Lahun Chan – Mayans M.C. Recap 09/24/19: Season 2 Episode 4


Lahun Chan – Mayans M.C. Recap 09/24/19: Season 2 Episode 4


‘Mayans M.C.’ Recap ‘Lahun Chan’ 

Lahun Chan is most likely the same as the “Lakunchan” described as an idol with very ugly teeth. Lahun means ten in both Maya and Chol, and chan means sky, heaven and serpent in Chol.  The Maya word for sky is caan. It seems likely that Lahun Chan is a borrowed foreign word and means the god of the tenth heaven.

The Mayan God reference in this episode, Lahun Chan, is not as straight forward as it has been in past weeks. Lahun Chan is linked to the morning star. It apparently has hideous teeth, a Jaguar’s head, claws and it walks as if it were drunk! Is this supposed to be a reference to Happy? Clearly it is not the actualy physical resemblence, but more the resemblance to Happy’s soul? 


Playing Both Sides

This week on Mayans MC, in Lahun Chan, we see Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) continuing his quest to maintain his place in Mexico as the head of the Mexican drug cartel, while maintaining his  legitimate business dealings on the United States side of the boarder.  At the same time, we are reminded that he has teamed up with Los Olvidados in double crossing the Department of Justice and specifically, Lincoln Potter, who thinks he is still pulling the strings

Last week, U.S. assistant district attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) made it clear to Miguel that he needed a favor and Miguel is expected to comply. The favor that Potter needed was to make sure that prominent new politician Palomo, who has been stirring up resistance and promoting uprising amongst its citizens of Mexico, gets “dirty.”  He wants Miguel to tie her to some kind of business with the cartel, in order to “delegitimize her” in the eyes of her followers, essentially ending her following and her campaign.

In Lahun Chan we discover that Miguel and Adelita have secretly been working together with Palomo.  They have basically been making her thier “public face of change” in Mexico to support their agenda.  She has become so popular thatshe has attracted the attention of Potter and now he will do whatever is necessary to silence her.

To further discuss these matters, Miguel and Marcus (Emilio Rivera) pick up Adelita (Carla Baratta) and they travel south into Mexico to meet with Palomo. They need to come up with a plan to keep her in power, without upsetting Lincoln Potter.

Adelita asks Miguel how he is doing it, juggling both worlds and the strain that has to be putting on his marriage.  She opines that everytime he crosses the boarder to take care of cartel business, his wife Emily looses another piece of him. Miguel is obviously offended. Miguel tells her that his relationship with Emily is stronger than ever. It is obvious that isn’t actually the case.

Adelita appologizes for overstepping by saying that her English is not so good and she often does not convey what she really means. Miguel accepts her appology and tells her that he is actually loving being able to screw the DOJ while doing good for those in need in Mexico.

During Lahun Chan, Miguel appologizes for the “rough ride” but says that he chose to utilize the Bronco to eliminate the attention that a much nicer vehicle might attract.  Little do Marcus, Miguel and Adelita know, the mercenaries had placed a tracking device on the Bronco and they are following their movements.

When the tracking device starts moving into areas beyond the control of the Galindo cartel, one of the mercenaries notices and contacts Hobart, saying that believes they might be onto something. The team of mercenaries is dispatched and are hot on Miguel and Adelita’s trail.


It is this writer’s observation that the relationship between Adelita and Miguel has changed this season and that it was very noticable in Lahun Chan.  They have most definately softened toward one another. Adelita is concerned about Miguel’s well being. Miguel can frequently be seen taking long glances at Adelita’s blossoming belly.  Is his need to protect her business? Or is it personal? Could Miguel Galindo be the father of Adelita’s unborn child?

Adelita is Captured

Paloma hasn’t arrived yet for the meeting as the Mercenaries arrive. Adelita makes a split second decision, grabs a pair of guns and tells Miguel and Marcus to pretend that they tracked her to this town.  She takes two guns and enter the town market, firing through the window toward Miguel and his men.  Marcus and another man rush into the store with Miguel appearing to be covering them.  The mercenaries arrive on scene just as shots ring out.

Miguel is forced to play along and he tells the mercenaries that they tracked Adelita to this small village and have finally subdued her after a brief shoot out without injury.  Just then, Marcus exits the store, leading Adelita out, gun pointed at her head. The mercenaries put their guns down and immediately take custody of Adelita. She plays along, spitting in Hobart’s face and cursing at him.


After Adelita decided to sacrifice herself and the mercenaries take her away, and Miguel slams his fist into a building in rage and frustration. It appears to this writer that this may be more than a business relationship.

In the end, Miguel’s attempt to play both sides has backfired. Not only did Miguel fail to advance his agenda in Mexico, but during Lahun Chan he succeeded in getting his partner, Adelita, captured by the mercenaries working for ADA Lincoln Potter.  Miguel is disgusted with himself. He not only played into Potter’s hand, but now he has been forced to betray Adelita too.


The Galindo Family’s Secrets

Back in the U.S., Emily (Sarah Bolger) is working hard to complete the revised proposal for her park project after Iliana sold her the competitions bid information for a pile of cash to help her pay off some debts and get back on her feet.  While Emily focuses on her plan to expand the Galindo empire in the U.S., Miguel continually expects that she will care for his mother, Dita. In this weeks episode, Lahun Chan, Miguel leaves Emily to get Dita to her first appointment with a new psychologist in one of the buildings the Galindo’s own in town.

Miguel warns his men to pay close attention to Dita, as she wandered off after her last appointment.  This action forces Dita try that even harder to set up a meeting with Felipe Reyes.  She calls Felipe before her appointment, tells him that she needs to see him.  She tells him to meet her at 1 pm on the roof of the building.


When her new doctor attempts to introduce herself Dita makes it clear that this was not her idea and that she will not be taking part in weekly therapy sessions. She hands the doctor $2,000 in cash, tells her that she should also bill her insurance for the sessions, assuring the doctor that she will get the same thing during each visit.

Dita advises the doctor that when she is asked, she is to say that Dita is “making progress” and that their sessions are “going very well.” When the doctor refuses to go along with Dita’s plan, Dita insists! She threatens to have the doctor’s reputation ruined. Dita says that will tell Miguel the doctor is a “quack” and her “cushy little tell me your feelings scam” will be over.  She tells the doctor that it’s “a Win Win” situation.


Dita’s Confession

Instead, Dita will use ther weekly ‘therapy’ sessions to “conduct” her own kind of  business. This time, her business involves Felipe Reyes.  Dita sneaks up to the top floor of the building to meet with Felipe (Edward James Olmos).

Felipe tells Dita that Miguel’s consierge, Marcus Alvarez paid him a visit. Dita hopes that it wasn’t too “unpleasant,” confessing that Miguel does not let her go out alone, because they believe she will do something again to hurt herself.

Dita confesses to Felipe that she was at home alone when the house burned to the ground. She tells him that she felt as if she had nothing left to live for and ignored the evacuation order. She purposely hid in the wine cellar until a firefighter discovered her and rescued her.

Dita: May I tell you a secret? The reason my family won’t leave me alone is that they’re afraid I may try and hurt myself. The doctor in this building is a shrink — the fire.
Felipe: At the house.
Dita: I was home alone. I saw that beautiful, fierce blaze coming up over the hill. It was amazing. I felt like it was coming for me, Ignacio.
Felipe: Jesus Christ.
Dita: I had nothing left. I ignored the evacuations. I hid in the wine cellar when Miguel’s men came looking for me. Couldn’t really feel the heat. I must have been in shock by then. There was a firefighter, a young Mexican man, looked like he was about fifteen. He pulled me out of the flames.
Felipe: I’m sorry.
Dita: I’m not. I realize that the reason I was saved is because I still have things I need to do.
Felipe: I guess I’m one of those things, huh?
Dita: I never did a paternity or DNA test on Miguel. I didn’t have to. I knew he was your son.
Felipe: Jesus, Dita. What? Does anyone else know?
Dita: No, of course not, and no one ever will. Sessions over. We’ll do this again.
Felipe: Can’t fucking wait.


In fact, in Lahun Chaan, she tells Felipe that she now believes she was saved “because there are things she still needs to do.” And with that, Dita makes a stunning confession. During Lahun Chan, it is revealed that Felipe Reyes, in his former life as Ignacio Cortina the Mexican police officer in the pocket of the Mexican cartel boss Jose Galindo, not only had an affair with his boss’ wife, but unbeknownst to Felipe, that affair in turn resulted in a child.

It seems that Felipe and Dita were deeply in love.  Obviously the affair had to end at some point, because Felipe fled Mexico with his wife, the two assumed new identities and began a new life together in the United States.

What Felipe didn’t know when he left is that Dita was pregnant with his child. By all appearances, that child is Miguel Galindo.

Dita tells Felipe that no one else knows, and that she’ll never tell another soul.


The shock barely has time to wash over Felipe’s face before he’s forced to leave when Dita’s phone alarm rings, indicating that her “session” downstairs with the doctor has ended.

Now Felipe has to not only reconcile cheating on his wife but that his actions resulted in him fathering a child who now bears the Galindo name.  Making matters even worse, his youngest son’s first and only love is Miguel’s wife. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they are actually brothers in love with the same woman!


Emily arrives to pick up her mother-in-law, just as Dita exits the building, all smiles, telling Emily that she had a great session with her therapist. Emily is pleased by that news, until she spots Felipe Reyes’ truck parked just around the corner from the therapist’s building and becomes suspisious at the “coincidence.”

Emily’s Discovery

Later that evening, as Dita plays with her granson Cristobal, Emily sneaks into Dita’s. While looking through her night stand drawers, Emily discovers the old photo of Jose, Dita, Felipe and his former partner.

Emily knows it is more than a co-oincidence that Dita went to the butcher shop, that Felipe’s truck was around the corner from the therapists office in Lahun Chaan, and that Dita has this old photo in her night stand drawer. The pieces are all falling into place and it cannot be much longer before Emily, or someone else discovers the truth.


When Emily figures it out, who will she tell first, EZ or Miguel? That decision will be the true test of the trust she has in Miguel and the strength of her marriage.

Do you think Emily will approach Felipe or Dita first?  For reasons that have yet to be revealed, it is clear to viewers that Dita hates Emily. In Lahun Chan, she even referred to her as “white devil,” while she was extorting her therapist.

Mayans MC Meets The Swole Boys


As the Mayans head home after Medina’s funeral in Stockton, they travel through the same part of town that apparently “belongs” to the ‘Swole Boys M.C.’. The crew doesn’t understand why a bunch of juiced up roid ragers on crotch rockets are eyeballing them.


Soon the situation gets serious early in Lahun Chaan, when the Swole Boys make their move, taking out Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) and his bike first. He goes down hard. Then, three Swole Boys go down, with a little help from Gilly (Vincent Rocco Vargas), Creaper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) and the van.  Next, Gilly stops the van and Creaper gets out and fires off a few shots that eventually scare them away. As they are retreating, Bishop hears one of the Swole Boys say the attack was “payback.”

After the Swole Boys retreat, the Mayans remember Riz is back in the opposite direction without any backup. They rush back to locate him.  When they arrive, Riz is still sprawled out, unconscious. He comes to and thankfully he doesn’t seem too badly injured.


The Mayans do not understand what the attack was payback for, but, a Mayan being knocked off his bike is going to require some form of vengeance. Bishop contacts Les Packer (Robert Patrick), who is the president of the Sons of Anarchy San Bernardino chapter.

They meet to discuss the attack with them, since this is closest to their territory. Packer  says he isn’t familiar with the Swole Boys, except that he did not think they were an “outlaw charter,” just a bunch of “juice heads” riding crotch rockets, who have a “clubhouse” in one of the local gyms.


He says that, now, after the Swole Boys beef with the Mayans, SAMDINO is going to have to keep a much closer eye on the territory. As a result of their discussin and as payback for causing Riz to roll his bike on the highway, injuring him, Packer says, “Let’s go burn down a f**king gym!”

Getting to the Bottom of Things

SAMCDINO and the Mayans arrive at the Swole Boys’ gym/headquarters.  Bishop is impressed by the ballsy president of the charters willingness to stand up to them, knowing full well that they are out gunned and out numbered. Bishop surmises that the “payback” they speak of must have resulted from a run in Angel and EZ had with them while heading north towards Stockton a few days before.


Before dealing with Angel and EZ, Bishop says they have to have some payback of their own for the Swole Boys attack on Riz. Then, Riz fires two bullets into the leg of a one of the Swole Boys. Bishop says they are now “even” for what happened earlier and he tells the Swole Boys president to take his guy inside and call an ambulance, rather than attempting any further action.

Bishop then apologizes to Packer for stirring things up in San Bernardino. Packer tells Bishop that he should have paid closer attention to the Swole Boys and they way they present themselves in his own backyard. Bishop promises back-up whenever Packer needs it.  Bishop tells Coco to find Angel.

Business Is Never Personal

In Lahun Chan, EZ and Angel question Happy (David LaBrava) about their mother’s murder.  In last week’s cliffhanger, we watched as EZ and Angel arrived in Charming. They surprised Happy and were able to take him at gunpoint, tie him to a chair and proceeded to interrogate Happy about their mother’s murder.


Happy’s silence is non-waivering. He sits there stoically only telling them that espite their best efforts, Happy doesn’t blink or budge outside of telling them that he doesn’t need to know who they are, this will end one of two ways, either he’s dead or they’re dead.

With Happy bound and gagged, EZ and Angel search his house, go through his drawers and cupboards looking for anything regarding Marisol. They are being sure not to leave any fingerprints and being careful not to leave any evidence they were there behind, but come up empty handed.

Next, they go back in to interrogate Happy about what happened to their mother nine years before. EZ sits in front of Happy and tells him exactly what he remembers. Someone broke in to their butcher shop, shot his mother in the neck, filling her. He then announces that he saw the car his mother’s murderer was driving as it fled the scene and that he remembers precisely what it looked like.

Then, EZ reveals that he jumped in his truck and followed the vehicle, seeing the driver when he stopped. He tells Happy that he saw him at the construction zone.  “I remember every detail of it,” says EZ. Happy remains silent and even worse, Happy laughs and shakes his head. Entertained but their amaturish behavior.

As we know, EZ’s has been doing extensive research on Happy Lowman for the past nine or so months. He has learned that Happy was a gun-for-hire prior to joining SAMCRO. Happy remains stoic, despite Angel putting a cigarette out on his bare shoulder. The Reyes brothers insist that all they want is a name from Happy, but he remains silent and uncooperative.


Happy’s lack of cooperation causes EZ to get angry and he demands to know if it was Galindo and the cartel who ordered the hit.  Now, this questions takes Angel by surprise and he begins asking why EZ would think it was a cartel hit. Angel’s questions force EZ to disclose everything he discovered about their father’s past life before coming to the United States.

EZ’s Lahun Chan Confession

He tells his brother that he found a lockbox that contained Felipe’s personal papers. While looking through those papers, he discovered that their father’s real name was Ignacio Cortina, their mother’s was Isobel Cortina and he previously worked as a police officer or Federale in Mexico in his prior life.  Then, EZ reveals that also found pictures of their father with Jose Galindo, Miguel’s father in the box.  The photo’s led him to believe the cartel might have been behind the murder and that’s why he asked Happy about it.


As usual, Angel erupts at the betrayal. He is disgusted by the fact that EZ failed to share any of this with him and he attacks his brother. Happy, who continues to be bound to the chair, smiles as he watches the brothers fighting. Happy is enjoying the fact that they are no longer a cohesive unit.           

Once the Reyes brothers finish beating each other to a bloody pulp, they sit on the kitchen floor using frozen vegatables to sooth their wounds. EZ explains to Angel that it wasn’t his secret to tell.  Angel tells EZ that he feels as if he was a constant disappointment to their parents. He says that EZ was always their favorite. EZ apologizes to Angel in Lahun Chan, even though it isn’t his fault.  Angel tells EZ that, sometimes, he “hated the sight of him.”  Then, Angel calls himself an idiot and a mistake. EZ tells Angel that no one thought that.


EZ: It wasn’t my place to tell you. Dad knew I saw it. I finally asked him about it.
Angel: He said nothing.
EZ: Yeah. Everything that’s gone down between us Angel, even if I could’ve.
Angel: You should’ve told me. He should’ve told me.
EZ: Pop?
Angel: Yeah, he never trusted me with anything, mom neither.
EZ: Come on, man. That’s not fair.
Angel: Fair! You have no fucking idea. Fair? Every time I walked into a room for as long as I can remember, Mom and Pop, there’d be this slight letdown. You know, disappointment cause it was me instead of you. Oh man, saying it out loud sounds fucking pathetic, but you live with that for twenty years or more.
EZ: I’m sorry.
Angel: It ain’t your fault, but sometimes man I fucking hated you, just the sight of you. It’d be a reminder that I’m some kind of fucking you know, some kind of idiot, a fucking mistake.
EZ: Angel, nobody ever thought that.


From the other room; Happy: Poor little Angel, nobody loved him.

EZ and Angel talk about how they didn’t really think things through and that they acted out of rage. They know that they can’t just let Happy go. They understand that taking Happy hostage and torturing him to get information will cause major issues between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy.

Angel tells EZ that they need to kill him and set it up to appear that he interrupted a robbery.  EZ says if they kill him, they will never have the answers they are looking for.  Angel decides they should try once more to get Happy to talk but if he doesn’t, he will shoot him!

Happy picks this special moment between brothers to snidely announce, “Poor little Angel. Nobody loved him.”

This comment causes the brothers to finally get up off the kitchen floor. Angel punches Happy. They take a good look at Happy’s tattoos and Angel asks EZ wchich one of the tattooed smiley faces inked on Happy’s abdomen (signifying each of the murders he’s committed) represents their mother.  EZ says he is not sure. Then, he and hands Angel a knife, saying, “your pick.”

LuhanAngel takes the knife, places it against one of the smiley faces and cuts out a chunk of flesh with one of the tattoos on it out of Happy’s abdomen.

Even after this, Happy is still not forthcoming. The Reyes brothers begin to become concerned that someone will come looking for Happy, since his phone has been ringing almost the whole time they have been there. They are getting frustrated that their “plan” is not working.

EZ once again sits down in front of Happy to explain that he doesn’t want to kill him, but they will do just that if Happy doesn’t tell them who ordered the hit.  Happy’s dog, Opie, has been barking non stop, and he just starts barking more intensely when Angel becomes aggravated and jams his gun barrel into the wound he put in Happy’s abdomen.

Breaking Point

Angel can no longer bear Opie’s incessant barking anymore and says he is going to shoot the dog! This is Happy’s breaking point and he screams, “No!”“He’s just hungry.” This reaction leads Angel and EZ to believe they finally have something they can use to get the information they seek.

Angel tells Happy that he will shoot off Opie’s nose, tail and legs, one by one, if Happy doesn’t start talking. That threat makes Happy wince, and Angel finds Happy’s one weakness. Once Angel feeds Happy’s dog and promises not to hurt it, Happy relents and agrees to talk in order to save his dog’s life.

Happy stayed silent for a long time, but when Angel threatened Opie, he couldn’t hold out any longer. Anyone who follows David Labrava on Instagram or Twitter knows that he is an avid dog lover. It was nice to see the writers bring David’s real life love for animals into Happy’s storyline in Lahun Chan.

He tells EZ and Angel where to find the folder with the profile he had on the hit. The file, includes picture and daily routine, showing Happy where to find his target.  The Reyes brothers are unpleasantly surprised when Happy tells them to look at the last page and reveals that his contract was for two people, Felipe and Marisol!  “I f***ed up,” he admitted. “I was supposed to kill both of them.


He tells them that he arrived at the butcher shop and came in through the back. He says that Felipe wasn’t there. EZ surmises that he was likely making the nightly bank deposit. Happy then tells Angel and EZ that when he pulled out his gun, their mother didn’t flinch or even act surprised.

He tells them that he has killed a lot of people and some are surprised, but says Marisol was not, she knew it was inevitable.  During Lahun Chaan Happy tells the brothers that he shot her in the neck, but got spooked because he heard a car approach and he ran before he could complete the job.


Happy tells the Reyes brothers that the job came in through Packer. He says that Packer always keeps immaculate records, but even if he had records, they won’t include the name of the person who ordered the hits, it just doesn’t work that way.

Happy tells them that because the area was so close to the border, he just assumed that the contract came from the Mexican cartel. He figured it was most likely Galindo, though he was never told who actually hired him. Hap said he hung out close to the boarder for a short time, waiting for word that he was to finish the job, but that it never came.


Happy: The job came in through Packer.
Angel: San Bernadino?
Happy: Yeah, closest charter to the border.
EZ: It came from Mexico.
Happy: Yeah, that’s all I know. Packer might have more details. He’s anal about keeping records. But he won’t have a name, don’t work that way.
EZ: Tell us what happened.
Angel: Tell us.
Happy: I came in the back. Shop was closed, it was just your mom, your old man must have left a few minutes before.
EZ: To make deposits.

After failing to complete the job, Happy tells the brothers that he assumed the cartel would come after him. When he ran away from EZ days later, the night EZ accidentally shot the cop and got arrested, he believed he was a secondary shooter hired by the cartel to clean up his mess. He thought the cartel had finally come for him.

How Happy Made it to SAMCRO

So, in “Lahun Chan,” we discover that before he was patched in to SAMCRO, Happy was a member of the Tacoma chapter of the Sons of Anarchy MC. He left the Tacoma Charter to join the “Nomads” charter, which indicates that he is an independent who is not connected to any specific charter. You might remember that it was not until Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy that Happy is officially patched into SAMCRO. By doing so, he became a regular character on that show. Happy explains that the death of Marisol is what led to him leaving the Nomads and joining SAMCRO.

“That night that you chased me, I thought that’s who you were, a cleanup guy for the cartel,” he stated. “I got spooked, didn’t feel safe riding Nomad anymore. That’s when I went to Charming, patched into SAMCRO.”

As far as the contract to kill Felipe and Marisol, Happy explains that he was only carrying out orders. He said that it was business, never personal. What the Reyes brothers are doing during Lahun Chan is personal. We see that they realize the difference.

LahunHappy: Your mom, she wasn’t surprised.
Angel: What do you mean?
Happy: I’ve killed a lot of people. Some of them, you can feel the inevitability. They know its coming, your mom knew. I heard cars pulling up, I shot her in the neck and ran. After that, I hung out near the border, ready to hear if I should finish the job. Coming from Mexico, I figured it was one of the cartels. That night you chased me; I thought that’s who you were, cleanup guy for the cartel. I got spooked. Didn’t feel safe riding Nomad anymore. That’s when I went to charming, patched into SAMCRO. If someone killed my mom, I’d put a bullet between his eyes.

Somebody’s Knocking

The guys discussion is interrupted by someone loudly pounding on Happy’s door. Howard, the SAMCRO prospect. yells out to Happy to let him in.  Angel and EZ decide that whatever happens, it happens to both of them, because they will go down together.

EZ opens the door, letting Howard in. Once Howard gets in the door, he finds Happy sitting on the couch with Opie, his dog, in his lap and Angel relaxing in a nearby chair. He, EZ and Angel are “having a couple of beers.” Happy lies and says that after he split off from him on the way home from Medina’s funeral he was run off the road by a timber truck. He tells him that the Mayan and his prospect spotted him, picked him up and brought him home.Luhan

Howard (Ray Nicholson) appears to believe what Happy says and asks if he can do anything for him. Happy tells him to pick up the dog poop in his yard.

After Howard heads outside, Happy and the Reyes’ brothers come to an understanding. Happy, says he understands why they went to the extremes that they did.  Then, Happy admits “If someone killed my mom, I’d put a bullet between his eyes.”

Happy tells EZ and Angel, “I’ll get what I can from Packer. After that, we’re clean.” EZ and Angel leave without responding, although Angel does give him a death stare on his way out.  After Lahun Chan, it will be up to EZ and Angel to find the truth.


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