Neron “Nero” Padilla


Neron “Nero” Padilla – Portrayed by Jimmy Smits

Neron “Nero” Padilla – Portrayed by Jimmy Smits



Born to Castor and Anita Padilla, Neron was raised in a fairly hostile neighborhood. His family life was quite literally non-existent and so Neron spent most of his time outdoors amongst his small time gangster friends.

Nero was introduced to the criminal world at an extremely young age. He started using, slinging drugs and gang-banging as a result.  As a result of his illegal enterprises, Neron was imprisoned in Chino for several years.


Nero Goes Legit… Sort of

It was after getting clean and having a heart attack that Nero went legit. He took to working a brothel, got all the correct documentation he needed and ran girls for the pleasure of men from far and wide. It was decent money, but better yet, it was legal money. Despite getting out of the life, Nero kept his connections with some of his gangbanger brothers. Calling some to his cause and putting his own escort-security service together, Nero became a pillar to a small organization of gangbangers. However, after some time, a rival group of gangbangers set out to deforming Diosa, and out of fear for his girls lives due to threats – Nero disbanded the brothel he’d opened and run for several years.


Cara Cara Partnership

Instead, he searched out to form a partnership with Cara Cara – a porn business in bed with SAMCRO – where he invested several of his girls, keeping them off the radar to make sure the rival gangbangers didn’t track them to make life hard again.

Nero Padilla Family Tree

  • Lucius Padilla (Son)
  • Arcadio Nerona (Cousin; deceased)
  • Carla (Half-Sister; deceased)
  • Benny (Uncle)

Background information

Twenty-five years earlier he started a street crew with his cousin called the Byz Lats. He was also in a relationship that resulted in a son named Lucius who developed a spinal disease due to his mother’s drug use. He spent his 30s in Chino Prison and with most of his crew locked up or dead, he turned his life around. When he got out of prison, he started in an escort service called Diosa with the help of his half-sister Carla and had been running it five years in Stockton. At 42, he underwent triple bypass surgery and has a scar on his upper chest.


Season 5

Nero is first seen having sex with Gemma at his home with two other naked women, while she is under the influence. When Gemma wakes up, she doesn’t remember a thing and pulls her gun on him.


He explains what had happened and tells her she was the one who had sex with the other women. Padilla gives her his business card for the address, tells her to call a cab and leaves. Gemma then drops by and they are officially introduced to each other. After a brief chat, Gemma’s cab arrives. She returns Nero’s business card as she gets up to leave. He flips it over to find her name and her phone number. Later she asks him to house Jax, and the other members, at his agency while they are running from the law. (“Sovereign”)


Nero takes Jax for a ride and on the way stops by to see his disabled son. They then get followed by One Niner’s and Nero runs them into a dumpster, explaining to Jax “I don’t get out much.”

Nero Nero

Gemma goes to Nero’ s place and asks “Is this ok?” He responds by pulling her into his place as they make out against the wall. (“Authority Vested”)

Clay comes Looking for Gemma

Gemma awakens in Nero’s bed again and he comes over just as he is about to come and lay with her the secretary breaks in. Later, Clay stops by Nero’s Escort Place to find Gemma and ends up hitting on Emma Jean. When Gemma comes over Nero tells her he left just as Juice comes out laughing with Nero’s secretary, Carla. Gemma bursts into a room where Clay is sitting on the bed, then the young girl walks out and Gemma takes her down as Nero breaks in.

After that, Nero walks in and finds Gemma sitting on the couch chugging what looks to be vodka and pot. He then says she should slow down, Gemma says “So, you’re telling me what to do now?” He gives a witty answer and Gemma tells him that it was out of anger and that she no longer has any love for Clay. His hand is rested upon her knee and she lays her hand on top. At the very end, we see Gemma sleeping alone and cops breaking in and arresting her while they have Nero pinned on the ground. (“Laying Pipe”)  As Nero is bailing his girls out, Gemma is released from jail. They exchange brief conversation and are shown exiting from the jail, holding hands.


Eviction Pending

Nero & Gemma arrive at his Agency, where he finds his business trashed. On the counter, a sealed envelope sits reading “Nero”. Upon reading, Nero crumples up the letter and exclaims, “Eviction Notice. We’re out at the end of the week.”

Jax, Chibs, and two of Nero’s gangbangers show up at Nero’s agency to find the aftermath. The gangbangers tell Nero that Emma Jean, the worker whom Gemma previously caught with Clay, turned information to Vice. The gangbangers want to find Emma Jean, but Nero tells them he will handle it. He then tells Jax, if he really wants to help, will he find Emma Jean and get her out of town.

After Emma Jean is found, Nero meets Jax at the SAMCRO clubhouse to hear from Jax he was ambushed at the hotel by the same gangbangers from before. Nero realizes only one other person knew where Emma Jean was, Carla. As Carla is held in the garage, away from phones, Nero gets Emma Jean on a plane and back home.

Business Negotiations

Nero arrives back at the clubhouse and is met by Gemma in an embrace, with Clay watching. Jax approaches Nero and asks to ‘bounce something off of him’. As Nero and Jax are discussing business, Nero reveals his end game is 1.3 million dollars, just enough money to buy a piece of property from his uncle (a farm for his son). He explains to Jax that he is not close to his goal, but wonders why Jax is asking. Jax offers Nero a deal to pay the startup costs on a new Agency at a different location, using girls that were previously employed at the Sons’ Porn industry, and split the profit with Nero 50/50. This deal would come at a cost, though. In agreement with this deal, Nero must leave Gemma alone. After a quick thought, Nero agrees and shakes Jax’s hand.

At the end of the episode, Nero is seen helping beaten Carla into a truck, ignoring Gemma, carrying out the first step in the deal made with Jax. (“Stolen Huffy”)  Nero is confronted by Gemma regarding his distance, to which he brushes off with being busy opening a new location. After a brief conversation is exchanged, Gemma tells Nero “Good, I guess that means you will be around more.” Nero, again, brushes this comment off. Gemma curiously asks Nero what his deal is. A slight scuffle ensues and Gemma winds up pushed against the wall. She says, “Don’t.” and Nero’s anger is turned to passion as they begin to kiss. Nero stops suddenly and tells Gemma he can’t. After being questioned by Gemma as to why he can’t “do this”, Nero falls silent and Gemma says “Jax…” (“Orca Shrugged”)


Enter Carla

Nero is seen rushing into Gemma’s home where Carla has Gemma by gunpoint upstairs. He begins speaking to Carla in Spanish, to which she says, “No baby, in English, I don’t want her to miss a thing.” Carla demands that he undress. Padilla declines and Carla points the gun at Gemma. He then reaches for a gun tucked away in the back of his jeans. Carla demands the gun from Nero. After Nero and Gemma are undressed and in the bed, Carla demands that Gemma perform oral sex on Nero. Gemma climbs under the cover, whimpering and breaks down into full sobbing.


Nero jumps out of the bed and tells Carla he isn’t doing this. He then turns around, taunting Carla to shoot him instead. Carla puts the gun down and then says to him, “I’m sorry. I just wanted to go out watching you do your thing.” then shoots herself in the side of the head.


As Nero is praying over Carla’s dead body, Gemma is seen comforting him. He explains to Gemma that when he learned he had a half-sister, he picked her up and put her in Rehab. It was Carla who helped Padilla “turn legit”; however, she was in love with him. When Nero started seeing Gemma, it stirred up old feelings within Carla.

After Nero returns from leaving Gemma to clean up the mess, he is met by Clay, instead his relationship with Gemma. Clay wants to know if this relationship is going to go somewhere, to which he replies, “I don’t know.” (“Small World”)

Nero, Gemma’s Hero

Padilla is called by Gemma, to a low budget hotel, where she has been robbed by a one night stand, with her car stolen and left stranded. He tells Jax and they all rush to the hotel. After Jax and Gemma exchange words, Gemma says to Padilla, “That is why I called you. I don’t need this.” He then pulls Jax to the side and explains that in times like these, Gemma needs family. Nero also puts in a call to the Arman’s in search for Gemma’s vehicle. Although it is obvious to Padilla, Gemma had sex with someone else. It is never mentioned or brought up within their relationship.

After the vehicle is found, Nero, Jax and the boys rush to Gemma’s car. After a pursuit, the car is stopped. The young man who stole Gemma’s car runs. Padilla and Jax begin roughing him up and removing all the items in his pockets. When the boy turns to walk away, he shouts, “Can we call this even?” Padilla raises his shades, replies, “No, it ain’t even.” Lowers his shades and walks away.


Later, Nero tracks down the guy who stole Gemma’s vehicle and he beats him severely. Making good on his promise, he then says, “Now. We call it even.” (“Toad’s Wild Ride”)


Season 6

After a school shooting committed by one of the Byz Lat’s stepsons, Nero is eventually charged with the assault. In a later episode, one of his girls is killed by Toric, who then sets the blame up for Padilla. When charged, Patterson agrees to let Nero free of the charges if he gives up the source of the gun used in the shooting. He lies and states that he was the source, and not SAMCRO. He is eventually let free when Toric is found guilty.


In a later episode, an intoxicated Juice admits to killing the mother of the child shooter, Darvany; as ordered by Jax. This infuriates him as Jax lied to him, stating it was not his call. When confronted by Nero, Jax sees Juice as a betrayer and Juice hides.


Season 7

Nero serves as a peacemaker between the Sons and the Mayans, getting back in good with Jax and Gemma despite his bitterness towards Jax for lying about not killing Darvany. When tensions begin to rise during the war between SAMCRO, the Lin Triad and Marks’ crew, Padilla decides to buy a farm for him and Lucius and invites Gemma to bring Abel and Thomas in order to get away from the bloodshed and sells his half of the Diosa ownership to Marcus Alvarez to further prepare his leave.

Nero Nero

In the episode “Suits of Woe”, Jax confesses the truth that Gemma was responsible for killing Tara when Nero refuses to help Jax find Gemma unless he knows what is going on. Padilla is left in shock at the revelation and tells Gemma that she needs to leave as he sits on the curb and cries. Later that night, he consoles Jax as he cries and wonders how Gemma could murder Tara as Padilla advises him not to kill Gemma as a child killing his own mother is a wound too deep to heal.


Nero tries to Save Gemma

In the penultimate episode of the series, Nero frantically searches for Gemma to prevent her from being killed by Jax. He sends Unser up to Gemma’s father’s house, but his plan ultimately fails when Jax kills both Unser and Gemma.

Jax confesses his murder of Gemma to Nero in the final episode. He sadly accepts the fact that Gemma is gone and promises to fulfill Jax’s request to look after Wendy, Abel and Thomas. Jax leaves paperwork for Padilla to sell his house and the garage and to give the money to Wendy. He tells him that he’s leaving and doesn’t know where he’s going, but Nero knows what Jax means.

Nero tearfully watches Jax say his final goodbye to his sons and Wendy, and is last seen driving with them to his uncle’s farm in Norco. It is assumed that he, Wendy, Thomas, and Abel along with Lucius, are living out their days peacefully on Nero’s farm.

Murders Committed by Nero

  • Lupe – Shot in the chest. (“To Thine Own Self”)
  • Renaldo – Shot in the head. (“To Thine Own Self”)
  • Arcadio Nerona – Shot in the head. (“One One Six”)
  • Unnamed renegade Niner – Shot. (“Playing with Monsters”)


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