Season 1 Mayans M.C. Episode 5 ‘Uch/Opossum’ Recap

opossum episode
opossum episode

Season 1 Mayans M.C. Episode 5 ‘Uch/Opossum’ Recap

EZ was heavily featured Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 5 “Uch/Opossum.”  An opossum turns over in the road as EZ passes it while he is rushing to the hospital to check on Emily.

opossum episode

Episode Recap

In this episode, it looks like there is romance in the air. There was sizzling heat between three potential couples on Episode 5.

But first, episode 5 opens with our protagonist EZ arriving at the hospital to check on Emily. Officer Frankie Rogan apparently called him and meets him outside the hospital before he heads inside, explaining what happened at the Fiesta de Madre. Rogan warns him that Galindo’s men are all over the hospital watching over Emily. It doesn’t matter EZ tells him, he needs to know that Emily is okay and he wants to see for himself how she is doing.

opossum episode

A nurse named Rita helps Rogan and EZ by getting Emily out of her room without Galindo or his men by saying she it taking her for more x-rays.

opossum episode

EZ and Emily

Emily tells EZ that it was all her fault. She says that she pushed through the crowd at the church. EZ  informs Emily that he is still confused about why the rebels would kill a nun. Emily screams that the rebels are dangerous animals. She tells EZ that since the Galindo’s are so invested in the Church, the nun was killed to hurt Miguel. She asks EZ if there has been any progress finding her baby and EZ lies to her, telling her he hasn’t heard anything about where the baby might be. Another episode with EZ lying to Emily.

opossum episode

EZ gets Caught

Nestor, Galindo’s right hand man sees EZ leaving the exam room, then sees Emily being wheeled out shortly thereafter.

Later in the episode, Devante and Miguel are discussing what happened at the church in Santo Madre. Miguel finds out from his right hand Devante that it was Nestor, the leader of his hit squad, who decided to carve up a nun as a final message to implicate Los Olvidados for the attack on the religious festival. Devante swears to Miguel that he didn’t know it was going to go down like that.  Miguel tells Devonte that Emily refuses to talk to him and is upset when Nestor delivers the news that he just saw EZ leaving after visiting with Emily. “It’s good to know my wife is talking to someone,” Miguel says sarcastically.

Angel Gets Looped in

EZ calls Angel and fills him in on what happened to Emily. After Angel hangs up, he hears a noise. He goes into the living room and sees his window is open and sees someone in his chair. He thinks it’s Mouse. It is actually the head of Alice, the redneck leader who went missing in the last episode. It’s actually the only part of Alice’s body that is in his house. Cole is the one who brought it! Angel finds him in the kitchen helping himself to some orange juice when he finally realizes what he is actually seeing.

opossum episode

Cole admits to killing Alice and her men. The two have a discussion. Angel reveals that his little rogue group inside the club has six kilos of heroin to move that the club doesn’t know about. Angel asks if Cole group are former military, Blackwater, or something, and Cole describes his group as “unf*ckable.” Angel and Cole make a deal.

EZ and Felipe

Like every episode before it, EZ pays a visit to his dad, Felipe, to let him know that Emily was injured at the church. He tells Felipe that he thinks Emily is in trouble. He tells his dad that the Feds want him to “Flip” Emily. EZ believes it might be best for her, because it would keep her safe. Felipe tells him that the only way to do that would be to tell her the whole story, and he thinks it’s a bad idea, since Emily has been with Miguel too long and she is no longer the innocent young girl EZ remembers.

opossum episode

After EZ leaves, Felipe closes his shop and gets a gun from its hiding place in a paper towel holder.

opossum episode

The Rogue Mayans

Angel, Coco, and Gilly talk about the Fiesta, the church and the dead Nun. Coco has heard that Adelita is telling the town that Galindo was behind the murder. Angel tells the rogue bothers that the Militant from the last episode, Cole, wants to buy the heroin. He reminds them that the rebels need the cash, so a deal has to be made. Part of the deal is that Cole wants Angel to provide safe passage into the country for an Afghani interpreter who he tells Angel is on the no-fly list. Angel sends Gilly off to find out where the tunnel they uncovered when they were burying Dennis goes.

opossum episode

The Galindo Meeting

Galindo’s thugs pull up alongside EZ and tell him to follow them. They drive to some land close to the border where Miguel is waiting for a meeting. Miguel apologizes to EZ for the way his men handled it. He also reveals that he knows EZ saw Emily at the hospital. Miguel explains  that he is going to be buying the property, which is in no man’s land, for a major development. EZ compares Miguel to Michael Corleone, aware that this “development” will be a money laundering operation for the cartel.

EZ: Michael Corleone. Capitalism was the blood of the family money.
Miguel: Right. Who are you in that movie?
EZ: I’m not sure. As long as it’s not Fredo.

opossum episode

Miguel warns EZ to stay away from Emily. EZ tells Miguel that he understands. The Mayor arrives as Miguel finishes up his talk with EZ and Miguel goes to greet the Mayor who has arrived to discuss his business plan for the property.

Devante Gets Personal

Devante visits Emily at the hospital as she is about to be released. They talk about Miguel and Emily tells him that since Cristobal’s kidnapping, Miguel has become a very different person. Devante tells Emily that she can’t pick and choose what she accepts about Miguel. She has to be all in or get out. (Which is really similar to what Dita told her in the last episode.) She tells Devante that she believes Miguel’s lost and swings between volatile moods. Devante suggests she has to tell Miguel everything and that secrets aren’t healthy. He Devante strongly suggests that Emily to talk to her husband and tell him exactly what kind of man she needs him to be.

opossum episode

El Padrino

At the clubhouse, Alvarez tells Bishop that he is heading back to Oakland and shows Bishop and two other Mayans the photo of Adelita that Galindo has been passing around. His contact, Devonte gave it to him. The MC did not know that the rebel leader was a woman. Alvarez tells them not to show the photo to any other club members, until they are sure the Charter is “Judas-free”.

Angel warns EZ to stay away from Emily and Miguel. Angel thinks if they can finish the deal with Cole and get the money to the rebels, they will be able to end the cartel’s hold over everything, including the club.

Adelita Meets the Cardinal

Adelita is told the church believes the cartel killed Sister Jane, but they need to break off their ties to the Los Olvidados until things settle down. She is determined to continue her work, convinced Sister Jane wouldn’t want the rebels cause to be deterred, even by her death.

opossum episode

The Job

As Angel and EZ make their way through the tunnel and into a parked car in Mexico. They follow the directions given and the instructions to pick up the Afghan translator, but it appears that the cops have beat them to it. The translator and his wife are already handcuffed.  EZ and Angel are also placed in cuffs. The translator explains that a doctor was called in to check on his pregnant wife and tipped off the cops. Angel tries to explain they were just following orders to pick up the translator and take him back to the US with them.

The Hostage Situation

The ranking cop tells them to return to whoever sent them and tell him it’ll cost $100,000 to free the translator, who the cop believes is a terrorist, and his wife.  The cop gives EZ until the morning to get the money or he says they will kill Angel, the translator, and his wife.

opossum episode

EZ calls Coco, panicked by what just went down. EZ suggests getting in contact with Cole, but Coco tells him that only Angel has Cole’s number, so they won’t be able to get the money that way. Coco arranges to meet EZ and rides off without telling the club.

Chuckie Inadvertently Outs Coco

After Coco takes off, Chuckie tells Bishop that he believes Coco’s going through some issues. He tells them that he saw Coco and a young Latina woman arguing at a diner but doesn’t know who she is. (In the last episode, we learned that she is acutally Coco’s daughter!) Bishop immediately suspected that he was referring to Adelita. Bishop showed Chuckie a picture of Adelita and asked if this was the girl Coco was with and Chuckie says “I don’t know, might be.” Next, Chuckie says he wasn’t paying attention because he was just “driving by” and “singing. I like to sing when I drive. No particular genre.” Chuckie might have just signed Coco’s death warrant.

opossum episode

Bishop sends Tranq to follow Coco, immediately suspecting that Coco is the traitor. Bishop doesn’t tell Alvarez that he suspects Coco. He mutters that he hates spying on someone in his club.


Felipe meets with an old friend at the La Iguana Bar in El Centro. The man turns out to be Agent Jimenez’ father. (Last episode it was indicated that the Reyes family might somehow be related to the Jimenez family.)

Gilly checks out the tunnel under Dennis’ grave. It’s very large and it leads to an exit at the back of Victoria’s brothel. Riz and Creeper are surprised to see a very dirty Gilly at the front door. When he goes inside to clean up, they wonder among themselves how he got there and where he parked his bike.

Coco and EZ meet with Adelita and inform her that they have a buyer for the heroin. She’s angry that Angel has been captured by the dirty cops and tells EZ and Coco that she thinks that even if they turned over $100k, they wouldn’t get Angel back alive. EZ is angry that Adelita won’t help them get Angel back and he lets her have it! Then Coco suggests that they give the cops heroin instead of the money in exchange for Angel, the interpreter and his wife.

Tranq calls to tell Bishop that he lost Coco in the tunnels.

opossum episode

The “Rescue”

EZ, Coco, Adelita, and one of her men arrive at the house where Angel is being held. The group brought heroin instead of the cash and the cops aren’t very happy. They think it must be fake. They handcuff everyone while they check it out. The cops suddenly cut everyone’s restraints off and let them go, except for Adelita. They show Adelita her wanted photo on the computer. There is a reward for her and the cops want to collect the reward by turning her over to the Galindo’s. Angel protests but the cops have the upper hand.

Adelita’s Warning

Adelita warns the cops they’ll suffer the consequences if they don’t let her go since, they received their payment. They don’t listen and the top cop tells the others to take Adelita’s into the bedroom. But, she didn’t enter the house alone. Her right hand man signals the rebels, who have the house surrounded and they spring into action, killing all of the cops. Adelita kisses Angel on the lips when he apologizes for the deal going south. She then tells him not to do that again.

opossum episode

The translator and his wife are brought across the border and delivered to Cole. Cole offers $50k for each of the remaining kilos of heroin and Angel accepts the deal.

Felipe Goes Undercover

Felipe’s doing undercover work, parked outside a house where a woman and her children are unloading a car. He surreptitiously snaps a few photos and then drives away.

opossum episode

Bishop Comforts the Mayor

The Mayor pays a visit to Bishop at the clubhouse, upset Miguel will pull the building project if she doesn’t change the zoning and lie about the EPA reports. Bishop reveals Miguel’s son was kidnapped by the rebels and he might not be thinking straight. Bishop promises to keep her informed about the kidnapping and assures her he has her back.

EZ, Coco, and Angel arrive as the Mayor leaves and they’re grilled about where they’ve been. After they’ve walked away, Bishop whispers to his guys to keep an eye on Coco and Angel.

EZ’s Surprise

EZ heads into his trailer and is surprised to find Emily inside. She confesses that she aborted their child out of anger and spite when EZ went to prison and told her not to come to visit him and to move on with her life. EZ shoulders the blame, Emily cries over doing it out of spite. She thinks it is Karma and that her baby’s been taken as punishment by God for doing what she did. EZ comforts her and is just about to tell Emily the whole truth when Angel opens the trailer door. Emily quickly leaves and Angel stops EZ from going after her.

Angel puts his foot Down

Angel demands that EZ  not see Emily again until everything’s done. They end up in a physical fight and accidentally knock over a photo of them with their mom. The punches immediately halt and they both begin apologizing to the picture.

EZ agrees not to see Emily again, telling Angel that he has “his back.” The two hug and Angel leaves to see Adelita and tell her about the deal with Cole.

The Confrontation

Felipe surprises Agent Kevin Jimenez as he is just about to get into his car after work. Reyes tells Kevin that he visited his dad, and then he shows him his real birth certificate (which we saw in last week’s episode) and relates that his name is really Ignacio Cortina. It turns out Felipe was a former drug inspector for the “División antidrogas federales” during the ’70s and ’80s.

opossum episode

Next, he shows Jimenez a photo of he and his partner with three severed heads, explaining that, in the past, he and his partner did “some very bad things” to some “very bad people.” He tells Jimenez that he left that life behind when he married and started his family. He makes it clear to Kevin that he should forget about exposing his story to his boys. If Jimenez continues to cause problems for EZ, Felipe promises he’ll become THAT man again and ruin the Agent and everything he loves. Unsure of what Felipe means, Jimenez asks what Felipe means, but Reyes just pulls away. Jimenez receives a series of text messages as Felipe’s truck disappears in the distance. They are photos of the Agent’s wife and children taken that day by Felipe.

Emily Returns Home

When Emily returns home, Miguel is in a very bad mood. He demands to know where she has been. She tells him that she took an Uber to clear her head. Miguel flat out asks her if she was with EZ, and Emily doesn’t answer. Galindo then tells her that he knows she saw EZ at the hospital. Emily tells Miguel that he is fully aware of her history with EZ and that he was just concerned for her well being. She tells Miguel that it was nothing. Miguel tells her not to take Uber anymore because he can’t protect her.

Miguel: Please don’t go into strangers cars. We don’t Uber.
Emily: Why don’t you just make a list of what I can and can’t do.

opossum episode

The Blame Game (and More)

She flatly states that Miguel was not able to protect their son! Then, the argument takes a nasty turn and he yells that Emily it is at fault for Cristobal being kidnapped. Miguel places the blame on Emily, since their baby was with her when he was taken. She belts him across his face and demands that he take it back. He refuses and he grabs her by the hair, slamming her down on the couch. He slaps her across her face, she spits on him and she slaps her face again. Just then, the fight shifts from anger to a combination of anger and lust.  The episode ends with Emily and Miguel having sex.

One may start to get the impression that Emily is not the sweet and innocent girl that EZ remembers. it appears that she may not be the reluctant participant to gang violence that she portrays herself to be. Emily may very well turn out to be a a more polished version of Son’s of Anarchy’s “Gemma.” Miguel may have met his match…Or she may even be far more ruthless than even he is!

Meanwhile, over at the brothel, EZ is doing the same thing.

opossum episode


Our protagonist, EZ Reyes has some big conflicts heading his way. Problem number one for EZ is Emily.


The two have not been together for about eight years, but it is clear that EZ is still in love with Emily and, it looks like it is going to get him in trouble. The way EZ looked at Emily when she was in his trailer tells us that he didn’t fully catch the message Miguel was sending him during their little desert “talk.”

If EZ proceeds down this dangerous path with Emily, he is likely to get himself or someone close to him killed. It would be one thing if Emily was planning to leave Miguel for EZ, but I just don’t see that happening any time soon!

That violent sex scene between Emily and Miguel in this week’s episode showed viewers just how twisted and toxic their marriage is… and toxic relationships rarely end well, especially when one of those toxic people is a cartel leader who would love to kill the man she left him for.

EZ is also keeping a HUGE secret from Emily! One that I don’t see her forgiving him for. Though Mayans M.C. continues to hint at an EZ and Emily pairing, the reality of it seems unlikely. When Emily discovers that EZ knew where Cristobal was the whole time, she will not be able to forgive him. That secret may be just what it takes to bring out Emily’s dark side. It’s likely that Emily will one day be running the cartel rather than reuniting with her first love.


Angel’s poor decisions are also causing trouble for EZ. It looks like the Mayans are starting to catch on. For some crazy reason, Angel thought it would be a good idea to form an alliance with Cole, the mercenary that murdered Alice’s group of rednecks. At least the hostage situation earned Angel a kiss from Adelita. Angel looked so completely flustered and surprised after she kissed him. Hopefully, this kiss leads to more for the pair in future episodes.

EZ is also beginning to lose the loyalty of his brother. The brothers had an explosive physical fight, and while they were able to laugh it off just a few minutes later, it doesn’t look good for the relationship of the Reyes brothers.


While the chances of Emily and EZ happening are slim to none, and the romance between Angel and Adelita will probably be fleeting, it appears that Bishop may have found himself a lady who could very well be his one true love.  In this weeks episode, Mayor Antoinette payed Bishop a visit to discuss Galindo threatening to pull out of their deal, after all of the risk she has taken by “looking the other way.”  If you paid attention, you could see the sparks flying between the two. Their chemistry is off the charts and it appears that there is some history between the two of them.

“Gato/Mis” is next week’s episode.  Stay tuned to Mayans MC on FX on Tuesday at 10 p.m.

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