Tomorrow – Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 2 – 9/10/19 at 10 pm on FX


Tomorrow – Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 2 – 9/10/19 at 10 pm on FX

Mayans MC Season 2, Episode 2 – Tomorrow night…


Yes, only one more wake up tills all of this!


In Season 2, Episode 1 we saw all of this:

First there was THIS!

Angel y Adelita <3


So, What’s YOUR guess? Who is Adelita‘s baby daddy? Angel? Miguel? Paulo? Will Adelita’s baby mean the end of Miguel Galindo and Emily Thomas?

EZ & Frankie

And then there was THIS!

In EZ‘s quest for answers, he contacted his old high school friend, OFFICER Frankie and called in a few favors.

“You too, Pig” – EZ Reyes

What do you think EZ’s investigation will lead to?


What do YOU think? Was it Happy?  Did he kill Marisol Reyes?  Happy has a trunk full of stuff that includes information sheets on Marisol and Felipe Reyes. Apparently he had detailed breakdowns. Was he supposed to kill them? Protect them? Only time will tell.

The Reyes Brothers

Yes, the Patch Vote is heavy on EZ’s mind, but, who killed his mother has been his main focous since it happened. He goes to Angel and says “I know who killed her,” …but we can all see that there is still some doubt.

EZ also tells Angel about Potter‘s visit to their Father Felipe.

“That YOU created”Angel Reyes

Will this new information bring the Reyes brothers back together? Tune in tomorrow night at 10 pm on FX to see.

Don’t Forget, Tomorrow!

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