Mark Boone Junior


Mark Boone Junior

Mark Boone Junior was born Mark Heidrich on March 17, 1955. Boone is an American actor, best known for his roles as Bobby Munson in FX’s Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014) and in Christopher Nolan’s Memento (2000) and Batman Begins (2005).


Early life and education

Boone was born Mark Heidrich in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Ginny, a retired teacher, and Bob Heidrich, a former construction consultant. He grew up on Chicago’s North Shore and attended the University of Vermont and played on the school’s men’s soccer team.

He moved to New York after college in 1983, where he started his career performing stand-up comedy with long-time friend Steve Buscemi.  Hre is a look at one of his early comedy shows, live from the East Village performance space Gusto House: Steve Buscemi (“Fargo”, “Boardwalk Empire”) and Mark Boone Junior (“Sons of Anarchy”) perform one of their classic routines in 1988. Recorded at the height of their popularity, and before widespread fame and Hollywood took all their attention, this rare video demonstrates their superb talent and acting chops.

His stage name surname, Boone, is also his nickname; he chose it from a New York City war memorial.



Boone frequently portrays a corrupt policeman or other authority figure, such as Seven (as a greasy FBI agent)


and as corrupt Detective Flass in Batman Begins.  Mark has performed in over 70 movies, including 2 Fast 2 Furious,


Get Carter, The General’s Daughter, The Thin Red Line, and Die Hard 2.


He has made guest appearances on TV in Law & Order, Seinfeld,


Curb Your Enthusiasm, and several other shows. He played a small role in Armageddon and in an episode of the HBO prison drama series Oz.  In 1984 he acted in The Way It Is (1985) by Eric Mitchell, which included actors Steve Buscemi and Rockets Redglare. He has appeared in some of Buscemi’s directorial work, including Trees Lounge and as “Evil” in Lonesome Jim. (Buscemi was also in Armageddon.)

Mark Mark Mark

Boone was a regular cast member on the TV drama series Sons of Anarchy, playing Bobby “Elvis” Munson.


In an episode of the TV series Quantum Leap, he plays a biker named Maddog, similar to his character many years later in Sons of Anarchy. In 2010, he played the role of Vincent Dooly’s father in The Mother of Invention.

He has appeared in two Christopher Nolan films, Memento, as Burt, the front desk manager at the Discount Inn, and Batman Begins, as Detective Flass, James Gordon’s crooked partner.


Can’t Help Falling In Love – Mark Boone Junior & The Forest Rangers – Chateau Nightclub

Charity Affiliations

In addition to acting and developing other projects, Mark Boone Junior is involved with the men and women of the military, along with fellow Sons of Anarchy co-actors Theo Rossi, Kim Coates, Dayton Callie and Ron Perlman.  The Boot Campaign works with multiple organizations to help raise money for wounded soldiers and those returning with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Throughout the off-season, Boone has traveled to different bases to visit US military personnel.  He has also participated in the annual Boot Ride event benefiting the Boot Campaign, giving fans a chance to spend a day riding with the Sons of Anarchy cast while raising money for U.S. military veterans.


Boone won a Dahlonega International Film Festival Award for Feature Film: Best Supporting Actor for Greasewood Flat in 2003.



Year       Title       Role       Notes


  • 1983      Variety  Porn Customer/Business Manager
  •              Born in Flames   Man on subway Credited as Mark Heidrich
  • 1986      The Visit
  •              The Way It Is
  • 1988      Landlord Blues                George
  • 1989      Prisoners of Inertia          Weed
  •              New York Stories              Hanks
  •              The Equalizer                   Hall        TV series
  •              Slaves of New York          Mitch
  •              Borders                           Bob
  •              Cookie                            Policeman
  •              Last Exit to Brooklyn        Willie


  • 1990      In the Spirit                     Policeman #3
  •              Force of Circumstance
  •              Die Hard 2                      Shockley
  •              Law & Order                   Garage Manager              TV series
  •              Quantum Leap                Biker      TV series
  • 1991      Fever                             Leonard               Straight-to-TV
  •              Delirious              Cable Man
  •              In the Heat of the Night           Barney Meacham             TV series
  •              The Wonder Years           Repairman
  • 1992      The Paint Job     Tom
  •              What Happened to Pete               Pete
  •              Seinfeld                OTB Patron         TV series
  •              Sketch Artist       Sturges
  •              Of Mice and Men             Bus Driver
  • 1993      Daybreak                     Quarantine Guard            Straight-to-TV
  •              Bakersfield P.D.             Ed           TV series
  •              Geronimo: An American Legend           Afraid Miner
  • 1994      Hoggs’ Heaven   Carl        Straight-to-TV
  • 1995      The Quick and the Dead Scars
  •              Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge      Redneck           Straight-to-TV
  •              Last of the Dogmen         Tattoo
  •              Seven    Greasy FBI Man
  • 1996      Trees Lounge     Mike      Also in Special Thanks
  •               Wrote and performed the song “Run the Red Light Baby”
  •               The Beatnicks     Taxi Driver
  • 1997      Hack      Ed
  •              Rosewood           Poly
  •              The Game           Shady Private Investigator
  •              Cold Around the Heart   Angry Man
  •              Hugo Pool           Pool Supply Man
  • 1998      Montana             Stykes
  •              Vampires             Catlin
  •              Armageddon       New York Guy    Uncredited
  •              I Woke Up Early the Day I Died    Cop #3
  •              The Treat            Bruce
  •              October 22         Bob
  •              I Still Know What You Did Last Summer   Pawn Shop Owner
  •              The Thin Red Line            Pvt. Peale
  • 1999      Smut
  •              Spanish Judges  Piece
  •              The Wetonkawa Flash    Harley Henson
  •              The General’s Daughter  Dalbert Elkins
  •              Buddy Boy          Vic
  •              A.T.F.     Jake Neill             Straight-to-TV


  • 2000      The Beat Nicks   Nick Beat
  •              Animal Factory  Paul Adams
  •              Everything Put Together               Bill
  •              Memento            Burt
  •              Get Carter           Jim Davis
  •              The Gold Cup     Max
  • 2001      Ordinary Madness           Leo
  •              Proximity             Eric Hawthorne
  •              Curb Your Enthusiasm     Homeless Man   TV series
  • 2002      Long Time No See            Mr. Walters
  •              The Real Deal     Cameron LaFoya
  • 2003      Shade    Leipzig
  •              2 Fast 2 Furious Detective Whitworth
  •              Greasewood Flat              Fred
  •              Wild Turkey
  •              Beautiful              Hank
  • 2004      Full Clip Sheriff Wallace
  •              Sawtooth            Clench
  •              The Grey              Jake Cantrell       Also producer and writer
  •              Jam        Ralph
  •              Dead Birds          Joseph
  •              Frankenfish         Joseph
  • 2005      Venice Underground       Wexler Reed
  •              Lonesome Jim    Evil
  •              Carnivàle             Alvin      TV series
  •              The Nickel Children          The Driver
  •              Batman Begins   Detective Flass
  • 2006      The Legend of Lucy Keyes             Jonas Dodd
  •              Wristcutters: A Love Story            Mike
  •              Unknown             Bearded Man
  •              One Night With You        Jake Tarlow
  • 2007      If I Had Known I Was a Genius     Engine Man
  •              30 Days of Night               Beau Brower
  • 2008      Vice       Bugsby
  •              Frozen River       Jacques Bruno
  •              In Plain Sight      Neil “Spanky” Carson      TV series
  •              A Perfect Place  Tom
  •              California Indian               Jonathan Jensen
  • 2008–2014          Sons of Anarchy Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson      TV series
  • 2009      The Donner Party             Franklin Graves
  •              Spooner               George
  •              Pinned
  •              Halloween II       Floyd


  • 2010      The Mother of Invention               Bill Dooly
  •              Happiness Runs Victor’s Father
  • 2011      Missing Pieces   David Lindale
  •              Pete Smalls Is Dead         Jack
  • 2012      Tron: Uprising    Kobol     1 episode
  • 2013      Look at Me         Randy
  • 2014      Law & Order: Special Victims Unit             Roger Pierson
  •              Life of Crime       Richard
  •              Helicopter Mom               Max
  •              Hell’s Kitchen     Himself Reality series; VIP chef’s table guest for Jason                         Zepaltas’ kitchen in the Season 12 finale.
  • 2016      The Birth of a Nation      Rev. Walthall
  •               American Romance         Hank
  •               Flaked   Jerry      TV series
  • 2016–2017          The Last Man on Earth   Patrick “Pat” Brown        4 episodes
  • 2017      Patriot   Rob Saperstein   Amazon TV Series
  •              American Satan Elias

Video games

Year        Title       Role       Notes

  • 2005      Batman Begins   Detective Flass  Voice

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