Mayans M.C. Episode 3 Recap: “Buho/Muwan”

Mayans MC
Mayans MC

Another great week learning about the Mayans MC characters, how they got where they are and adding in just the “right” amount of violence. This review will contain spoilers. In keeping with the “animal theme” we discussed last week, Buho means “Owl.”  Coincidentally, we saw one at the very beginning of the episode!


Mayans M.C. Episode 3

Kurt Sutter has developed a reputation for keeping a series running full steam ahead for the entire duration of a season. He does this every season through the show’s run, even when that style causes problems. Near the end of Sons of Anarchy, the pace became almost frantic. Despite the excellent writing and character development we have seen thus far on Mayans, the pacing has felt somewhat off. We often feel as though Sutter is trying to recreate a feeling of urgency, while forcing violence into the narrative. This violence does not seem necessary and does nothing to further the story. However, the pace of the show noticeably changed this week. It all seemed more natural this week.


The Rebels

The episode begins with a look at Adelita and the rebel camp. We see the orphan children playing and Adelita discussing their remaining food and funds with another rebel. Just then, we see Miguel and Emily’s son cooing and smiling, wrapped in a native American blanket.  Then, suddenly, we see a fleet of Hummers carrying Galindo’s heavily armed associates roaring towards them. You see the rebels, including the children, put on their masks and post up with their weapons.


EZ Holds Cristobal

Turns out, it was Angel and his small faction of rogue bikers approaching. Earlier, Adelita received a warning that Galindo’s men were coming. Immediately, the Rebels retreated to an entirely different camp. At the new Rebel camp, EZ offers to hold Emily’s son when he gets upset and calms him.


The Piñata

Meanwhile Galindo’s associate find the piñata at the abandoned campsite that Adelita and the Rebels left for him. They bust it open to discover a cryptic note from the Rebels along with a Day of the Dead skull with Cristobal’s name on it. The Rebels release another video that really rattles Emily.


Nestor’s News

While he is meeting with the Mayans about the Chinese deal, Nestor visits Miguel. He informs Galindo about the unsuccessful raid on the Rebel camp and Miguel is given the skull. Devante thanks Alvarez for all the Mayans help.

Emily’s Revelation

Emily knows that Galindo lied to her about retaliating for the kidnapping of their son, after her conversation with EZ and after seeing the rebel’s video and she has no doubt that her baby is in danger. She is frustrated and feeling helpless. The distraught mother takes a trip to the Mexico side of the border with her mother in law, looking for clues to no avail. Emily and Dita go to the town square where the food truck vendors were burned to look around. They talk and Miguel’s mother states that she wanted a much different life for her son. While Emily feels powerless and frustrated, Dita feels that what is happening to their family may be “karma” over her own sons disappearance.


The Family Business

Both women know their place in the cartel is to support Miguel, but Emily has taken off the blinders and knows exactly who he is now. She understands that Miguel intended for certain things to happen when he took over the family business. He intended to re-write the family legacy, clean up the name and the business, but now he finds himself stuck in the same mess of violence and illegal activity that has always come with the Galindo family business. Despite the tough talk and the violent behavior, when he is at home with his wife, Miguel doesn’t hide his fear, his regret, or his vulnerability.



Galindo’s “head of security”, Nestor Oceteva, tracks down some teenage thugs, busts into their house and shakes them down for information. He notices a gun near one of the thugs and picks it up, then says to the teenager, as he points the weapon at him, “If you live by the gun, you die by the gun.”  They are then rounded up and put in the back of a truck.


The Thugs

One of them is brought to Miguel for interrogation. After the thug admits that he knows who Galindo is, he apologizes, saying that he did not know it was Galindo’s territory. Galindo then “baptizes” the young man into his cartel by briefly cutting open the young man’s hand and rubbing a smear of blood on his cheek. The kids are told that they will be made a part of the cartel, if they supply the Galindo family with information. Instead of torturing the thugs, now the cartel has its own little group of spies. And apparently, the rebels are initially fooled by them.

The Anniversary

While in the tunnel with Angel getting ready to head to Las Vegas to make a drop with the Chinese, EZ realizes the date and that it is the anniversary of the murder that turned his life upside down. In flashbacks we see EZ, with his college sweatshirt and face covered in blood, chasing a shadowy figure. Gunfire is being exchanged, and someone startles EZ. Out of instinct, EZ turns and shoots. The man mumbles that he is a cop.


Angel Apologizes

Angel tells EZ that he knows that the kidnapping of Emily’s son must be hard, but he can’t let it affect what they’re trying to accomplish. He apologizes for not remembering situation with EZ and Emily in the past (I believe this was a reference to EZ discovering that Emily was pregnant and her decision not to have their baby.


Agent Jimenez

Across town, Agent Jimenez shows up and passes Felipe an “Anniversary” card with a new contact number in it. After seeing the card, Felipe Reyes decides he needs to do whatever is necessary to protect his sons. Felipe immediately notices that he is being watched. He sees that someone is watching both the “Carnicería” and his home.


Felipe’s Hidden Treasures

He then decides to take matters into his own hands and he sneaks out to his secret weapons stash in the garage (inside an old tool box) and retrieves a sawed-off shotgun. He then procedes to get the jump on the federal agent watching him. The agent explains that he is there for the family’s protection. Felipe tells him that if he could tell they were feds, so can Galindo and THAT is a fact that will get them all killed! He makes it clear that he is very capable of protecting himself.


Felipe Reacts

Upon reflection, it is clear that Felipe is very “familiar” with the use of the weapons he has stashed in the garage. What do you suppose Felipe is hiding from his past? Do you think Felipe has a violent past and that his past may be the reason the boys are in this situation today? That is a past that is not as easy to hide as the protection he now keeps by his side.  And why do you suppose that Felipe shredded the Agent Jimenez gave him to pass along to EZ?

MAYANS M.C. — Pictured: Maurice Compte as Agent Kevin Jimenez. CR: Prashant Gupta/FX

The Casino

The Mayans arrive at the Native American Casino for the heroin deal with the Chinese. While waiting for the meeting to begin, EZ chats with a waitress in Spanish who tells him that some of the jerks at the bar are local cops. When one of them goads EZ, he doesn’t respond because one of the Mayans signals to not do anything. Mayans all watch silently.


Angel’s Deal

Also prior to going in to the meeting, Angel makes a deal to sell the remaining six stolen kilos of Heroin to a rogue member of the Chinese for the rebels so they can get some much-needed cash.


Deal Gone Bad

Angel’s little bonus transaction gets completely messed up when Bishop abruptly kills the guy. Turns out the Chinese knew the guy was double crossing them. The Mayans killed him on the order of the Chinese to get back in their good graces after the rebel hijacking interrupted their heroin supply. It becomes obvious to Angel that those in charge are paying attention. More attention than Angel and his brothers had thought. Although they may not know who told the rebels when to hijack the shipment, they know the information leaked might have come from inside the MC, and they are watching.


The Malt Liquor

The Chinese told the Mayans that they were worried about their shipments, because of the trouble with the Rebels. Bishop reassured them that their business is secure. The Chinese leader then tells Bishop that he was told there would be malt liquor in the room. The Chinese and Mayans toast to a new partnership and the end of traitors. In response to the latter, Bishop shoots the young Chinese man that Angel had met with outside before the meeting.

EZ’s Unfinished Business

On the way out of the casino, the Mayans see the cop that harassed EZ. His brothers tell him that he has some “unfinished business.” EZ tells them that the guy is a cop, and the Mayans assure him that he is “not a cop” on Native American grounds. In response, EZ approaches the cop that was harassing him and punches him while the rest of the Mayans watch approvingly. This act of aggression also drudges up bad memories for him.


The Reyes Boys go Home

EZ heads to his father’s house to check on him. Felipe is watching a documentary on the Vietnam War and dozing off, with the sawed-off shotgun on his lap. Upon his arrival at the Reyes home, EZ stashes a bundle of cash inside a duffel bag in a cabinet, along with several other wads of cash. Finally, EZ and Felipe have a beer together and watch TV. Rattled by the events of the day, Angel also heads to the Reyes family home to check on their dad. They make some small talk. Angel complains that he is hungry, kisses his father on the top of the head and goes off into the kitchen. Next we see the Reyes brothers asleep in their father’s livingroom. Felipe covers them up and stands watching over them in the dark.

Alvarez is suspicious

Also having a beer are Alvarez and Bishop. When Bishop asks Alvarez why he didn’t want to tell the men about the hit on the Chinese associate, Alvarez reminds Bishop that still don’t know how the Samoans knew all the details and he is still suspicious.


The New Rebel Child

“Little Mouse” brings a new young man to the Rebel camp. He is now safe. Next, the camera pans to a cut across the palm of the boy’s hand.

Galindo’s Apology

Before going to bed, Galindo tells Emily that he knows where she went today. He then apologizes for their situation with a tear in his eye.


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