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Personal Information

Wendy Case Teller is portrayed by Drea de Matteo. She is Jax Teller‘s ex-wife and the biological mother of Abel Teller. She intentionally became pregnant in hopes that it would keep Jax with her. In addition, she is a drug addict who used methamphetamine during her pregnancy, which nearly killed Abel. Abel was born 10 weeks premature with a hereditary heart malfunction and a hole in his stomach.

Wendy makes her debut in the series’ premiere episode, “Pilot”, in the series’ first season. Playing a recurring role through the series’ first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. The mother of Jax’s first son, Abel, she was last seen in the series’ finale episode, “Papa’s Goods.” In the series’ seventh, and final, season she is seen taking Abel and Thomas to live with her at Nero’s farm.


Little is known of Wendy and Jax’s history together, besides the fact that they were drinking buddies who had “great sex.” Gemma however pushed the idea of marriage on the two because of her desire to have grand kids. Wendy did, however, mention a three year period spent as a “Crow eater” before hooking up with Jax.

Season 1

Wendy is a recovering drug addict who used methamphetamine during her pregnancy.  After learning the cause of her grandson’s birth defects, Gemma hides a drug-filled syringe in Wendy’s Bible. She then returns it to her with instructions to commit suicide via an overdose. Gemma states she will never allow Abel to call her mommy. She also tells her that she will use her drug addiction to ensure she never has any contact with Abel.


Wendy overdoses in her hospital bed but survives, refusing to say that Gemma supplied her with the drugs. She goes to Promises rehab and spent time in a sober living facility afterwards. While there, she longed to reunite with Jax, believing that the stability of her family would assist her recovery. Gemma, desiring to destroy her son’s relationship with Tara, promised to help Wendy reunite with Jax.

After a rift between Tara and Jax and the murder of Donna Winston, Jax and Wendy reconciled and were seen making love. She was last seen at Donna’s funeral watching Tara kiss Jax.

Season 4

Wendy returns to Charming with the intention of getting to know her son. She says Abel deserves to know the truth. “Out of respect” she asks Tara’s permission first, causing Tara to have a bit of a breakdown. She visits Tara in her hospital room. Wendy reminds Tara that she is Abel’s mother and, while she may no longer have the right to raise him, she has the right to know him.

Wendy uses the argument that she is a recovered addict who turned her life around. She states that she would probably be seen as the most stable adult in Abel’s life if she should chose to pursue custody. In essence, giving Jax and Tara the ultimatum to let her see Abel or risk losing him all together. She’s gotten much more calculating, and may prove to be a force to be reckoned with in future seasons.

The Tellers Resist

She goes to Jax and Tara’s house to see Abel. Chuck Marstein answers the door and informs her that Abel is in his room. Wendy walks to Abel’s room where she is met by Gemma. She informs Gemma that she has not only been sober for two years, but has received her BA and is now a substance abuse counselor. She divulges that she is now interested in women romantically and lives with her new lover in her apartment.  Gemma agrees to let Wendy see Abel, but under her terms.

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Jax confronts his ex at her job and tells her that Abel does not know who she is, and he doesn’t want her in Abel’s life. She responds that Jax is a convicted felon, and says that if she doesn’t get to be part of Abel’s life, she will sue for custody. She later meets with Tara, who tells her that she might need to leave Charming for a job in Oregon, and wants Wendy to be in line to take care of Abel if something happens to her and Jax.

Season 5

Wendy is subsequently kidnapped by the GIRA (vengeful over the Galindo Cartel stealing their guns), in turn revealing Abel’s kidnapping from Season 3 to her. She is retrieved by Jax, but says that she will go to the police and reveal her own kidnapping, as well as Abel’s, to get him away from them.

Wendy returns to her apartment and Jax shows up.

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After she threatens Jax and Tara, Jax tells her that he will take action if she ever tries doing anything against him, or Tara. To make his point, Jax overpowers her and injects her with heroin to destroy her credibility.

It is later discovered that she and Tara are working together in Tara’s plan to leave Charming with her sons. She is shown at different meetings with Tara, Margaret and Tara’s lawyer, Lowen helping to file for divorce from Jax.

Season 6

Wendy returns to Charming again, conspiring with Tara in a plan to gain full custody of Abel and Thomas if Tara should go to prison. To do this, Tara has her feed Gemma a series of dirt and lies in order to make her agree to help Wendy get full custody. The guilt of Tara’s methods for custody eat at her, causing her to relapse back into heroin use. She is found unconscious by Nero and Unser in her apartment and is taken care of by Gemma, who helps to get her back into a rehab facility.

Season 7

Wendy returns from rehab to her apartment to find that Juice has been staying there while he has been on the lam from SAMCRO.

She helps Gemma and Unser hide Juice from the club. She also begins helping out as a sitter for Thomas and Abel.

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In the episode “Faith and Despondency”, Jax finally confesses to Abel that Wendy is his biological mother in order or “First Mommy.”

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Jax does this in order for Abel to have a mother figure in his life following Tara’s death. This leaves her grateful to Jax for telling the truth. When Nero expresses his desire to move to his uncle’s farm to Jax, Jax suggests that he bring Wendy, Abel and Thomas with him. Surprised, she agrees to go with Nero.

In the series finale, Jax tells Nero that he is “going away.”  He tells him that he is selling his house and the garage and giving the money to Wendy so she can raise his sons. He requests that Nero tell her the truth about everything. In their final meeting, Jax says his goodbyes to his sons. He tells Wendy she’s a good mom and that he loves her. She senses something is wrong. Nero promises to tell her everything later. She goes with Nero, Abel and Thomas to the farm, unaware of Jax’s imminent suicide.

Some Wendy Case Trivia

Wendy is one of only two main characters that never killed anyone during the show’s run. The other one being Half Sack Epps.

Wendy has appeared in 35 episodes of the series.

Ironically, Tara adopted Abel and treated him as if he was her own son. In turn, Wendy did the same for Tara’s son Thomas after her death.

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