Jax Teller Character Flaws that Sons of Anarchy Fans Chose To Ignore


Jax Teller Character Flaws that Sons of Anarchy Fans Chose To Ignore

Below is a list of the Jax Teller Character Flaws that Sons of Anarchy Fans Chose To Ignore, in no particular order.


His Plan To Make The Club Legit Was Never Going To Happen

Throughout the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Jax repeatedly stated that he wanted SAMCRO to go legit. Time and again he states that he knows that the transition will take time, but in the long run it will be worth it! In theory, it was an understandable hope. But in reality, we all knew, deep down that it would never really happen.

A perfect example is Diosa International, the business venture with Nero Padilla, where both he and Nero initially had good intentions. However, in the end they ended up running an illegal “entertainment house.”

Jax Was A Terrible Leader

Clay did a lot of thing that were not right, but for all Clay did wrong, in reality he was a much better leader for SAMCRO than Jax. Though some of the things Clay did made us hate him, he kept the club in line and did things in an orderly fashion.

To compare, Jax came in like a wrecking ball and took them on a rampage of destruction. This lack of planning and disorder frequently gets them caught up in serious drama which results in some serious repercussions. When Jax became president, the club’s list of enemies grew exponentially. Bonds are broken between the club and some of their oldest allies.  He puts the club in constant danger because of his poor decisions.

Jax was not Trustworthy

Jax had his own personal “code of conduct” throughout the seven seasons of the series. He could always “justify” his actions (if only in his mind), no matter how treacherous they were at times. The show always presented him as a “white knight” and made it seem as though most of the crimes he committed were “for the greater good” of this family (the Club).

However, if you reflect back on the series, most of the organizations that Jax and SAMCRO dealt with experienced mass casualties because of their affiliation. WHY would ANYONE want to “work with” Jax Teller? This is not to mention, all of the lies he told to his friends and family in the process. Jax Teller was NOT a good person, but the fans LOVED him and rooted for him until the series ended… I mean, right up till his LAST seconds… And some folks still do!

He was a Wishful-Thinker

Jax led SAMCRO based on his own ideas and beliefs based on his upbringing rather than what was practical and less likely to discord. An example of this was when he murdered Jury in front of both of their club members, as a result of his own personal vendetta.

In the begining of his time in the club, Jax had the dream to be the one to finally make SAMCRO legit. Although that was an admirable one, it could not become a reality because most of the moves that Jax made were driven by his need for vengance or revenge. Somewhere in his quest to follow his father’s advice, Jax became a monster and every member of his family (both blood family and club family) suffered as a result of his transformation.

The Sheer Number of Murders He Committed

Over the course of Sons of Anarchy’s sevens seasons, Jax Teller claimed more than 40 lives. That statistic puts him above some of the world’s most infamous serial killers in history. Jax’s motivations were often more understandable than a serial killer, but he did show that he was capable of going to extreme lengths without much forethought. I mean, he killed his own MOTHER!

Jax was a monster who was offered up to the fans as a “doomed antihero.” Granted, he was easy to look at, and easy to root for. Neither excuses the fact that he was a complete  maniac.

Jax Had Many Personal Issues

I will admit that if anyone was entitled to resent the way his life turned out, it’s Jax.  I mean he lost his father at a very young age and that clearly affected him. In fact, he decided to take his own life on the same bike, in the same location, and more or less in the same way that his father’s was taken.

Jax’s blossoming grief was the driving force in his outlook on life, and in his decision making process. A great many of those decisions were terrible and there were many lives lost as a result. Then, after Tara‘s murder, he went on a rampage in his quest for answers and revenge. Of course, he also guided his club into battle along side of him.

He had a Very Short Fuse

If there was one thing that Jax was never good at, it was keeping his temper in check! He often flew off the handle and scowled at people who crossed him. Frequently you could see his temper flaring and there was little doubt that he would eventually snap.

He never hesitated to kill his adversaries. He killed 44 of his (or the clubs) adversaries throughout the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy. This number does not even reflect those who managed to get out alive, even if it was barely alive. Next, lets add in his many daddy (or step-daddy) issues, his obsession with his Mama and his wife. This is not to say that Jax did not show great leadership qualities from time to time.  But, more often than not, he made life more difficult for the club.

Jax Was a True Mama’s Boy

It goes without saying that Gemma was one of the most wicked characters in the entirety of the series. She regularly meddled, manipulated, cheated, and lied.  However, there was never any doubt that Gemma really loved Jax, although at many times it was a twisted love and eventually left his children without a mother or father.

Made worse only by the fact that Jax always trusted her! That is until it was too late and the irreparable damage had been done. Gemma always possessive of her son and she was clearly determined never to lose her beautiful little Prince. Clearly her brutal treatment and eventual murder of Tara proved that!  Her death grip on Jax was very strong and eventually cost dearly. Her hold on him was so strong that he rarely even questioned her actions.

In The End, Nothing John Teller Told Jax Made Any Difference

John Teller’s letters were written in an attempt to share his hope that his son would steer clear of the outlaw biker life of crime. Unfortunately, despite Jax’s self proclaimed obsession with honoring his dad’s legacy in a legitimate way, he ended up facing exactly the same fate as his father, and he did so intentionally!

In the final episode of Sons of Anarchy we witnessed Jax accept that his fate was to be the same as his Father’s years before him. And so, he set out on his Father’s restored bike, where he met much the same fate as his Father, but at his own hand.

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He Consistently Chose SAMCRO over Tara

At the beginning of the series, we were told, but JAX no less, that he wanted to leave SAMCRO, be with Tara and his son (and later sons) and live life free from the crime that came along with the club. Tara was his prime opportunity to get out and make a better life for his children in the end. Every time he had an opportunity to ride off into the sunset with her and their kids, he chose SAMCRO first over her and the boys.

When Jax became the President of SAMCRO, his priorities changed. Tara continued trying to persuade him to leave Charming and SAMCRO behind and make a new life with her and the boys.  In typical Jax Teller fashion, he just kept making false promises to her. All the while getting even more deeply involved in the crime and corruption that was the club’s main business.

Jax was Repeatedly Unfaithful, Despite his Supposed Love for Tara

Jax loved Tara more than anything.  He just couldn’t give her the life she deserved. There is no doubt among most fans that he would have given his life for her without a second thought.  He just couldn’t bring himself to be faithful to her. Jax was repeatedly unfaithful to Tara. And on most of those occasions, he was totally unremorseful, even if he couldn’t admit it to himself!

In season three, he hooked up with a porn star in an attempt to push Tara away. In season six, he just couldn’t help himself and he cheated on her again. Cheating was a common occurrence with most of the other characters. But wasn’t Jax supposed to be better than them? If only in his mind…and we, the fans bought it, for a while!

He Was Consistently a Bad Friend to Opie and Did Not Deserve Opie’s Loyalty

It has been said that Opie was the most beloved character in Sons of Anarchy. Most fans will tell you that Opie’s death was the most upsetting death in all seven seasons. Opie was a good man at heart and he lost everything because of a mistake the club made. He and Jax were closer than anyone else in Charming and Opie’s death had a profound effect on Jax. It’s just a shame that it was such a negative effect.

When you take a real good look at their relationship it is hard to imagine that they were so close. Historically, they were on the opposite side of most of the Club’s issues. In addition, Opie often suspected that Jax was somehow involved in Donna’s death. All in all, Opie was loyal to the wrong person, because Jax rarely deserved his loyalty!

His Parenting Skills were Certainly Lacking

Consistently exposing your kids to a life of crime is not exactly great parenting. Jax did so much more than that. Jax failed and flat out refused to leave Charming when Tara begged him to and he had the opportunity. He could have left Charming and the Club behind and raised his family on the straight and narrow. He didn’t have to force Wendy back into her old ways and fuel her addictive demons, especially since she was stable and prepared to give Abel a better life than he had with Jax and Tara.

In addition, though Tara’s murder was not directly Jax’s fault, it could have been prevented if they gotten out of Charming and left the Club life behind them. Their children would have had an excellent mother and father to raise them. The last time we saw Abel, he was holding his dad’s SONS ring. Foreshadowing that he will most likely someday be led into the very life Jax tried to keep him away from.

He Repeatedly Mistreated Wendy

In the season five episode “Darthy”, Jax’s ex-wife Wendy, a recovering drug addict, returns to Charming. She has gotten clean and makes it known that she intends to get their son Abel back. Obviously, Jax is very unhappy about this. Next, Jax injects her with heroin, then he threatens to call the police and have them test her for drugs, which he knows would be a violation of her probation. Even though in his mind he did it to protect his family, it was a really lousy move.

It was during Jax’s dark times, like these, that we struggled to see him as anything less than a monster. Jax’s cruelty toward his former wife was one of the grimmest moments in the show’s history and showed fans just how horrible Jax could be. When you consider the outcome for Jax and Tara, maybe it would have been easier to share custody with her, since she ended up with the boys anyway.

His Once Inappropriate To Suddenly Non-Existent Relationship With His Sister

Trinity Ashby never had a big part to play in the show. One would think Jax would have paid more attention to his half-sister, since he always talked about how important FAMILY was to him. However, the only time he even seemed remotely interested in her was before he knew she was his sister and they nearly hooked up. Gemma was able to tell them they were related before they went too far.

Aside from having the same father, the two had little else in common and a relationship that was pretty much non-existent. Once SAMCRO left Ireland, Trinity was never seen and rarely even mentioned again. One would think that he would have called her once in a while, since we all know Jax is all about his family!

Jax’s Betrayal of Nero

Nero was one of the best characters in Sons of Anarchy. He was legitimately nice to Jax and everyone else in the Club for that matter.  Nero was a supportive pseudo-father figure to Jax. He didn’t have to be, but when he decided he wanted to date Gemma, he accepted her “Jax baggage” with no questions asked.

He was always willing to give advice to Jax and even invited him to join his profitable business. Nero was everything a father should be, and what did he get for it? Betrayal. Jax ordered Juice to carry out a hit after promising he wouldn’t, then lied about it later when confronted about it. Jax eventually taking out Gemma was understandable, but Nero loved her, despite her many flaws.

The Way He Handled Unser

Unser was the ideal police officer for SAMCRO in Charming because he over looked and sometimes even helped cover up their numerous crimes. He was a very good friend to Gemma, but also had a pretty good relationship with the club as well. That relationship came to an unfortunate and abrupt end when Jax eventually killed him.

Unser chose to retire from the force and really has no official power at this time, which means he is no longer all that useful to SAMCRO. He is an old man with cancer ravaging his body who is simply trying to make the most of the time he has left. Granted, he did butt into a situation that he didn’t belong in, but even so, was Jax really justified in killing him? Talk about HARSH!

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Jax’s Handling of Tara’s Stalker, Josh Kohn

Josh Kohn was Tara’s ex fiancee’ who had become completely obsessed with her. He stalked her all the way to Charming. It was there that he began to hassle her and Jax. Unfortunately for Josh, he took things too far when he broke into her house and attacked her. Tara shoot him in self-defense, but she just didn’t have the heart to couldn’t finish the job. Then, Jax appears to finish him off.  What is very off-putting and quite a bit morbid about this is what happened next!

For whatever reason, Josh’s murder put Jax and Tara in a “romantic mood” and they had sex right there as Josh laid on the floor bleeding out. Just the thought of such an act as a response to this murder made my skin crawl. Definately twisted in this writer’s opinion!

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