Xaman Ek – Season 2, Epidose 2 of Mayans MC – Recap


Xaman Ek – Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 2

Xaman Ek – His symbol is the North Star. Used for guidance and direction, he is the one to call upon when you have lost your way. Xaman Ek is the god of travelers and merchants, who gave offerings to him on the side of roads while traveling.


Previously on Mayans MC

At the end of the previous episode of FX’s Mayans M.C. season 2 Xblanque, EZ revealed his secret to his estranged brother, Angel.  He went to Angel for help, explaining that he had discovered who killed their mother. In Episode 2, Xaman Ek, the action picks right up with Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) discussing EZ’s discovery and reviewing the evidence and information he has been collecting for the last eight months. Angel questions EZ about his reasons for keeping the information to himself. EZ reminds Angel that he has made an effort to talk to him. However, Angel has flat out refused to interact with him on any level not required by the club for the eight months leading up to Xaman Ek.

Facing the Facts in Season 2, Episode 2 – Xaman Ek

Angel is floored by all of the information EZ has gathered regarding Happy Lowman. In the eight months leading up to Xaman Ek, EZ has clearly been obsessed with discovering everything he can about Happy. His box of information includes Happy’s arrest records and a detailed timeline of Happy’s activities. Angel says he is not sure what’s going on in EZ’s head.

EZ reminds Angel that doesn’t have any proof of what he witnessed the night of the murder, so he can’t go to the cops. EZ says it’s not like the cops are going to believe that he has this amazing “identic” memory and run right out and arrest Happy. In addition, he explains that, given the Mayans relationship with SAMCRO, he has been leery to discuss his findings with Mayans MC president, Bishop. He also confirms that he hasn’t told their dad about his discovery. Angel instructs EZ not to do anything that will send him back to jail. It’s evident that Angel knows full well that EZ is not going to let it go, with or without Angel’s help. Angel makes the decision to help EZ, promising that he will not let it go either.

In Xaman Ek, EZ finally tells Angel that he understands how betrayed Angel feels. He tells him that he is not the “Golden Boy.” He says he never really was, despite Angel’s belief that he was. EZ tells his brother that he stayed after Potter deleted his information because he was afraid to leave, since Angel and Felipe are the only things in his life that he knows are “real.” He stayed with the Mayans, despite telling Angel he would leave, because he “needs to be a part of something.” “I can’t lose you, Angel.” EZ says.  It was heartwarming to hear EZ tell Angel how much he meant to him. Angel finally seems to understand the decisions EZ made. The two brothers finally seem to have made progress in repairing their relationship.

Dita Galindo

Dita is getting ready for bed when she pulls out a photo of her and her husband Jose. As she smiles she says “goodnight sweetheart.”

Next we see Felipe also getting ready for bed. Next to his bed is his gun and a photo of Marisol. As he lies down he says “I miss you so much, my love.”


Mending Fences

The next morning Angel and EZ arrive at the brothel where the Mayans are hiding Adelita. Bishop (Michael Irby) and the club seem pleased when EZ and Angel arrive together and he approaches EZ. EZ tell Bishop that all is not forgiven, but that they are working on things without going into detail.

Next, EZ lies to Bishop by saying that he has to head to Stockton to “clean up some parole paperwork.” He asks to take Angel with him, but Bishop thinks he needs more backup and wants to send Coco and Gilly as well, as they will be traveling through a lot of other clubs’ territories.


Finally, EZ convinces Bishop to let them go alone by saying that he was hoping to use the 8 hour ride to continue talking and working through thier issues. Bishop changes his mind and agrees and reminds EZ to make sure his first stop in Stockton is the Mayans clubhouse. He then asks Taza to contact some of the like minded clubs along the way to ensure “safe passage.”

The Big Reveal

Before they take off, Angel spends some alone time with Adelita (Carla Baratta) in her room, rubbing her belly as they joke about whether the baby is a boy or girl. He seems concerned that she isn’t comfortable there, and reminds her that her stay is just temporary.


While laying his head against Adelita’s stomach, the baby begins kicking. Angel whispers to the unborn baby that he loves him. He then confesses to Adelita that he really wishes that he could let his family in on the news that he is about to be a Dad. She reminds him that he has been estranged from his family for many months now, though he has never really told her what happened. Angel gets defensive. He reminds Adelita that she is not very forthcoming with information regarding her life either, despite the fact they are together.  Adelita then points out that their “flaws” are what makes their relationship work. Adelita assures Angel that he can tell everyone after she is born and they are all safe.

Angel’s insistence and Adelita’s reluctance leads this writer to wonder if it is possible that Angel just believes he is the father of Adelita’s baby. Is there a possibility that it’s not? I mean, we have no idea what has been happening for the past eight months. The last we saw, Adelita invited Angel to stay the night, but he declined.  Is there a reason why Adelita is so adamant about keeping her baby’s paternity a secret? Is it really about waiting until they are all “safe,” or is she just playing along to keep the Mayans there to protect her?

We know that she is a secretive person, so does Angel really even know her? The knowledge that he is not the father of this child of the woman he loves might just be the thing that sends Angel over the edge.  I really hope that she does not hurt Angel.

Eyes Wide Open

Miguel (Danny Pino) and Dita (Ada Maris) drop Emily (Sarah Bolger) off at the Santo Padre City Center for some final approval meetings on the building project on their way to Dita’s medical appointment.  Emily is anxious to break ground and Miguel assures her that they will be doing just that very soon. As Emily is about to rush off, Dita makes a snide comment to Miguel that Emily is always “so busy.” Miguel wishes Emily luck for her meeting and Emily shares that she hopes Dita’s doctor can convince her to see a therapist.

Fx Mayansfx GIF by Mayans M.C.

On the way in to her meeting, Emily runs into an old friend.  The woman informs Emily that she had dinner with her mother, Diana. It’s clear by this interaction that Emily does not have a good relationship with her mother. Her friend wishes Emily luck in winning the bid for the Agricultural Park, commenting that competition is tough. She tells Emily that there are already six bids and there could be even more before the bid deadline. Emily is very upset when she learns that it is now a competition for who will win the bid.


She had no idea anyone else was bidding on the job and she is seething when she storms in to Mayor Antonia Pena’s (Alexandra Barreto) office.

Emily demands to know why they weren’t warned there would be other bids. Mayor Pena tells her that other contractors found out about the EPA rules that were changed for Miguel. They could not keep that under wraps. Antonia complains that the city has been hurting and cannot get any government aid. She tells Emily that the bidding process is out of her hands, and that she has to answer to the city comptroller and several others.


Still seething, Emily, but nevertheless still in control, snarls out that “it’s only because of Miguel that this project exists.” An offended Emily warns the mayor she should only be answering to Miguel. The Mayor doesn’t back down as Emily continues berating her. Finally, she spats that she is “not a cartel boss” and that she is unable to offer them “special favors.”

Calling for Backup

Once outside of the Mayor’s office Emily calls Miguel to update him on her meeting with the Mayor and how the Mayor is screwing them over. Miguel tells Nestor to stay and wait for Dita to finish her appointment while he rushes to City Hall.

Emily tells Miguel that she is sure they are going up against much larger firms with more resources. Miguel tells Emily that he will handle the situation. When she asks what he means, he is silent. Emily immediately understands that he intends to mix the cartel business in with the building project. She reminds him of all the work that he has done to make the company legitimate and tells him that she does not want him to cross that line.


Emily and Miguel are talking in the car when Nestor arrives to inform Miguel that Dita is missing and that they have no idea where she’s gone.

Mini Disappears

Bishop, Alvarez and the club members head south of the border to the safehouse that Los Olvidados is hiding in to check on Mini— the rebel girl who was captured and nearly tortured a week ago — because Adelita is worried about her. She has cared for Mini ever since finding her and she tells the club members that she is afraid Mini might have separation anxiety in addition to anxiety over the trauma of nearly being killed a week prior. Just before they arrive, we see Mini in a room packing a backpack.

Mini is upset that Adelita has gone across the border with the Mayans to wait for the baby to arrive. Pablo enters and tells Mini that she will be with Adelita as soon as it is safe. Mini waits for Pablo to leave the room, then she takes her backpack and sneaks out the back door. When they arrive, they learn that Mini has run away. The Mayans know that if the mercenaries find her, and get information from her, it would be disastrous for them and the cartel.

The Mercenaries and the Mayans in Xaman Ek

The club’s problems with the Mercenaries are far from over in Xaman Ek. As we see, the men are in the process of searching for Adelita and Mini. The mercenaries show photos of Mini and Adelita to store owners but no one has seen them. Mini sees the mercenaries and hides,  barely sliping by without being seen. Bishop and the guys are also looking for Mini and they are coming up empty too. The Mayans meet in the market to figure out their next move. While they are talking, Bishop spots the mercenaries in the crowd. The Mayans split up and retreat from the market to avoid contact.


Both the Mayans and the mercenaries decide to discontinue their hunt for Mini for the time being. After seeing the mercenaries in the marketplace asking about her, Mini spotted Pablo’s truck, climbs in the back of it, and hides under a tarp.

With no luck in finding Mini, the Mayans start to leave. Coco and Riz hop in the back of the truck when they spot a gun sticking out from under the tarp and discover a hiding Mini. The M.C. swoops her away so she can be reunited with Adelita but despite their best efforst, they weren’t able to stay off the radar of the mercenaries.

The mercenaries let Hobart know they were not able to find Mini but that they learned from a merchant that two of the bikers were looking for the same child. When Hobart hears that the Mayans were not searching for Adelita, he tells his men to include the Mayans on their watch list. He wants to know where they go and who they meet. of Hobart’s men plant a tracking device on the Mayans Ford Bronco they keep just over the border.


Bishop, Riz, and Coco show up to Adelita’s room to check on Mini. Adelita thanks them for letting her stay and tells Coco that Mini feels safe with him. The Mayans leave CoCo behind to keep a watch over their guests.

EZ and Angel’s First Stop

EZ stops in at Felipe’s butcher shop to let him know that he and Angel are heading up to Stockton. Felipe is happy when EZ informs him that he and Angel finally talked. Felipe (Edward James Olmos) is surprised to see Angel pull up outside. Angel doesn’t come inside, so Felipe follows EZ outside to let Angel know that he is happy to see him.

Angel: Pops.
Felipe: Good to see you, son. Travel safe.

It is clear that Angel still holds a grudge against Felipe.

The First Encounter of Xaman Ek

Along the road to Stockton, Angel and EZ encounter two bikers on sports bikes. The two members of the rival club check them out, but don’t interfere with their travel up the California coastal highway. EZ and Angel make a pit-stop at a convenience store and EZ shows Angel info on a house he says that Happy owns just outside of he Charming city limits, which he states has “easy access to a freeway.” They are not sure what they should do next. Angel asks EZ if he trusts him and without hesitation, EZ says he does. Just then, their conversation is interrupted by the return of the two club members. They ask the brothers why the Mayans didn’t call first to give them a heads-up they were passing through their territory. They point out that it was okay for them to ride down the highway, but now they have gotten off the highway and stopped at a store, and that they are not welcome in their teritory.


The club’s Kutte’s say “Swole Boys” on them. Angel insults them telling them that in the future he will make sure they call the Slow Boys before travelling through. They are clearly offended. EZ the follows with an insult of his own. The Swole Boys make a move toward EZ and Angel. Angel pulls out his gun and says “You poser f*@#ing douchebags. What? Did you guys watch some bulls#*t TV show and think a vest and two wheels makes you a club?” (This is clearly a shout out by the writers to Sons of Anarchy – very clever Xaman Ek writers)

Angel and EZ continue taunting them, asking them if their clubhouse is in their mom’s basement and filled with meat heads from their gym. Angel tells them that they are an embarrassment to legitimate clubs and to get out of there.


Play Time

Back on the road, Angel sees a billboard for an upcoming arcade and convinces EZ to stop there by telling him that he wants to make the trip last. He says he is enjoying bonding with EZ and besides, they have plenty of time. While playing Skeeball, EZ attempts to reason with Angel regarding their father and the two reminisce about growing up with Felipe.

EZ: “Remember Dad working in Del Monte?”
Angel: “Sort of. I remember the day Pops opened up the shop.”
EZ: “Me too. He was so happy.”
Angel: “I don’t know if Felipe has ever been happy.”
EZ: “Growing up in Sonora, dirt f&@$!ng poor. Pop had a rough life before he got here.”
Angel: “Never known anything about that cause our old man don’t tell us s#!t. Talks to that jar of ashes more than he does his own two f&@$!ng sons.”

A young girl in the arcade is seen watching the brothers. When she turns to make a phone call we see that she has a tattoo with the same symbol that was on the kuttes of the bikers from earlier.

The brothers move from Skeeball, which Angel won, to miniature golf, which Angel also wins.


Second Encounter with the “Slow Boys”

Angel and EZ finish up their games, grab a couple of popsicles, and head to their bikes. All of the sudden,  “a lot of white guys on steroids” ride up. Angel tells EZ to stay cool, but it is apparent that the Swole Boys want a fight. While Angel is busy distracting them, EZ grabs a couple of miniature golf clubs off of a nearby table.

EZ and Angel make their way to their bikes. Once he gets close enough, EZ grabs Angel’s gun and quickly hands it off to his brother.

Biker: “Pretty fucking tough with a gun.”
Angel: “Yeah, that’s why I carry one!”

Angel backs the Swole Boys off by shooting two holes into a nearby car before they take off and Swole Boys quickly surround EZ and Angel.  EZ kicks one of the bikers off of his bike before the police arrive. (There certainly were quite a few crashes in Xaman Ek!)

The cops join in the chase and Angel reminds the Swole Boys leader of the “patches over badges” code. The Swole Boys split up, and do burnouts to create enough smoke to block the cops’ view. Two of the police cars crash into each other and EZ and Angel get away.



EZ then compliments his brother on shooting at the car knowing it would bring the cops. It’s clear the Reyes brothers estrangement is over.

Dita Sneaks Away in Xaman Ek

As she is leaving, Dita’s doctor tells her that everyone just wants her to get better and refers her to a therapist. As she returns to the waiting room, she sees Nestor waiting for her, instead of Miguel. Dita then slips out the back before she can be seen.

Next Dita makes her way to Felipe’s butcher shop. He is clearly shocked, but not upset, to see her. She calls Felipe by his real name, Ignacio. Felipe says that he didn’t realize she was in America.  Dita tells him that she came to live with Miguel when Emily gave birth to her grandson, Cristobal. Felipe and Dita drive off in Felipe’s truck. Along the way back to the Galindo compound, the two catch up on what has been going on over the more than twenty years since they last saw each other.

Felipe asks Dita how she knew where he was. She tells him that she has seen him and his sons at his shop. He reminds her that his sons have a different name and no connection to his past. Felipe seems shaken during their discussion, however, Dita seems secretly pleased and tells him that she hopes to see him again.

Felipe tried to explain that his past wasn’t a part of his life anymore, but Dita was quick to inform him that wasn’t true.

“We’re all connected, Ignacio.” She tells him.

Felipe once again reminds her that his name is now Felipe.

“Our past doesn’t just go away.” Dita says.

Their exchange in Felipe’s truck shows us that they were once two people who were more than acquaintances.  Dita talks about Miguel’s baby and in the midst of that conversation, Felipe asks “Did you ever find out?” To which Dita acted like she had no idea what he was talking about. It was clear that she knew exactly what he meant. There is a big secret that they have been keeping for years. 

Dita’s Xaman Ek Return

Its now night time, Miguel and Emily have made it home from looking for Dita and have been calling around trying to find her. The search ends as Nestor informs them that he has just been told that she is pulling into the driveway.

When Dita arrives at the compound, Miguel attempts to scold her for her behavior, but she abruptly stops him. She tells him that she was disoriented when she left the doctor and Felipe found her wandering the streets in Santo Padre. Dita explains that Felipe recognized her and he insisted on driving her home. She scurries off leaving Miguel confused. Miguel and Emily are both suspicious. However, both are too worried about Dita during Xaman Ek to even notice or question the connection.

While Emily assists her in getting ready for bed, giving her some Ambien, Dita finally agrees to go to a psychiatrist for help. Before she goes to sleep,  she opens a book on her night table. Inside is the old photo we previously saw her looking at in the begining of Xaman Ek.

This time, when she looks at the photo again, Dita unfolds the picture and we see that it’s not just a picture of her and her husband Jose, Felipe Reyes and his former partner are right next to them.



Emily & Miguel 

Later, Miguel and Emily discuss his mom, her mental state and her trip to Felipe’s butcher shop. Miguel can’t fathom why Dita would visit Felipe. Emily says it might just be because it’s familiar, since they get their meat at his butcher shop.  Emily tells her husband that she has never told Dita anything about her past with EZ. She then tells him that she spoke with Dita. His Mother has finally agreed to see a therapist to help her deal with her recent trauma.

Stockton Mayans

Finally, EZ and Angel arrive at the clubhouse of the Northern California Charter of the Mayans MC in Stockton, the charter started by Marcus Alvarez during Sons of Anarchy. Friendly greetings are exchanged before EZ has to take care of the bikes. Just as he’s climbing on his bike, two cops drive up. They ask EZ why a “cholo” from Santo Padre’ is so far from home. Just as EZ is about to respond, a Stockton Mayan named Medina tells EZ to stay away from them. He says loudly enough to be heard by the corrupt cops not to “play with the animals.” The cop then spits on EZ’s bike before they pull away.


Later during Xaman Ek, EZ and Angel can be seen eating outside with the Stockton chapter. As usual, as a prospect EZ’s given the task of throwing out all of the trash. Medina heads to the woods to relieve himself. It is there that he comes upon the two dirty cops from earlier having a sexual encounter with a woman. One cop’s on the receiving end of oral, and his partner is recording the action on his phone. Its clear that the woman in question is not there of her own free will.

Medina yells at the cops to stop. The cops react to Medina’s demand by shooting and killing him. EZ and the others hear the shots and run toward the woods.  EZ is first on the scene and Medina dies in his arms, as the undercover cop car speeds away. Angel helps EZ up off the ground, and they both look at their hands, which are now covered in blood.

Writer’s thought on Xaman Ek

In Xaman Ek, it wis the Reyes brothers quest to find out why Happy would have killed their Mother, that leads them to Northern California. However, EZ and Angel are now involved in something so much deeper. That is, now that Northern Cali Charter member Medina was gunned down by two corrupt Stockton cops while the Reyes brothers were visiting.

It is likely that the Santo Padre Mayans (and maybe a few more of their Santo Padre brothers) will be sticking around Stockton to help out their Stockton brothers. This will also afford Angel and EZ additional time to find out more about Happy Lowman (David Labrava) and his connection to the death of Marisol Reyes.

“Camazotz” is the next episode title.

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