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Camazotz – Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 3 Recap


Camazotz – Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

This season all of the episode titles represent a Mayan deity.  This episode, “Camazotz,” is a bat god who rules the House of Bats. They are bat-like monsters that plague the Mayan Hero Twins. In Mayan mythology, the second hero twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque (Angel and EZ), were born to avenge the deaths of the first set of hero twins, Hun and Vucub, by defeating the Lords of the Underworld.


Camazotz Opening

As the show opens we see the Mayans gathered around the table. They are watching the video of the shooting that happened while EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel Reyes (Clayton Cardenas) were in Stockton at the Mayans clubhouse. President Obispo “Bishop” Losa (Michael Irby) gets the details, and demands that this action be “answered.” The Northern Mayans are very familiar with the girl on the video, Hope (Vanessa Giselle), who they have watched grow up. They tell Bishop and the guys that Hope has been screwed up from the begining. Apparently, she used to play on the playground while her mother would sell herself (or Hope) for dime bags. Ramos tells them that Hope’s only clean time was when she was in Charming. They add that Hope is now at the clubhouse looking for sanctuary.

As EZ cleans the Northern Mayans clubhouse, he asks Angel if he wants to know why he asked Bishop to sponsor him. Angel says that he doesn’t because it hurts and that it would be better if they just do what they came up there to do.


EZ: You know why I asked Bishop to sponsor me?
Angel: I know. It Fucking hurts.
EZ: I’m sorry.
Angel: Let’s just focus on why we came up here in the first place.
EZ: What does that look like now?
Angel: Burying Medina day after tomorrow. SOA will represent. We’ll know where they are, how long they’ll be gone.


At the begining of Camazotz, EZ and Johnny “Coco” Cruz, the club’s go-to babysitter, are taking care of Hope.  They offer her food and drink, but she asks for some alcohol to calm her nerves. When Bishop and the rest of the Mayans come out of their meeting, he asks Coco how she is doing. Coco says she is doing okay. He tells Bishop that she is reluctant to help them lure the dirty cops in. Bishop asks when she had he last fix and Coco responds that it has been “hours.” Bishop says that in an hour or so, she will be willing to do anything they want her to.

Apparenty, before Bishop was the president in the Santo Padre chapter of the Mayans.  He came up through the ranks in Oakland under Marcus Alvarez. He was Medina’s sponsor. The news of Medina’s death has rocked everyone, but Bishop must set his feelings aside and focus on avenging the death of a brother. He is fully aware that killing cops is risky business, even when they are dirty cops. “It’s got to happen now so it lands on what they did,” says Bishop. “It can’t be seen as random.” He tells the Mayans that this mission has to be carried swiftly and precisely or they risk an all out war with the entire police force!

Devising a Plan

Bishop explains to Ramos, the Mayans Stockton president (we recognize him from Sons of Anarchy) that the Northern charter needs to keep their hands clean. He tells them to be active, be seen around town and to let the “out of towners from Santo Padre” handle this task for them.

EZ and Bishop drink some coffee as Coco prepares the needle to administer Hopes next fix. While watching, EZ tells Bishop that sometimes he doesn’t quite know how to “compartmentalize” some of this stuff. Bishop concurs. He tells Bishop that he is sorry about Medina. We discover that Bishop brought Medina in two years prior. Bishop tells EZ that Medina did not get his patch vote the first time he was up for a vote. Bishop explains that he felt that Medina had a romanticized idea about what a club was and so Bishop voted No. “He had this naïve, romantic idea of what a club was. 1960s Easy Rider bullshit, looking for rebels and rock stars,” says Bishop. “We were just a bunch of f*cking gangsters. I was afraid he was going to get himself killed.”

He warns EZ that the dirty cops will be looking for Hope and for EZ in order to “clean up their mess” and that he needs to stay close. EZ volunteers to be used as bait, but Bishop says that Hope is a better choice to lure them in.

Hope has agreed to help with the club’s plan which involves getting her drug dealer to pass on info to the dirty cops. Next, Bishop explains that the easiest way to lure the dirty cops out of hiding is by using the video and Hope as bait. It’s a plan that none of them is really comfortable with, least of all Bishop (Michael Irby). The dirty cops will be lured to a rundown area of town and taken care of.

The Plan for Avenging Medina

The Santo Padre crew bring Hope to an abandoned building, where she has no idea where she is. They are instructed to keep her away from the windows and doors.

Bishop walks Hope through what she needs to do again. Her job is to wait outside and tell the cops that she left the phone inside the building, for safe keeping. Bishop promises Hope that the Panto Padre Mayans will keep her safe.

She begins to have second thoughts about the plan. Hope questions everything, especially the fact that she is not sure she can trust them. She trembles in fear, telling them that she doesn’t even know them. In a bizarrely touching scene, EZ crouches down in front of her, introducing himself to her. Then, Angel does the same thing, followed by each of the Santo Padre Mayans, thereby calming her down.

 Coco Loco

Coco warns EZ that they are going to kill a cop today, and since EZ (JD Pardo), has yet to cross that particular moral line, Coco (Richard Cabral) is concerned. He tells EZ that it might trigger a lot of memories of the accidental shooting that led to his imprisonment, so if he has any doubts about it, then he needs to walk. “You cross it, there ain’t no walking it back,” says Coco. Their talk is interrupted by Angel. It’s then that EZ becomes somewhat “philosophical” about what’s about to go down. Angel shakes his head and asks Coco what he has been teaching his brother.


Coco: You holding up boy scout?
EZ: I’m okay.
Coco: Bishops got a lot on his mind you know? May not had relayed this, and I’m not sure how many fences you got mended with big brother. We’re gonna kill a cop today. Besides all that memory shit that might trigger you, it’s a line. You cross it; there ain’t no walking it back.
EZ: I’m aware of that.
Coco: Awareness lives in the head man. You got to feel it here. You gotta know the weight. Cause if you got any doubt EZ about any of this…
Angel: Hey, what’s up?
EZ: Just talking about the shit we gotta do. Trusting that whatever happens is supposed to happen. Stay in that truth; always takes us to the next right place.
Angel: What the hell you been teaching him, man?

Putting the Plan Into Action

Ultimately, Bishop decides to use Hope to set up the cops by texting them. In the text, “Hope” tells them that she has the phone with video evidence not only proving that they sexually assaulted her, but that she also has footage that shows them killing a Stockton Mayan.

Bishop wants to lure them in so that the club can capture the dirty cops, kill them and leave no trace that it was a Mayan hit.

Meanwhile, Hope is shaking like a leaf, smoking a cigarette when a jeep pulls up.  It’s just one of the cops, O’Grady. Bishop states that he hopes she sticks with the plan as she was instructed. Hope crosses the street to meet him which wasn’t part of the plan. O’Grady becomes suspicious when she asks where his partner is and pulls out his gun once she says the phone’s in the building.

O’Grady demands Hope retrieve the phone and she refuses. Panic once again sets in. Hope is confused about what to do. The cop grabs her by her hair and drags her inside.  He’s holding her in front of him, gun pointed at her head, when he encounters Bishop inside the building.

He threatens to kill her if Bishop doesn’t hand over the phone and video. As they talk, the rest of the club surrounds O’Grady. Bishops warns him that Coco was a Marine sniper who will shoot him in the head  if he even sees him twitch his finger on that trigger. He asks him if he wants to bet his life on whether or not they care if he kills Hope. Bishop says they couldn’t care less about the “junkie” he is holding right now.

Then, Bishop instructs Coco to tell O’Grady about the breeze that runs through peoples heads just seconds before he kills them.



Second Chances

O’Grady makes a wise decision and lets Hope go. Bishop knocks him out. He comes to as Bishop and the men are discussing the best way to grab Paulin. They want Paulin, since he’s the one who actually pulled the trigger, killing Medina.

They ask about his partner, Paulin, and Angel reminds him when the video goes viral, everyone will know what happened. They’ve moved the Jeep out of sight.  They discuss their options and decide to take Paulin at his house. O’Grady tries to speak through his gag. They remove it to find out what he wants. He tell them that the address in the phone is his partner’s wife’s place, that they have split and that Paulin has already put his wife and kids through enough. O’Grady tells them that his partner is currently staying at his mom’s in Lodi. He tells them that he thinks she is in Palm Springs or something.

Bishop tells O’Grady that he will keep the phone with evidence that he and his partner killed somebody and forced a young girl into performing sexual favors while on the job. Bishop orders him to make up a story about Paulin’s death, whatever it takes, so nothing comes back to the Mayans.  Further, he instructs him to check in with the Stockton chapter periodically.  Rather than killing O’Grady, Bishop decides to keep the cop on the job, because he could be worth more to them alive than dead.

Bishop leads the club members to Paulin’s mother’s house, this time having Hope text him, telling him that she wants to give him the phone with the evidence on it.

Mini Learns Too Much at the “House”

During Camazotz, Mini (Melany Ochoa) is awakened by hearing someone crying out in muffled screams. Thinking Luisa “Adelita” Espina may be in trouble, she leaves their room and barges into the room the noise is coming from. There, she sees a woman tied to the bed and having sex with a man.

The woman tells Mini that everything is ok and to go back to her room. However, the man calls Mini a “freak” just as Adelita arrives. Adelita demands an apology from him to Mini. He appologizes as instructed by the woman and Mini and Adelita return to her room.  Mini looks in the mirror at her awful scarring. Adelita tells her that the scars are small and make her special. She replys that she does not want to be special, she wants to be beautiful, like Adelita.


Doin’ the Dirty Job, Again

The Mayans send a text to the second dirty cop, telling him to come outside. He is suspicious, so he grabs his gun, puts down his beer and looks out the window spotting Hope, who continues to text him to come outside. He walks out of the house. For Hope’s protection, Coco is hiding inside the car she is leaning up against.

While Paulin is falling for the text message, the club busts into the house through the back door and finds that his mother isn’t out of town,  but standing in the kitchen.  Several of the Mayans end up in a knife battle with Paulin’s mother.

Hearing the commotion, Paulin runs back inside. He calls out to see if his mom’s okay.  Bishop suggests that they show her the video of Paulin’s sexual assault, the illegal drugs and the murder. Paulin says that what happened to Medina was an accident and that he doesn’t care what the junkie whore thinks. Hearing this, Hope bashes him over the head with a crystal vase.

That sets mom off, not because her son’s injured but because that was her best piece of crystal. She grabs Hope by the neck and begins strangling her, making Coco shoot the mother in the head and killing her.


The guys can’t believe he killed the mom. Coco responds in typical Coco style, “My bad.”

Bishop doesn’t have any problem with Coco taking out the cop’s mom and tells the guys to clean it up.  They take both bodies to the middle of the woods to finish the job.  There Paulin is taken out and strung up by his feet. His dead mom is lying nearby when he comes to and he looks in her eyes.


He never gets the chance to beg for his life because the Stockton Chapter of the club opens fire on him, riddling him with bullets.

History Repeats Itself in Camazotz

Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) approaches Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), to tell him where all of the security personel are and that the house is well guarded. Miguel is obviously distracted by Emily on the veranda. He tells Alvarez that this whole Agracultural Park snag is turning his wife Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger) inside out, saying that she gave the project her all and that he is worried about her. Miguel tells Alvarez there is nothing he can do about it since Emily told him not to mix his illegal business dealings with the legitimate ones.

Emily is on the phone. The call ends and she tells Miguel that she was on the phone with a friend from school who is her mother, Diane’s business manager. She takes the baby from Miguel’s arms, continuing to tell him that she has discovered that Iliana has been borrowing money from her mother. She tells Miguel that Iliana was more like a sister than a nanny and that she must have been desperate to ask Diane for money. Miguel cautions her about using it against her since it could be construed as a bribe. Emily says that it is “just business.” Miguel insists that she let him approach Iliana, so that she “can keep her hands clean.” They begin to argue.


Dita Galindo (Ada Maris) tries to take the baby out of Emily’s arms to get Cristobal away from the arguing. Emily orders her not to touch the baby! Dita apologizes profusely while scurrying away. This makes Emily feel bad. She hands Cristobal back to Miguel and rushes off.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Alvarez returns to warn Miguel that Lincoln “Linc” Potter (Ray McKinnon) and the FEDS are on the property.  Miguel steps outside to see what the probelm is and Potter quickly informs him that he will be coming with them today.

Emily steps outside just as Potter tells Miguel that Alvarez will not be permitted to go with them. Potter tells Emily and Alvarez that they are traveling to Palm Springs. Emily apologizes Miguel as he is leaving. Miguel whispers that Alvarez should “keep an eye on their queen” and to check on his mother’s “new friend.” Alvarez assures Emily that they knew this was part of Potters game and that this was going to happen eventually.


Galindo, is taken by Potter to a farmer’s rally. There, as Potter describes her is Paloma, a squeaky-clean political figure, who is encouraging an uprising in the absence of Los Olvidados. He informs Miguel that he needs her to be linked to the Cartel. Miguel asks if he wants her to appear to have dirty hands and Potter informs him that he needs for her to get her hands “bloodied,” in order to crush any political aspirations to ascend to elected office that she might have.

Once he is dumped off by Potter, just over the US border, he heads right over to report this news to Adelita, who has been secretly helping Paloma become a new potential savior to Mexico.

Alvarez’s Pep talk

While in the tunnels checking on Adelita (Carla Baratta), Alvarez gives a touching speech to Mini (Melany Ochoa), who is traumatized from the man she encountered at the Brothel calling her a “freak” because of her facial scars.

Alvarez asks about the incident the night before and Adelita confides that Mini is depressed because of the horrible comment the customer made about her facial scars and sometimes they forget that she is just a child. Alvarez sits down beside Mini and asks her if he can “show” her someting. She agrees and then Alvarez shows Mini the scar he has all the way up his leg. He tells her that he has another one on his other leg, one on his shoulder and belly and one his back.

Alvarez then looks at her face, saying the marks are reminders of who they are. He tells her that it means they are survivors, strong and brave. Marcus tells Mini she is not a mouse, but a lion. He shares that people see their scars and retreat from their strength and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Mini wraps her arms around Alvarez’ neck. Adelita who is watching and listening, chokes up.


There are Always “Strings” Attached

Meanwhile back in the US, Emily is more determined than ever to get her agracultural park project off the ground in Camazotz.  She is apparently now willing to play dirty to do it.  Even if it means taking advange of her friend Iliana, who works in the mayors office. Iliana just so happens to be having financial difficulties as a result of the wildfires and has been borrowing money from Emilys mother. Emily is hoping to use the Galindo money to turn Iliana into an ally inside the mayor’s office to give the Galindo family a heads up on the other bids, so they can be undercut!

She shows up and offers Iliana a ride home suggesting they will be able to catch up and she agrees. Emily apologizes to Iliana for having her head so far up her own behind that she didn’t consider anyone elses losses. She says that she knows that the fire devastated everyone.  Iliana says that she knows it affected Emily and her house too. Emily then says when she married Miguel she burned a lot of bridges. She says she thinks that subconciously, she used the controversy to avoid conflict and just end things with the people who were unable to accept her choices.

Iliana tells Emily that she never judged her. She does admit that she worries about her and her situation. Iliana says that she doesn’t “throw stones” and that she has always been there for Emily. She holds Emily’s hand. When they arrive at the Motor Inn, where Iliana and her family are staying, Emily asks Nestor Oceteva (Gino Vento) to give them some privacy. Emily hands Iliana an envelope containing a check for $50,000. Emily never says so directly, but insinuates that it will help Iliana get back on her feet in exchange for her help in assuring the Galindo’s get the park project.

Ileana is shocked and offended! Her reaction forces Emily to see exactly how far she has fallen and that she is teetering on the edge of becoming criminal minded. The exact thing that she wanted her husband to get away from in his career. Emily says she is just trying to find her place in all of this. “Right now, I think I need to give you this more than you need to take it,” says Emily. She apologizes and jokes that, if nothing else, it’s a way of undermining her mother. Iliana tears up and agrees to take the cashier’s check, thanking her.

Iliana Makes Emily an Offer

Later that night, she calls Emily and asks her if they can work out some sort of an arrangement. Iliana says that she needs a little more help to get on her feet, and in exchange she will help Emily secure the bid. Mrs. Galindo ends up getting what she wanted without actually having to be the one who forced the deal into place.

Emily calls Miguel, who tells her that Potter dropped him off at the border and that Alvarez had just arrived to pick him up. She tells Miguel that she saw Iliana and they are going to help each other. He tells Emily that he trusts her and that he will be home soon.

The next day, Emily meets with Iliana, who hands her a book. Inside are note cards with information about everyone else’s secret bids inside.


Miguel Goes Underground

Miguel goes down to the underground, where he tells Adelita that he spoke to Pablo. He tells her that the work she has been doing with Paloma is making a difference. Galindo tells her about the riots. He also reveals that Potter suspects that she is involved. Miguel clues Adelita in on Potter’s plan to get Paloma and make her “bloody.” Adelita sits down. Miguel tells her that he is sorry.


Alvarez Pays Felipe a Visit

Dita places a call to Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos) and tells him that she had been thinking a lot about him and that she dreamed she had received another letter from him.

Alvarez pays a visit to Felipe at the butcher shop.  Felipe thinks he is there about Angel and EZ, but Alvarez insists that they are fine. They have a rather odd exchange about “warm meat.” Alvarez tells Felipe that he was instructed to come there personally by Mr Miguel Galindo. Alvarez says that Miguel wanted to thank him for taking care of his mother.  Felipe feels the thanks isn’t necessary. He tells him that he just felt it was the right thing to do. Marcus says that Dita’s doctor is nowhere near his butcher shop, which means she sought out the elder Reyes for some reason and he asks Felipe why there, of all places.

Felipe suggests that Alvarez ask Dita why she would come to the butcher shop.  Alvarez tells Felipe that ever since the fire, things have been difficult. Then, Felipe informs Alvarez that if there is something he needs to say, he should just come right out and say it. Alvarez hands him a business card and tells Felipe “If Mrs Galindo gets lost” and ends up at the butcher shop again, “Mr. Galindo suggests that you call and he will send someone to retreive her.” Alvarez issues a not so subtle threat, because obviously, neither he nor Miguel has any idea the real depth of Dita’s past relationship with Felipe, when he was the cartels hitman, Ignacio Cortez.

Felipe asks how, with a vitrual army of people at his disposal, Miguel could have lost track of an elderly woman?

Felipe & Dita’s Dirtly Little Secret

Later, Felipe is seen pulling out an old book that contains some old romantic letters from Dita, reading through them and  repeatedly apologizing to the Urn holding his wife’s ashes indicating that the guilt over cheating on her still weighs heavily on him. It was clear to this writer that Dita clearly loved Felipe while she was married to Jose and that the two of them were carrying on a secret affair.


“My dearest Ignacio… Being away from you these last three days has been unbearable. The void between Jose and myself grows wider every moment. I can’t wait to see your face again. You have given my heart a reason to beat again, my arms a reason to embrace, my lips a reason to kiss. And my sleep a reason to dream. You are my forever. Love, Dita.”

Revisiting A Pivotal Point In History

After killing the dirty cop, the Mayans return to Stockton for the funeral of their brother Medina to say a last goodbye.

At Medina’s funeral, everyone places special items in the casket to be buried with him. Happy Lowman (David Labrava) and Rane Quinn (Rusty Coones) from Sons of Anarchy’s SAMCRO arrive at the wake, offering their condolences.

Angel tells Bishop he needs to ride out with EZ for the parole stuff and should be back in a day or two. He thanks Bishop for working with EZ.

Angel: Me and the boy scout are gonna ride out from the cemetery. Still gotta handle that parole shit.
Bishop: Yeah.
Angel: Should be back in a day or two.
Bishop: Be safe.
Angel: I’m really glad you’re working with him. You’re a great fucking sponsor, Bish. Thank you.

Happy and Quinn sit at the bar, ordering drinks while the brothers steal away on their road trip together. Their appearance at the funeral gives EZ and Angel a chance to head to Happy’s house in Charming to catch him by surprise when he returns from Stockton.  They ride past the boulder where John Teller 11-13-93 and the Sons of Anarchy symbol is etched into the rock. It’s the same rock where Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) father was killed when he slid into an oncoming semi-truck, which cost him his life.

It’s the same spot that Jax Teller visited just moments before taking his own life in nearly the same fashion as his father in the series finale of ‘Sons of Anarchy’. At the start of the Sons of Anarchy series, Jax said “Tellers die bloody” and this infamous spot where John’s life ended and is the same spot that his son chose to take his final ride.


A Not So Happy Encounter

When Happy arrives, he hears his dog agressivly barking behind a gate.  Happy calls out to the dog, calling his name, ‘Ope’, which is obviously short for ‘Opie.’  Fans know that this is a tribute to fallen ‘Sons of Anarchy’ member Opie Winston, who was killed in a prison attack during season 5.

Happy walks in, turns on the lights, and realizes immediately that he is not alone. He hears the click of a pair of guns pointed at the back of his head.  This is when EZ and Angel step out of the shadows, making their presence known. They are inches away with guns pointed directly at his head.

EZ says, “I think he missed you.”


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