand new sports car and a condo.  Items he could not normally afford on a clerk’s salary.

Marlin: Yeah, what do you need from me, EZ?

EZ: I just wanted to talk to you. About the Agricultural Park Project.

Marlin: Why? What the fuck does that have to do with you?

EZ: Come on, man. New car, new condo. That didn’t happen on a clerk’s paycheck.

Marlon tries to kick him out, but EZ tells him that the cops are going to pull his email and phone records. He warns him that he will be found out. Then, EZ tells him that the only way for him to to stay out of jail is to tell the planning commision the truth.

Marlin: Okay. Um, I think you need to go, man.

EZ: We know the Chinese got to you. Probably made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Maybe they even threatened you. Cops are gonna pull your email and phone records, Marlin. Only one way you don’t go to jail. Tell your boss the truth. You throw out the bid; it all stays internal. No one has to know.

EZ slips up and uses the word “we” and Marlin immediately knows that Emily has put EZ up to confronting him.

Marlin’s Big Mistake in Muluc

Marlin makes a big mistake in Muluc. He tells EZ that Emily is a cartel whore now. EZ punches him and says, “The only person I’m doing this for is you, Marlin. It’s your ass on the line.”

Marlin: We know? You said we. Fuck, the next best bid. Galindo; Emily Thomas. Oh, Jesus Christ. You’re doing this whole tough-guy biker shit for your old piece of ass. Dude, she is a cartel whore now. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck, man?

EZ: The only person I’m doing this for is you, Marlin. It’s your ass on the line. Now get me your phone and your laptop.

Marlin: No, no, fuck you. You can’t make me do that. Why don’t you get out of my house?

EZ: Trust me, this isn’t gonna go your way. Even a guy living in his mom’s basement is smart enough to know that. Give me the tech. I just wanna look at it.

At first, Marlin refuses, but after EZ threatens him, he seems like he has decides to give EZ his phone and computer. However, instead of handing it over, Marlin pulls out a gun that had been hidden in his desk.  EZ and Marlin begin struggling over the weapon.

Marlin: Okay.

EZ: Shit.


The Plan Goes Violently Wrong

All of the sudden, Marlin breaks free from EZ. They struggle over getting control of the gun which has fallen to the floor. Marlin has the gun in his hands when EZ hits him again, causing Marlin to shoot himself under the chin. The bullet explodes out of the top of his head as he falls backward onto a couch, killing him. From the position of his dead body and the bullet’s entry wound, anyone investigating could easily assume this was a suicide.

It may appear that Marlin committed suicide by shooting himself in the chin. However, EZ knows that he went there on Emily’s behalf and now Marlin is dead. EZ just stands there, in shock.

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