Clarence “Clay” Morrow portrayed by Ron Perlman


Clarence “Clay” Morrow

Clarence “Clay” Morrow is a fictional character in the FX television series Sons of Anarchy. He is played by Ron Perlman.

Offices Held

Clay is the former International President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. He is also something of a vigilante. Clay does everything in his power to ensure that drug dealers and rapists stay out of his town. However, during season 4, Morrow involves the club in a number of drug dealings with the cartel. He does so for his own protection and greed, wavering in his allegiance. Clay gradually reveals himself to be one of the story’s antagonists. He has a number of tattoos, most notably a Grim Reaper on his upper right arm and a Paratrooper tattoo on his upper left. He also has the words “Death From Above” indicating that he served as a paratrooper in a military unit.


On his kutte, he wears patches reading “President”, “First 9”, “Men of Mayhem” and “Unholy Ones”. He also wears a golden pin of the same symbol on his kutte. This symbol is often confused with the US Army Parachutist badge. The Paratrooper symbol that Clay wears is an unofficial symbol. The symbol is said indicate combat service as a paratrooper. The symbol consists of a skull with wings coming from the bottom curving up to meet the top of the skull.


Morrow, of Irish descent, was born in 1949 but is not a native of Charming, California. He is one of the original “First 9” members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. The Club was formed in 1967. However, he was not a founding member. Of the first nine, he was the youngest and one of only three who were not war veterans. He later went on to serve in the military, joining the US Army as an Airborne qualified Infantryman in 1969. Clay was deployed to Vietnam until 1972. This is commemorated by a tattoo on his left arm and the paratrooper pin on his vest.

When he returned from service, he remained a member of the club. He and John Teller opened the Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair shop. John Teller was the club President and his best friend. Whilst serving as the Vice President during the early 1990s, he was responsible for a number of murders during the SAMCRO-Mayan War. During that “war” he murdered Lowell Harland, Sr., a mechanic at the auto shop who became an ATF informant.

Life after Vietnam

In 1993, he became the President of the club’s Mother Charter after the death of John Teller. He went on to marry John Teller’s widow Gemma Teller Morrow in the mid-1990s. He then made their son, Jax Teller, Vice-President. Under Morrow, SAMCRO has become more of a criminal enterprise than before, much to Jax’s disillusionment.

On his colors he wears patches reading “First 9” and “President”. He suffers from osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) in his hands, which is slowly worsening as the series progresses. He makes several attempts to hide it from his brothers to protect his position as President. A rule among members of SAMCRO prevents members from leading if they can’t hold the grip of their motorcycle and ride effectively.

Season 1

The Sons find their weapon storage warehouse being burned down. The SOA rush to the scene, where local police officers are already investigating. Sheriff Vic Trammel tells Clay that the blaze was caused by propane tanks inside the building blowing up. He says that he suspects arson due to the bootprints discovered inside. Trammel then shows Clay the burned corpses of people found beneath the building, who were illegal immigrants.

Trammel then shows Clay the burned corpses of the people hidden beneath the building, who were illegal immigrants. It is later revealed that they were Mexican prostitutes “owned” by the club’s Sergeant-at-Arms, Tig Trager.

One-Niner Meeting

Clay then goes to meet Laroy, the leader of the One-Niners, in the East Bay. He is due to sell guns to the gang, but they were destroyed. Now, Clay must explain what happened at the warehouse. Laroy needs the guns to protect their heroin trade from another motorcycle club, the Mayans. He eventually lets Clay have some more time to get more guns together for him. The Sons of Anarchy then work out that it was the Mayans who stole the guns and destroyed the storage warehouse. They decide to get some payback. Juice Ortiz, the club’s intelligence officer, finds out where the Mayans stored the guns. Clay, Tig, Jax and Chibs Telford all head out to San Leandro to retrieve them.


When they arrive at the industrial storage warehouse and find the guns, three Mayans turn up in a car outside. Clay and Tig then shoot and kill the Mayans. Jax is shot by another man, who has a number of Nazi and White supremacist tattoos. He was a member of the Nordics, a local skinhead gang who are allied with the Mayans. It later emerges that his name is Whistler. Jax turns around and shoots Whistler twice, killing him. They escape with the weapons and destroy the building using explosives.

Enter David Hale – Friend or Foe?

Wayne Unser, the Chief of the Charming Police Department, has always gotten on well with the Sons of Anarchy during his time in charge. He and has even employed them as muscle, at times. However, he is dying from cancer and will retire at the end of the month. Unser will hand power over to his Deputy, David Hale. Hale is overtly suspicious of the SOA and will almost definitely begin an investigation into the club. To warn Unser to keep Hale off their case, Clay, Bobby and Opie hijack a shipment they are supposed to protect, and threaten to hijack more. As a goodwill gesture, they give the contents of the truck to the local Italian American Mafia, as their gun delivery is late.

Tig tells Clay that he has been having sex with both of the women found at the warehouse. He also informs Clay that his DNA is in the police database. Clay orders Tig and Bobby to get rid of the bodies. The pair then retrieve the corpses from the police site and burn them in a furnace. Of course, Hale is enraged when he discovers that the bodies are missing. Hale threatens Clay that he will close the SOA down for good.

Oswald enters

Local businessman Elliot Oswald goes to Clay after his 13-year-old daughter is raped at a carnival. Oswald asks the Sons of Anarchy to hunt down the rapist and kill him, in exchange for money. Clay refuses the money insisting that Oswald carry out the punishment himself when the rapist is found.

Juice and Gemma discover that the rapist is one of the carnies. The gang capture him and bring him to Oswald. He tries to castrate him but cannot bring himself to do it. Morrow then carries the punishment out, but wears gloves while doing it. He then frames Oswald for the crime, as only Oswald’s fingerprints are on the knife. Clay does this because Oswald was about to sell off much of the land around Charming to big business and housing. That action would challenge the SOA’s reign over the town. Jax is unhappy that Clay did not tell him of the plan telling his step father to always inform him of his future motives.

ATF Shows up

When an ATF agent arrives in Charming and begins investigating the club, Clay decides that they should move their weapons. He explains that Indian Hills, Nevada, where their brother club the Devil’s Tribe, is based would be the best choice. He sends Bobby and Jax to inform the Devil’s Tribe that the SOA will be patching over them. Clay sends Tig and Juice to steal a truck to transport the guns in.

Clay then travels to Indian Hills to perform the patch-over ceremony and brings a number of SOA Washington members as protection. He does this in case the Mayans retaliate for an earlier conflict involving Jax, Bobby and five Mayans. At the patch-over party, he has sex with Cherry, a woman whom Half-Sack likes. Morrow does this to get revenge for Half-Sack previously calling Gemma a MILF. The Mayans eventually retaliate, by attacking the Devil’s Tribe clubhouse, and a shootout ensues.


Otto Delaney and a number of other imprisoned SAMCRO members have been protecting Chuck in Stockton prison. Chucky is wanted by the Triads because he stole money from them and informed on a number of their members when he was arrested. When Clay and Jax visit Otto in prison. Otto tells them that if they protect Chucky when he is released, he will inform them where the money that he has skimmed from the Asian Triads gang is located.  They agree and pick him up from prison and bring him to the clubhouse.

SAMCRO intends to wait until the restaurant where the money is stored closes before raiding it. However, Chucky’s frequent unconscious masturbating is unbearable for them and they decide to raid the restaurant right away. Just as they steal the money and some counterfeiting plates, the Triads show up. Instead of starting a war, Clay decides to make a deal. SAMCRO hands over Chucky and the plates for $60,000 from the Triads as the skim money is all counterfeit.

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Disowning Hobart

Meanwhile, Kyle Hobart, a disgraced former SAMCRO member, goes to Jax and asks him if the Sons want in on his deal selling stolen car parts. Jax accepts and invites him to the clubhouse that night. This was a setup, however, to punish him for not having his SOA tattoo removed after being disowned by the club. At the clubhouse, they tie him up and Tig uses a blowtorch to burn off the tattoo.

Clubhouse Raid!

Jax and Piney sell five AK-47s to Nate Meineke and his right-wing state militia. They then use these guns to ambush a prison convoy and free one of their members, Frank Cison. Three police officers are killed during the assault. Meineke drops his cell phone at the scene, and his last calls have been to Morrow. When the ATF finds the phone, they arrest Clay and raid the clubhouse. He is later released because no evidence is found, meaning he can no longer be kept in custody. Meanwhile, Jax, Piney and Opie Winston decide to kill Meineke and his gang to keep them from snitching if they are apprehended by the authorities. They pretend to sell them more weapons. The “boxes of guns” are actually filled with explosives, however, and the militia load their trucks with them. All of the militia are killed when the bombs are detonated.

Skeletons Unearthed

Workmen working for the Water and Power Board near the highway dig up three skeletons, two of which were Mayans killed in the war of 1992. The other was Lowell Harland, Sr., a mechanic at Teller-Morrow. He was killed for being a “junkie rat”. To stop the bodies from being identified, Clay, Jax and Tig break into the local morgue, prepared to steal the bones. However, the corpses have already been identified. When he tells Lowell, Jr. about his father’s death, Lowell runs away. Morrow tracks him down and eventually brings him back to town.

Clay is almost killed when the Mayans attempt to shoot him while at a deal with Cameron Hayes of the True IRA at a bar. The two Mayan soldiers are gunned down by Tig and the shotgun-toting barman. Clay then calls in the SOA State Presidents and Vice-Presidents from Washington, Utah and Nevada, in an attempt to wipe out the Mayans. After the shooting, he questions Jax’s commitment to the club and Jax’s willingness to kill.

Alvarez Makes a Deal

Clay is taken to the local police station for questioning about the recent shootings, by Wayne Unser. Ernest Darby is also being held there, and Clay tells Unser to bring Álvarez in. He explains that if the three gang leaders to hold a meeting they may be able to prevent further bloodshed. Clay meets with Darby first, and tells him not to retaliate because it would start a war on the streets of Charming. He then meets with Álvarez and the pair make a deal. The SOA will begin selling guns to the Mayans, and all Mayan-SOA disputes over turf, businesses, and the sort end in the SOA’s favor. Álvarez also gives SAMCRO permission to kill his son Esai, as revenge for the attempted hit on Clay.


After the clubhouse is raided and Bobby is arrested for the murder of Brenan Hefner, Clay and Tig suspect Opie of being the witness who identified him. It was another person, however. When Opie turns up at the clubhouse, Tig checks his car for bugs and finds a microphone. He also finds a recording device in Opie’s mobile phone. Both were planted by the ATF without Opie’s knowledge. Clay and Tig then decide to kill him.

Clay and Tig again meet with One-Niners’ leader Laroy, and they discuss taking out the Mayans. They agree that SAMCRO will meet the Mayans for an arms deal and when they leave the Niners would kill the Mayans and take the guns as payment. However, when Clay, Tig, Opie and Jax meet Álvarez and his crew at a warehouse in Oakland, the Niners try to take out the Mayans and SOA. The group escapes, but a number of Mayans and Niners are killed in the shootout.

Tig Tries to Kill Opie

Tig attempts to kill Opie during the havoc, but finds himself unable to do so. Later on at Jax’s son Abel’s homecoming party, Tig follows Opie’s car home and shoot the driver dead. However, the driver is Opie’s wife, Donna, who has switched vehicles with Opie. Just after Tig leaves to kill Opie, Clay is approached by Wayne Unser and told that Opie is, in fact, not an informant and that the ATF has set him up. Clay tries to phone Tig to tell him, but Tig is not carrying his phone.

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Opie’s Warrant

Rosen, the club’s lawyer, meets with Clay and tells him that the ATF has put a warrant out for Opie’s arrest. He believe Opie will most likely get convicted of Hefner’s murder because of the witness. Clay, Tig and Juice then meet with Vic Trammel and offer him money to reveal the location of the witness. Trammell does not know, however, so they go to Elliot Oswald. They blackmail him with the knife that he used to kill the rapist earlier in the season, to get his friends in the US Attorney’s office to reveal the witness’ location.

Clay then sends Chibs, Happy and Tig to kill the witness, who is at a safe house in San Joaquin. Jax goes to the safe house and stops the trio from killing the witness. He threatens her into leaving the state. At Church, Jax confronts Clay and asks if he killed Donna. Clay denies this. Season One ends at Donna’s funeral, which is attended by Sons of Anarchy from all over the country. There, Jax and Clay stare at each other and it is plain to see that the club is coming apart from inside.

Season 2

In the first episode of Season Two we see that Clay is still struggling with remorse for what he did to Donna. He is going head to head with Jax over her death. We see him giving Opie a fake story of how a Mayan MC member killed Donna. Clay also throws a welcome back party for Bobby. When Ethan Zobelle and the L.O.A.N. start threatening members of SAMCRO, Clay is all for immediate retaliation. However, he is at odds with Jax, who feels the club may be walking into a trap.

He learns of his wife Gemma’s rape at the hands of L.O.A.N. and settles his differences with Jax, so the two can work together to get revenge. Clay is now shown to be more in tune with Jax’s method of operation, opting to do more recon work before entering potentially lethal situations.

Season Finale

In the season two finale, Clay neglects to inform Marcus Alvarez that Ethan Zobelle is an F.B.I. informant, knowing the Mayan leader would kill Zobelle himself, forfeiting Clay’s opportunity to do the deed. Later in the episode, the Sons ambush the Mayan convoy containing Zobelle and Clay spares Alvarez’s life. Clay and the others corner Zobelle in a deli, but decide to abandon the scene after learning of his grandson’s kidnapping. He is last seen consoling his distraught stepson Jax, whose son Abel (Clay’s grandson) has been kidnapped by IRA gun dealer Cameron Hayes.

Season 3

In the first episodes we see that Clay is still saddened by the loss of Abel, and is willing to help Jax at all costs. Also, his arthritis continues to worsen. As shown in the episode “Home”, it got so bad that Jax had to tie Clay’s hands to the handlebars. In the episode “Turas”, when SAMCRO are nearly killed by a bomb hidden in a gun shipment put there by the SAMBEL Sergeant-at-Arms, Jax has a shell shocked vision of his biological father speaking to him but it turns out to actually be Clay.

In the episode “Firinne”, Clay kills McGee, member of the First 9 and President of the Belfast Chapter, for his treachery against the club by pushing him off a roof after taking his cut. He later burns the cut after expressing remorse for the killing.

Another Season gone

In the Season 3 finale, when Clay learns of Jax’s betrayal, he appears enraged and says “Jax will die”. In the end, it is revealed that he knew of Jax’s deal with Stahl and that it was part of a plan to execute Jimmy O. and Stahl. When the plan is done, Clay and the others share a laugh, much to the confusion of the ATF agents. Also in the end of the episode, as Tara is reading the letters John Teller wrote to Maureen Ashby, Teller says he fears that Clay and Gemma will kill him because of his betraying Gemma by having an affair and attempting to alter the clubs focus on criminal activity, leading to much speculation that Clay and Gemma might have killed John Teller.

Season 4

Clay is seen as one of the many SAMCRO members released from prison. He later escapes their sheriff tail and accompanies Jax and Opie’s meeting with the Russians, where he settles their differences and forms a partnership with them.


He attends Opie’s wedding and goes to test a new gun given to them by Putlova. As he’s firing the gun he turns and shoots Putlova’s bodyguards and Jax stabs Putlova to death as revenge for trying to kill him in prison.

Clay’s Medical Woes

He also tells Gemma that his arthritis has gotten worse and that he has only 1 or 2 years left before he has to step down as President of SAMCRO. Also, while in prison, he set up a deal to run cocaine for the Gallindo Cartel, but this does not sit well with the other members of the club, as SOA avoids drugs. When the club goes to Arizona and meets the Tucson charter, SAMTAZ, he demands that the charter stop dealing meth. This request is denied, as selling generates too much money for the club to give up. Otto wants Luann’s murderer dead, and the issue is raised in the chapel.

Piney Threatens Clay

Clay is then confronted by Piney, who threatens that if Clay does not kill the cocaine deal with the Gallindo Cartel, Piney will distribute letters to the club about John Teller’s murder to the other members. Later, he discusses the threat with Gemma, revealing that he did kill Teller. Then, Clay meets Unser and obtains the letters from him, unaware that Gemma has the same plan. After Unser gets a copy of the letters, he confronts Clay. Clay replies he does not regret doing what he did because it protected the Club and Charming.

Charming Heights

When he visits a tied Georgie Caruso, he claims that he has connections with millionaire Japanese families. Clay immediately sees an opportunity to make Jacob Hale believe he has investors in time. His idea is that he will have the investors pull out at the last minute, which will put an end to Charming Heights. After retrieving the last brick of cocaine that Juice had stolen, framing Miles for it, Clay asks Romeo for help killing Tara, to keep the secret of the letters hidden.

Clay Kills Piney

Clay comes to Piney’s cabin in the night. After discussing trust issues and differences in the cabin, Clay leaves, only to break down the door, knocking Piney off his feet. Piney begs Clay not to get Tara involved in the letters from JT. Clay shoots Piney in the chest with a shotgun, killing him. This makes Piney the 3rd member of the First 9, and the 2nd and final co-founding member of the Sons of Anarchy to be killed at the hands of Clay. Clay leaves the markings of the cartel to implicate them for the murder.

Contract to Kill Tara

Given the club’s difficult circumstances, Clay calls the Irish Kings for a meeting to set a new deal that lets them survive the war against Lobo Sonora. He later learns that the One Niners have been dealing with the Sonora and the Sons plan an attack using the Niners to lure them. This fails, however, as Sonora’s men were equipped with grenade launchers. Luis, Romero’s right-hand man, gives Clay a cell phone with his contact to kill Tara.

Jax confronts Clay when he hears from Bobby that Clay wanted Bobby, instead of Opie, as president as was the deal. Clay says it is Tara’s fault that Jax changed, but Jax warns him to never insult her like that again. Gemma tells Clay that Tara will not reveal the letters to Jax for fear that Jax will get deeper into the club out of guilt.

Clay Makes a Promise

Clay promises to Gemma he won’t hurt Tara, however he uses the cell phone Luis gave him, and the next morning pays the contact 25,000 dollars for the murder. After finding out that Jax and the babies are with her, Clay desperately tries to stop the hit, but is unsuccessful and Tara has her hand broken by a car door while struggling to escape. Clay meets Romeo and gets a refund, with Romeo taking the matter into his hands personally, and Clay reluctantly agrees that Tara is best dead.

Gemma Confronts Clay

Gemma confronts Clay about the hit and a violent fight ensues between the two, including Gemma shooting at Clay (deliberately missing) and getting in a powerful punch and a kick against Clay, with Clay getting injured.

Clay gets the upper hand and severely beats Gemma’s face. That night he decides to sleep in the clubhouse.

Opie later finds out that Clay was behind the death of Piney and seeks revenge, ending up shooting Clay in the torso twice. Clay survives the shooting but is shown to be in intensive care.

Gemma Hands Over John’s Letters

Later in the episode Gemma gave Jax his father’s letters to Maureen Ashby. After reading the letters, and realizing Clay is responsible for the death of John Teller, Jax vows to kill Clay. Jax puts a knife up to Clay’s throat and makes him step down as President and orders him to never go near his family again. Although Clay tries to explain his reasons, Jax refuses to listen and takes his President patch, thus ending Clay’s reign as President of SAMCRO.

Season 5

Clay is shown to have been discharged from the hospital, but requires an oxygen tank due to his lung injury. He is shown trying to make amends with Gemma, but she coldly brushes him off. He later reveals to the club he murdered Piney, but states that Piney was drunk and tried to kill him first and Opie found out and is the one who shot him. The club’s rules (due to him having killed a member) means they must vote on kicking him out. When Jax questions his motives for telling the club, he denies any. His arthritis is shown to have reached the point to where he can’t ride his bike at all.

Clay Goes to Opie

Clay later goes to his and Gemma’s burglarized house and expresses concern over his safe being stolen. He then goes and visits Opie and convinces him not to walk away from the club because of him, seeing as though he’s “half dead already”. Later, he finds out where Gemma has been going from Juice and goes to the brothel and confronts Nero, the owner and Gemma’s new suitor. He then “seeks comfort” with a young prostitute to anger Gemma. Gemma then attacks the girl causing her to leave. When Nero’s operation is later shut down, and he and Gemma are arrested, it’s likely Morrow was behind it.

Clay Feigns Illness

The next episode “Small World” shows Clay having recovered to the point of no longer needing his oxygen tank, though he continues to wear it (either for sympathy or to keep people off-guard). He later helps Gemma take care of a dead body (Nero’s half-sister) and the two seem to be on better terms. At the end of the episode, he confronts the three Nomads responsible for the Charming burglaries and the death of Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife. He punches one in the face exclaiming “You weren’t supposed to kill her!” This shows Morrow to have been pulling the strings behind the home invasions.

Toads Wild Ride

The next episode “Toad’s Wild Ride” reveals the Nomads, (Go-Go, Greg and Frankie) made a deal with Morrow to help him get back at the head of the table in exchange for a cut of Clay’s share of the guns and cocaine money. The break-ins were Clay’s way of turning Charming against Jax. When Unser (who has been investigating the break-ins) comes close to discovering the truth, Go-Go and Greg meet with him to discuss killing him, while Frankie goes underground. Clay meets with Unser in his trailer talking about the trust and friendship between them. When Go-Go and Greg break in the door, Unser shoots Go-Go with a double-barreled shotgun and Morrow betrays them, shooting Greg in the head with his pistol. When Juice (who saw Go-Go and Greg going to Unser’s trailer) asks Clay what is happening, Clay denies involvement.

Jax and the rest of the club find out about their attack on Unser and Jax privately accuses Clay of using the Nomads to undermine his leadership. He states that Pope is the one who hired the Nomads, Jax claims they’ll find Frankie and learn the truth.

Gemma’s Accident Aftermath

In “Ablation” Clay visits Gemma, Abel, and Thomas in the hospital after a marijuana-induced car crash. He tells Jax that a truck ran her off the road to protect her. When Jax learns about the lie, he tells Clay he understands why he lied and that Gemma is dead to his family, and he wants him to take care of her.

Frankie is Discovered

“Andare Pascare” shows the club discovering that Frankie is hiding with a Mafia family, paying them with money stolen from Nero. They take a unanimous vote to kill him after extracting the information they need. When Clay learns from Jimmy Cacuzza the location of a Mafia safehouse where Frankie is hiding, Clay and Juice go there to kill him to keep him from outing Morrow (Juice acting under the pretense of scouting it out). When Frankie barricades himself in the house and shoots at the two, Clay drives the van into the gas tank outside, blowing up the house. Just as Morrow is about to kill Frankie, Jax and the others show up, having seen the explosion.

Frankie is Eliminated

However Frankie is quickly gunned down by the enraged Mafia Don for killing one of his men before he can tell them anything. Bobby later asks him if there’s anything he wants to tell him (implying he also knows about his dealings with the Nomads). When Clay claims his conscience is clear, Bobby states “I hope you’re as smart as you think you are, cause I’m sicking of burning friends”. The episode ends with Gemma coming to help him with his cortisone shots.

The next episode “Crucifixed” shows Clay negotiating with Romeo and Luis for protection as once the RICO case is gone, he will no longer need Clay and will most likely kill him. Romeo suggests getting rid of Jax and putting him back at the head of the table. Clay disagrees to taking the deal, Romeo states “Yes you will.” Later, he and Gemma draw closer at his place, where Gemma insists they return home. They are last seen sitting on their bed talking, where Clay confesses he can’t bear losing her again. Gemma kisses him passionately and they sink onto the bed.

Clay’s RICO Deal Ends

The next episode “To Thine Own Self” shows Clay learning of Otto’s murder of a nurse, ending the RICO case. He is shown, for unknown reasons, trying to save Jax from Romeo and warns him to work with the cartel long enough to make the Club legitimate and leave. He refuses stating “I’m done bowing down to greedy men who have nothing to believe in”.

When Jax reveals a new deal to the Club, which would allow the Mayans and Triads to take over muling the cocaine and selling big guns, respectively, Morrow votes yes along with everyone else. He is later shown moving legal documents given to him by the Nomads to another location, to protect himself from the Club finding this important evidence of his betrayal. The end of the episode shows Bobby going to he and Gemma’s house to talk to him about “trying to keep you alive.”

A Visit from Mr. Mayhem

It’s revealed in “Darthy” that Bobby convinced Morrow to confess his role in the Nomad attacks in exchange for vetoing his death: club-sanctioned assassinations (known as “A Visit from Mr. Mayhem”) require a unanimous vote. He also meets with Gaylen, tells him he plans on starting his own crew to run any guns SAMCRO doesn’t pick up, and asks for a plane to Belfast to wait out any immediate danger. He also gives Juice a gun that he values for all he has done for him. At the end of the episode, Morrow has been voted out of the club after revealing everything. After Jax beats his step father in frustration for not being allowed to kill him, Happy removes the former Club President’s SAMCRO tattoos on his back and arm by smudging them over with a needle and black tattoo ink as the rest of the club looks on.

Double Crossed!

He is shown to be ready to leave in the season finale. Then Roosevelt and several policemen state they found his gun (the same one he gave Juice) at a crime scene. It is discovered to be the murder weapon that killed Damon Pope and three of his men. Morrow asks Gemma to vouch for him and she states that he was gone with the gun and she didn’t know he was going to kill anyone. He is arrested and is last seen in a prison transport van with two black men. Meanwhile, Jax has convinced Pope’s lieutenants that he was Pope’s killer. Pope had left a standing order in the event of his death that they offer a $5 million reward for Morrow’s murder.

Season 6

At the beginning of the season, Clay is being held in protective custody after his arrest for Damon Pope’s murder. Clay is visited by retired US Marshall Lee Toric. Toric is the brother of the nurse Otto murdered. Toric had sworn revenge against the motorcycle club. He tells Clay he can only remain in protective custody if he cooperates in building a case against SAMCRO. Clay initially refuses and is transferred back to general population. There, Clay realizes that he is certain to be murdered in retaliation for two deaths he didn’t approve and had nothing to do with. He then agrees to help Toric and is returned to protective custody.

Clay and Toric’s “Deal”

Later, Clay demands a sit-down with Gemma and Jax before he signs the deal. He meets with Gemma and seems apologetic, though Gemma suspects he has ulterior motives. Then, Clay meets Jax and states that he will give Toric nothing and that he is sorry. As a result,  he is shipped to Stockton where he is attacked by three black men. They spare him and offer him a shank. He later uses it to kill a member of a Neo-Nazi group and gets protection from the black gang. He is visited once more by Toric, who shows him the brutalized Otto. Clay slips Otto a shank and leaves. Despite threats that he will meet the same fate, Clay refuses to sign. Toric is later killed by Otto with the shank Clay gave him. Otto is killed by the guards in response.


Conjugal Visit

Following the fallout between Jax and the IRA, Clay is contacted by Galen O’Shea. Galen offers him an opportunity to continue as the main weapon distributor for the IRA in Northern California. The IRA will arrange to have him escape from the prison transport on the way to his hearing. Upon his escape, he is to go to Belfast and build his own new crew. Clay requests a conjugal visit with Gemma, so that he can have her relate this information to Jax. He pays off two guards to allow him to chat with Gemma. Wen the visit is over, the guards demand to watch Clay and Gemma have sex while they masturbate. They threaten to have Clay killed and Gemma grudgingly agrees to do it. Afterwards Clay vows to kill the two guards, but Gemma tells him that SAMCRO needs him alive.


Meets Mr. Mayhem

When Clay’s transport date is moved up, Galen enlists SAMCRO to assist in attacking his transport truck to free him; Bobby is shot during the attack and Juice kills a guard. After meeting up with the Irish, Jax kills Galen and his men. He explains the situation, stating the Club took a unanimous vote how to handle the situation. Clay, accepting of his fate, stands ready. Jax then executes him by shooting him in the neck and five times in the chest. Jax arranges the bodies to look like his step father had a falling out with the Irish and they killed eachother. This allows him to finally get revenge against Clay as well as Galen.


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