Xquic – Mayans MC, Season 2, Episode 5 Recap


Xquic – Mayans MC, Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Mayans MC, Season 2, Episode 5, Xquic Recap

Xquic – Mayan Mythology

Xquic translated into the English language roughly means “Blood Maiden”. The Blood Maiden is loosely associated with the moon and lives in the Underworld.   The Mayans believe a deity controls the Underworld.

The Mayan Underworld is named Xibalba, or “Place of Fear.” It is where ancient deities and horrible monsters, like giant snakes live.  Xibalba is accessed by a hidden cave in Guatemala. There are scores of legends about mythological characters entering the Underworld. Most were killed by Xquic.

Xquic was the mother of “The Hero Twins”.  She moved to the Underworld when she discovered that she was pregnant with them.  The Hero Twins represent the balance we see in our universe between light and darkness, and the balance in society between men and women. The story of the Hero Twins is actually the oldest Mayan myth to have been fully preserved and recorded.

Xquic – Mayans M.C.’ Recap

Mayans MC, Season 2, Episode 5, Xquic Recap

Emily’s Insecurities Surface

In the opening of Xquic, we see that Miguel (Danny Pino) has returned home and told Emily what transpired in Mexico with Adelita. He tells Emily that Adelita covered for him and Marcus, setting it up to look like they had captured her.Miguel is clearly upset that he could not save Adelita. Emily tells Miguel that Adelita made the choice on her own and there was little he could do about it. He is fearful what Potter might do to the baby Adelita is carrying.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) is suspicious of the strong connection Miguel feels with Adelita. She flat out asks him if he isin love with the rebel leader. He vehemently denies having any feelings of love for Adelita.Fx Love GIF by Mayans M.C.

Miguel Explains

Miguel says “I went from hating Adelita to understanding her and, eventually, respecting her.”  Then he tells Emily that Adelita’s selfless need to help the impoverished Mexican people changed his mind about her.  Galindo tells his wife that he wants to feel the passion that Adelita has for the Mexican people. Instead, he says, all he’s ever done is profit off their pain and suffering.

“I wanted to be around Adelita, but it wasn’t about her. It was about me,”  Miguel admits.

Emily: The way you talk about her; it’s obvious there’s a connection. Is it more than that? Do you love her?
Miguel: What? No, no, no, God no, Em. It’s nothing like that. There is no… Look, I went from hating Adelita to understanding her and eventually respecting her. I mean, the things she did. For these past few months watching her singular devotion. I mean, this selfless need to help her people. I mean, it’s potent, and it’s beautiful. I grew envious. I wanted some of that.
Emily: Mm
Miguel: You’re right. I’ve gone out of my way to be around Adelita, but it wasnt about her. It was about me.
Emily: You know, the things you did in the other world, the conflict that spun inside of you. I was always your touch stone, Miguel. You know, our family, our lives, your business, everything on this side of the border was honest and real. That’s the thing you wanted to be around — that’s what you thought was beautiful.
Miguel: Oh, I still do, Mi Amor.

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Miguel further explains that  everything going on with Potter has changed his life. Emily is not convinced. She reminds him that she used to be the measurement by which he judged his dealings. Emily lets Miguel know that she feels like that has gone by the wayside since the cartel’s business has increased as result of the deal with Potter by telling him “You haven’t struggled with it, baby. You’ve embraced it.” 

Just then, Miguel gets a call from Potter about the plan to bring Adelita back to the United States from Mexico. He realizes during their conversation that Potter is testing him to find out if he’s actually playing both sides.  Miguel calls on the Mayans to help retake Adelita without being personally involved. That way he doesn’t blow his cover with Potter.

The Reyes Brothers Return Home in Xquic

The Reyes Brothers return to Santo Padre.  Bishop and the crew confront Angel and EZ about the encounter they had with the Swole Boys heading up to Stockton.


Bishop lets Angel know that because they pi$$ed off the Swole Boys, the rest of the club paid for it on the ride home, especially Riz who was thrown from his bike.

EZ trys to defend their actions when  Bishop lays into Angel about not thinking before he acts, but is quickly hushed by his brother.  Angel tells EZ to shut up, calling him Prospect rather than using his name. Angel accepts full responsibility telling Bishop that he’ll comply with whatever punishment the club sees fit when they sit down at the table for their next meeting.

Just then, Marcus calls Bishop and the club retreats inside the clubhouse. As they walk toward the clubhouse,  Angel asks EZ if he’s trying to get his jaw cracked again and bops him on his head.

Fx Play Around GIF by Mayans M.C.

The call was to let Bishop and the Mayans know that Miguel needed their assistance with his plan to free Adelita from the mercenaries. The crew heads for the tunnels to meet with Miguel and Alvarez during Xquic.

Meeting Down Under

Before heading in to town to make sure his cover stays in tact, Miguel meets with the Mayans in the tunnels and introduces them to Montserrat Palomo. She is the  politician Adelita and the rebel forces have been backing in Xquic. Potter wants Miguel to get Palomo’s hand dirty, to stop her political career before it really gets a chance to start.

Miguel asks Paloma to assist whereever she can in helping the Mayans free Adelita during Xquic.  Miguel introduces her to the Mayans and when they tell her that they refer to her as “The Saint,” she informs them that Adelita is the Saint, not her.

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Reyes Reunion

EZ and Angel were not permitted to attend the meeting in the tunnel, after what happened with the Swole Boys. They are at the clubhouse yard, sitting around drinking beers in EZ’s trailer.  EZ tells Angel that he is there if he wants to talk about Adelita.  In order to change the topic, Angel asks EZ how he thinks they should approach their father about his real identity and their mother’s murder. EZ tells Angel that he thinks they should wait until they get more info from Happy about who took out the hit.

They get several beers and take them out to talk to Felipe.  EZ quietly reminds Angel not to cause a scene. However, instead of confronting Felipe in Xquic, he embraces his father and breaks down in his arms, leaning into his father for comfort.

Explaining Angel Breaks Down

Angel is clearly conflicted having just learned that his parents had never bothered to tell him about a very dangerous and important part of their past.

As the Reyes men sit on the tailgate of the truck and drink, Felipe realizes that something is bothering Angel. Angel apologizes to his father. Felipe also appologizes saying that he should’ve paid more attention to Angel.Fx Are You Okay GIF by Mayans M.C.

Angel says it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, he says he was just “looking for something to hate.” To which Felipe utters, “I guess we’re all a little f**ked up.”

Just then, Chucky (Michael Ornstein) pulls up on his scooter and tells the brothers that Bishop needs everyone at the dress warehouse, immediately.

Unburrying the Past

With Miguel once again in Mexico in Xquic, Emily decides to dig into the history between her mother-in-law Dita and Felipe Reyes.  Previously, Emily discovered a photo showing Dita and Jose Galindo along with Felipe standing guard beside them hidden inside a book in Dita’s bedroom nightstand.  None of this makes sense to Emily. She needs to find out why would Dita have this photograph and why Felipe continues to show up every now and then around Dita?

So, Emily decides to pay a visit to the Galindo family’s storage facility. There are boxes, books, antiques and files. She looks through several boxes, discovering more photos of a much younger Felipeas well as travel documents from years earlier.  The travel itineraries show Felipe and Dita flying all over the world.

Emily confronts Felipe

Emily makes another trip to the butcher shop to see Felipe during Xquic, to ask some questions.Felipe is happy to see her, but quickly realizes that whatever she has come to talk about is serious. He tells her to sit down and puts the closed sign out so that they won’t be disturbed. She asks him if he knows what is happening with Dita. She tells him that she wants to be able to help Dita.

Emily tells Felipe that she saw his truck around the corner when she picked Dita up from the doctor’s office. She tells Felipe that she knows that the two had spent some time talking in the building. Felipe won’t tell Emily what Dita said, except that he knows as much as she does, nothing more.

Next, Emily unwraps the collection of photos of Felipe with Dita. Emily calls him Ignacio Cortina.  She wants to know if he was working protection for Miguel’s father. She tells Felipe that she discovered these documents and photos by looking through the Galindo family records that have been kept in storage. In her posession are travel itineraries to NY, Venezuela, and many other countries that show Felipe was most likely acting in a capicity as Dita’s personal bodyguard when she traveled.

Felipe Explains

In Xquic, Felipe tells Emily that the informaion she discovered was buried in a box for a reason. The papers and photos should have been destroyed and never have been discovered. He tells her to trust him when he says this history will only hurt those she loves. Felipe insists that it is better for everybody involved if this information remains buried in the past.  Before she leaves he implores her not to share any of what she knows with Miguel. Emily agrees.

Felipe: These things that were buried in a box, they’re there for a reason. They should have been burned. None of this can help you, or Dita. You have to trust me, Emily. This history? All it will do is hurt the ones you love.”

Formulating a Plan

Miguel’s contact with the Mexican police has informed him that one of his unit’s has been put on a 48 hour standby. Potter has arranged it so that there won’t be any cameras or recordings of him transporting Adelita across the American border.

With Coco’s (Richard Cabral) assistance, they figure out the most likely place that Potter will have the mercenaries bring Adelita across the border, in turn helping them figure out the area that the safe house would be located in. The area has a few small plots of land, mostly farms. Paloma uses her contact to assist in narrowing down the possible locations. She informs them that in the last month, there have only been only three cash purchases of property from outside the state. With that information, the location is narrowed down to just two.

Proud Papa Angel Erupts

As Bishop is handing out assignments in the tunnel during Xquic, he tells Angel that because of their earlier indescretion and the fact that the club needs to vote on his punishment, he will remain in the tunnel handling communications. This greatly angers Angel and he refuses to obey Bishop’s order to stay behind. Angel clears the table of all of the papers and devices and tells Bishop, “F**k you! You can’t stop me from doing this!”

He tells Bishop he’ll have to shoot him in the back to stop him. Angel insists that he is going to Mexico to find Adelita, no matter what Bishop says.

With this outburst, and the blatant disrespect from Angel, Bishop pulls him aside telling Angel that they need to settle whatever problem he has with him right now. Bishop assures Angel he will not be disrespected and that this will not happen again.

By this time, Angel is completely out of control and they end up in a brawl, which Bishop appears to be winning.  Bishop takes Angel to the ground quickly. He has Angel in a headlock when Angel finally yells out, “It’s my kid!

Bishop jumps off Angel and helps him to his feet. Angel tells Bishop that they fell for each other while they were doing the relief mission runs. “We didn’t want it to step on business, so we kept it quiet,” says Angel.


Angel: It’s my kid. Adelita. It’s my fucking kid. It’s my kid.
Bishop: Jesus Christ.
Angel: I’m sorry. We connected that day at the casino. I started doing the relief runs with her; it just happened, man. We didn’t want to step on business, so we kept it quiet.
Bishop: Anyone else know it’s your kid?
Angel: No, she wouldn’t let me tell anyone. You dont want to argue with her.

Fx Mayansfx GIF by Mayans M.C.

EZ watches his brother’s eruption and confession unfold, stunned.  Angel tells the guys that Adelita wanted it kept a secret. And adds that “you don’t argue with her.”

Bishop playfully punches Angel in the neck and calls him a “S#it#e@d.” Then  Bishop pulls Angel in for a hug. Bishop congratulates Angel and agrees to let him join the rescue operation.

EZ, tells his brother he understands why he kept the secret, given their estrangment. He also say he knows Angel will make a great father.

Getting All of the Details Worked Out

Paulo tells Bishop and the Mayans what has been happening at the mercenaries hideout. Paulo says that they are set up in a house across from the mercenaries and will be able to observe any vehicles coming and going. Bishop tells Paulo to keep the rebels out of sight and that the club will take the lead from here on out.

Alvarez calls Miguel to let him know that they have confirmed the mercenaries hideout and that they have set up closeby to observe the mercenaries movements. He tells Miguel that he will call back when he has more information.

Caged Heat

Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) arrives at the mercenaries hideout and finds Adelita being kept in a locked in a dog cage.

Potter: You put her in a fucking dog cage.
Hobart: We didn’t have a cell.

Potter is upset with the mercenaries over the blatant mistreatment of Adelita and apologizes profusely. He instructs one of his assistants to full check over Adelita to ensure that neither her health nor the health of the baby were put at risk by the actions of the mercenaries. Adelita refuses, insisting that they are fine. Then, she is then taken to the bathroom to “freshen up.”


Adelita demands to know what he plans to do with her.

Fx Answer Me GIF by Mayans M.C.

Adelita: You don’t care about me or my child. Answer the question.


Potter: We’re taking you to a federal holding facility. We’ll keep you healthy and comfortable until the birth. Then we’ll want to know all the things you know. We’ll torture you, but that probably won’t work so we’ll use your child as leverage. I have a theory, a blasphemous one; I dont believe King Soloman was a wise man at all. I think he was a malevolent sadist who just got lucky. A mother’s love knows no boundaries, nor can it hide the truth that holds it.

Potter sits down to talk to Adelita (Carla Baratta), promising not to put her child at risk.  He tells her that he knows that she will not succumb to torture. He then tells her that she will be taken to a secure facility until she gives birth, then the baby will be used to extract the information they are looking for.

Potter decides that Adelita’s transport to the United States will happen the following day and he asks the mercenaries to come up with several different routes and plans. He tells them that they must act as if they are under surveillance and have several back up plans to extract the rebel leader.

Potter “Accidentally” Bumps Into Miguel

Potter heads back to the U.S. to check on Miguel Galindo. He is not sure if Galindo is actually on his side or if he’s playing both sides.

Potter’s plan is to “accidentally” bump into Miguel as he’s leaving a store.  Miguel pretends that he wasn’t expecting Potter.  The two exchange small talk and Potter tells him that he is seing someone new and looking for a gift to show his interest.  He asks Miguel for advice on what to buy her.


Unfortunately, Potter’s plan backfires and he cannot read Miguel.  Because he is suspicious, Potter calls his assistant and says that they may need to change their plans. They are going to go with scenario #3.


The Lookout House

Back in Mexico, the Mayans get ready to attack the convoy taking Adelita to the border. Unbeknownst to the Mayans, the mercenaries have paid two local pregnant women to act as decoys, so that they can confuse anyone who might be watching them about which vehicle really holds Adelita.

The Mayans are watching from the nearby house and they observe several mercenaries moving a hooded, pregnant woman into a waiting military vehicle. Bishop and the club think it is a decoy, because the vehicle heads west.

Fx Walk Away GIF by Mayans M.C.

Angel begins questioning the plan. He is not convinced that it was a decoy and worries that they just let the real Adelita go without following her.  Bishop tells him if the mercenaries do not leave within a couple of minutes in a second car, with a second pregnant woman, as they suspect they will, then they will re-evaluate their plan.

Angel steps out of the room to calm down and EZ accompanys him.  EZ tells Angel that he is a good brother and that he knows that he will be a good father as well. Angel worries that he will screw things up. EZ points out that Angel’s kept Adelita’s secret,  which means that he chose to put his new family first.


“Everyone talks about love and family. People don’t do what you’re doing, Angel, in any world,” says EZ. “If you ever forget that or have any doubt about how good you are, I’ll be there to slap you on the back of the head.”


The Mercenaries Make Their Move

After being told everyone is ready, Potter gives the green light to move Adelita.  She watches as the mercenaries get ready to move her, including moving the two women they hired as decoys.  One group heads out with the first decoy. Then a second group heads out.  Bishop is sure this is the one that really has Adelita and the club heads out to intercept.


Two vehicles full of Mayans follow the car, preparing to attack. Just then, the pregnant lady in the car begins screaming.  Her water breaks and the transport pulls over to help deliver the baby. When her hood is pulled off, the Mayans can see that it is not Adelita and they pass by, without approaching the vehicle.


A little further up the road, the two cars pull over.  Angel (Clayton Cardenas) can’t believe they followed the wrong transport. Angel says that she must have been in the first vehicle and thinks that they have to get Alvarez to move on the first caravan, but the traffic will make that very difficult.


EZ’s Photographic Memory Proves Useful Again

That is when EZ recalls seeing a station wagon pull up in front of the mercenaries hideout just as the club was leaving. At first he thought they had been slowing down for the children playing in the street, but realizes now that  it must have been slowing down to pick up Adelita.

EZ (JD Pardo) remembers a man and woman inside the car. With Coco’s help, they are able to figure out the route the station wagon will be heading. They think it will be heading south in order to stay out of sight of the club and the cartel.

EZ thinks they can catch the station wagon before Alvarez crosses the border. Bishop tells Angel to pick his crew and go get the rebel leader.


Potter Waits at the Border

During Xquic, Potter is having the border wall cut in just the place where the mercenaries are to be delivering Adelita so that they can smuggle her into the U.S. unnoticed. The station wagon is due to arrive at the hole by dark.


The Rescue

Unknowingly, Alvarez continues to follow the first caravan after he received word Adelita wasn’t in the second car.  Right now, there is no time to stop him.

EZ and Angel race to catch up to the station wagon carrying Adelita. Once they catch up, they start to follow it and the agents in the station wagon become suspicious and quickly turn off the main road to verify their suspicions. EZ and the pick up full of Mayans follow them.

The agents call Potter and tell them that they are being followed.  Shots ring out while they are attempting to tell Potter that it is the Mayans following them. Coco takes out the female agent and Angel shoots the driver in the head. Now they have to figure out how to stop the driverless car carrying such precious cargo.

EZ and the Mayan driving the truck gently sandwich the station wagon between them. Then, they use their cars to slow the vehicle, but it’s not stopping fast enugh and they are approaching a truck and some construction equipment just ahead of them.

EZ quickly speeds up and turns in front of the station wagon, causing it to T-bone the car, which brings the station wagon to a stop.

Angel races to free Adelita. She is shocked that the club found her. Adelita tells Angel that she cannot escape, and that they need to leave her. She says that if she escapes, Potter will never stop hunting down rebels. The rebel leader explains that she needs to be taken into custody by Potter so he stops going after Miguel and Montserrat Palomo, it’s the only way to stop him. Xquic

Adelita Refuses to Be Rescued

At the end of Xquic, we can hear sirens in the distance getting closer as Adelita desperately tells Angel and the club to leave. She begs Angel to keep the mission going strong. Adelita pleads with him to keep helping the poor. She places Angel’s hand on her belly for one last touch of his child.  EZ, Coco and the other Mayans encourage him to do as she asks and leave.

The sirens are getting even closer now. Adelita holds Angel’s face and tells him that she will be fine. EZ drags Angel away and the Mayans speed away, leaving Adelita standing behind the station wagon.


Angel: Jesus thank God.
Adelita: Angel? What are you doing here?
Angel: What do you mean?
Adelita: You have to go, all of you.
Angel: What are you talking about? We came for you.
Adelita: No, I can’t go. This is what needs to happen. Potter thinks I’m the threat. If he has me, he’ll stop chasing everything else. Montserrat, Galindo, it all keeps going. Everything we planned.
Angel: Come on, come on.
Adelita: Angel, I need you to keep it going, please. Promise me. We’ll be fine.
Angel: Please don’t.
Adelita: You have to let me go.

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