Compte, Maurice : DEA Agent Kevin Jimenez


Maurice Compte

I found Maurice Compte to be a very private person. While there was much information about his career, it was difficult to find anything of importance about him personally.


Early Life & Education

First and foremost, Maurice Compte was born in New Orleans and brought up in Miami.  He is of American nationality, of Cuban descent and he is six feet one inch tall. Compte is the son of the Cuban immigrants. It should be noted, he is said to be a very fun loving person with an intense personality.


Personal Life

The handsome Cuban-American actor Compte has kept his personal life very secretive. The 40-year-old actor married his longtime girlfriend.  Without a doubt, Maurice has managed to keep a very low profile regarding his personal life.  In particular, it is rumored that he does indeed have children and that the couple’s first child was a son. However, any children’s names are unknown. Clearly, he doesn’t want the media involved in his private life. Nonetheless, by all appearances he looks like he is happily married.


Second, Maurice Compte had planned to join the Marine Corps once he graduated from High School.  Not only had he made this decision, but also, he had already joined ROTC. Subsequently, he tried out for a school play at the request of a teacher and was chosen as the best actor in the play.  Instead, Maurice attended SUNY Purchase and started his career with the feature movie “The Dream Catcher, ” and has now won more than 21 Awards.


Generally speaking, Compte has been active as an actor since 1996.  Further, during the end of the 1990’s and early 2000’s he appeared in his first TV series, Chicago Hope. Shortly after that, minor roles in movies like Before Night Falls and Double Whammy followed. Equally important, Compte’s first recurring role was as Charlie Gutierrez in the series E-Ring from 2005. Before long, other guest appearances in Monk and NCIS Los Angeles followed. Importantly, in 2011 he portrayed cartel member Gaff in the hit television series Breaking Bad.


Then, about a year later, Compte was seen in End of Watch. Additionally, other roles in series such as Bones followed. Next, he was cast in the role of Danny Ortiz in 2014 alongside Liam Neeson in the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones. Likewise, in 2015, he gained more prominence as Horacio Carrillo in the Netflix series Narcos.


Also, Compte stars as Diego Jimenez on the Starz drama “Power.” In 2017 it was announced that Maurice would be a reoccurring character on Mayans, MC.


1990’s Filmography

  • 1996: The Substitute
  • 1997: Chicago Hope (TV series, Episode 3×19)
  •           Pacific Blue (TV series, Episode 3×04)
  • 1997–1999: NYPD Blue (TV series, 2 Episodes, various roles)
  •           The Dream Catcher
  •          Eastside

2000’s Filmography

  • 2000: Before Night Falls
  •          Dancing at the Blue Iguana
  • 2001: Double Whammy
  • 2002: Fidel (TV series)
  •          Showtime
  • 2003: All the Real Girls
  •          24 (TV series, 3 Episodes)
  •          CSI: Miami (TV series, Episode 1×24)
  • 2005: CSI: NY (TV series, Episode 1×21)
  •          Wanted (TV series, Episode 1×07)
  • 2005–2006: E-Ring (TV series, 11 Episodes)
  • 2007: Poet’s War
  • 2008: The Never Saw us Coming
  • 2009: Without a Trace (TV series, Episode 7×14)
  •          Spoken Word
  •          Monk (TV series, Episode 8×12)

2010’s Filmography

  • 2010: Navy CIS: L.A. (TV series, Episode 1×13)
  •          Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  •          Lie to Me (TV series, Episode 2×18)
  • 2010–2011: Choke.Kick.Girl (TV Series, 8 episodes)
  • 2011: The Blue of Noon
  •           Southland (TV series, 2 Episodes)


  • 2011: Breaking Bad (TV series, 4 Episodes)
  • 2012: End of Watch
  • 2013: Bones (Bones, TV series, Episodes 8×17)
  •          Criminal Minds (TV series, Episodes 9×08)
  • 2014: Echo Park
  •           A Walk Among the Tombstones (A Walk Among the Tombstones)

Second Half of the 2010’s

  • 2015–2016: Narcos (TV series, 11 Episodes)
  • 2015 There is a New World Somewhere
  • Compte
  • 2016: Hawaii Five-0 (TV series, Episodes 6×11)
  •           From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (TV series, 6 Episodes)


  •           True Memoirs of an International Assassin


  • 2017: Power (TV series, 12 Episodes)
  •          Kevin Can Wait (TV series, 2 Episodes)
  •          Once Upon a Time in Venice
  • 2018: Den of Thieves


  •          Mayans MC (TV séries)

Mayans MC Role

Maurice Compte’s DEA Agent Kevin Jimenez was first seen in “Perro/Oc” (Mayans MC), the first episode of the show’s first season.  Kevin Jimenez is a DEA agent intent on taking down the Galindo Cartel. He has become overly obsessive in his search and it appears he is willing to take risks and use whatever is necessary to get what he wants.


You can see Maurice Compte on Mayans MC. Therefore, Mayans MC is a spin-off of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy which can be seen on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.

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