Emily Tosta: Letitia Cruz


Emily Tosta portrays Letitia Cruz on Mayans MC

Emily Tosta


Emilia Gabriela Attias Tosta (known as Emily Tosta) was born on  26, 1998 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her mother Emilia Tosta, is Venezuelan, and her Dad, Jose Ramon Attias is Dominican.

She also has one older sister, Gabriela Attia Tosta

Emily is a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, later moving to Miami, FL when she was 12 years old.  After living in Miami for almost 4 years, the Tosta family decided it was time to make the big move to Los Angeles California. A few weeks after arriving, Emily signed with the prestigious ‘The Corsa Agency,’ having Thomas Richards as her agent.

Early Career

Tosta made her acting debut with drama TV Series Dama y Obrero as Gina Joven in 2013. She booked roles on ‘The Last Ship’, a show produced by blockbuster film director Michael Bay, ‘Rosewood’, and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’.


Tosta recently guest starred on The Resident. She has also worked on the films ‘Vikes’ and ‘Selfie Dad’.

Where it all Began

Emily has been in the entertainment business since the age of six, when she discovered her passion for singing, acting and dancing. At this time, Emily began to be recognized by the local media because of a print campaign in A La Moda in Dominican Republic.

Musicals and Plays

She began her acting career at the age of eight, with a lead role in the well-known musical ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin.’ It was then that she began refining her musical and acting skills and began booking projects in those fields, landing her first acting job in ‘Annie: The Musical.’ It wasn’t before long that this Santo Domingo native was getting roles in various musicals such as ‘The Miracle of Fatima,’ ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Cats,’ ‘Like in Broadway,’ and ‘A Christmas Adventure in Broadway,’ to name a few.


Her youthful determination and irrefutable talent have also taken Emily into other artistic fields. Tosta has been the  feature model in print advertisements for companies such as ‘Dino Cookies,’ ‘La Sirena Kids,’ ‘Tamarindo YA,’ ‘D.E Enterprises,’ among others.


She has starred in numerous commercials for brands like ‘Sears’, ‘Verizon‘, ‘Sprint’ and more.

Latin TV

In addition, Emily’s TV credits also include guest-starring roles on Latin shows such as ‘Noche de Luz,’ ‘Hola Gente,’ ‘Navidad Espectacular’ and ‘Sabado Chiquito de Corporan’ (where she shined so brightly, she was asked to host their four hour live show). Once Emily was in Florida, she booked roles in short films such as ‘Just Do Good’ and ‘Trapped.’ She guest-starred in Telemundo’s ‘Dama Y Obrero’ and also booked a lead role on the web-series ‘United Families.’ Additionally, Emily did a news segment for Univision’s Generacion 23.

Musical Talents

Tosta did her first professional singing gig at age twelve when she performed the National Anthem in the city of Miami for a Supreme Court Judge of The United States of America. That led her to continue her music career by singing at events such as The Pub Club Opening, Relay for Life and other events by the American Cancer Society Fundraiser, events related to the Venezuelan Elections, and many others.


Emily devotes a lot of her time helping the community and working with organizations such as Music For Your Heart Foundation, PETA, St. Judes Hospital, Make A Wish Los Angeles, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Operation Smiles, Feeding America, Thirst Project and many more. She eventually wants to have her own charity to help all of her favorite causes.


When Emily isn’t working, she loves to stay active by doing outdoor activities and attending TRX classes, Ballet, Modern Dance and Yoga. She also enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, swimming, boxing, playing guitar and piano, making YouTube videos, and helping families, kids and animals in need. She resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Introducing: Letitia Cruz

Leticia is the daughter of Johnny Cruz and an unknown woman. Her birth occurred while Cruz was incarcerated. Cruz’s mother raised her as her own, ignoring his demands for Leticia to be put up for adoption.

Season 1 – Episode 4 – Mercialago/Zotz”

Leticia’s grandmother, who has raised her to believe that she is her mother, takes her to the diner to talk to her “brother.” He asks that she quit calling him her older brother, and it upsets her, thinking Coco is trying to give up on her. She runs outside leaving Coco and his mother to have words. She says that she wanted to raise the child so that she could replace Coco, who hadn’t met her expectations. He states that she was only trying to collect a welfare check for the money. Coco informs his mother that he would have rather his daughter had been adopted, so that she didn’t have to suffer the same fate he did.

The reveal

He goes outside to check on Leticia and they talk for a minute before the mom returns. During an argument, Leticia’s grandmother reveals that Cruz is her father, and not her older brother as she was raised to believe. Angered by the news and being lied to for years, she hops a ride with a truck driver before Cruz can stop her. Coco’s mom drives off angry, leaving Cruz to worry about the safety of his daughter.

Season 1 – Episode 6 – Gato/Mis”

In this Episode, Letitica shows up at Romero Brothers Scrap and Salvage, the junk yard owned and used by the Mayans as the location for their “clubhouse.” Chuckie (who we discover Coco “won in a poker game”) contacts Coco to let him know that the girl is there asking for him. Coco arrives at the junkyard and is told that Bishop wants to see him. Bishop orders him to go with Tranq. He asks EZ to keep an eye on Letitia for him. Leti is angry that Coco left without even telling her he was leaving. She starts to leave and EZ goes out after her to try to talk her into staying. That is when Leti tells him the reason she “cannot wait” for Coco to return, or shows him rather… The trucker apparently beat her up, so she killed him and stuffed him in the trunk of her mother’s car. She came to Coco for help in getting rid of the body.

EZ Lends a Hand

Finally, EZ and Leti go to the rest stop to clean up the scene and two truckers “interrupt” them. EZ has to take care of them. Afterwards, he calls Angel for assistance, and Angel leaves with Leti to take her back to the Junkyard. EZ is forced to run from the cops. It turns out, Leti actually stole her Grandma’s car, and Grandma reported it missing. He escapes from the cops and makes his way back to the junk yard. Coco takes Leti for a drive and they talk.  Coco explains why he left her with his mother. He tells her that he has two other children, who he also keeps his distance from. He believes it is best for all of them.
I am looking forward to seeing that happens between Coco and Letitia in the next several episodes. I think the actors have a great dynamic and cannot wait to see them on screen together more.
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