Mayans, MC – Season 1, Episode 2 — ‘Escorpion/Dzec’

Mayans MC
Mayans MC

In the last seconds of last week’s Mayans MC premiere, it looked as though Cartel boss Miguel Galindo’s wife and baby boy were in a life-or-death situation. Tuesday’s episode, fortunately, began by revealing what became of Emily and baby Cristóbal — and it was grim.

Mayans MC - Emily


The scene opens with Emily kneeling on the ground next to the Land Rover, crying hysterically. We see blood splattered on desert ground, and scorpion crawling over a revolver. Emily is seen looking down the barrel of a Los Olvidados member’s gun and begging for her and her child’s lives, as she and her driver are held at gunpoint. “I can get you whatever you want,” Emily tells her captors. “Not my baby. Please, he’s just a baby.” A young rebel demands that Emily give her the baby. Despite Emily’s pleas, he tears Cristóbal from her arms and shoves a gun in Emily’s face. “F*%k you, coward,” Emily says in English and in Spanish. He then kills Emily’s driver. In parting he mutters in Spanish, “Kill the devil. Resurrect Mexico.”

Mayans MC - Emily

Day Two

The next day, Galindo tries to reassure his wife that their son will be returned to them soon — but she’s not buying any of his comfort. “Your world has crashed into my world, and that was not supposed to happen,” Emily yells. “So now, I ask questions. And I need to know the truth, Miguel. Everything that happens.” Galindo, naturally, ensures his wife that he’ll keep her updated on everything related to the rebels. However, he only half-way keeps that promise.

Later, Los Olvidados releases a video revealing the rebels’ mission. While footage of the group burning Galindo’s heroin plays on the screen you hear “Our struggle is to take back what our grandfathers fought for — political and economic emancipation”  “So, now is the time to stand up and be heard.” Of course, Galindo tells Emily nothing of this development, but, his wife eventually sees the video and she realizes why Los Olvidados kidnapped their son. It turns out, they took the child as insurance to stop Galindo from coming after them.  They need to insure their safety, since they just publicly torched Galindo’s product. Emily begs Galindo not to retaliate since she’s seen firsthand how ruthless they can be. She knows they will hurt Cristóbal without remorse if he strikes back. Finally, he promises that he won’t retaliate.

Mayans MC - Emily

Dita Galindo

Everyone else seems to think he should retaliate against the rebels. It will take something huge for him to change his mind. Realizing that Galindo does not intend to fight back, his advisor, Devante, convinces Galindo’s mother to share her story with her son. Galindo once had a brother, also named Cristóbal, who died when he was just a baby. However, he did not die from pneumonia, as Miguel’s parents had told everyone. Rather, Galindo’s father’s business partner Eduardo Perez made a deal with the Sonora Cartel. Cristóbal was used as a bargaining chip to push Galindo’s father out of the business. But the man refused to bend to the cartel’s wishes, and, to our knowledge, the baby was sacrificed.


“You want me to sacrifice my Cristóbal?” Galindo asks his mother, Dita. “Another son?” Dita admits she hates herself for even having this conversation with Galindo. However, she and Devante convince him that he needs to retaliate against Los Olvidados, now! “Fear is your strongest weapon,” Devante says — and, though Galindo is not happy with the decision, he tells Devante to “Do what you need to do,” to which Devante responds, “Done.”

Mayans MC - Emily

Emily Wants Answers

Miguel shuts Emily down when she demands answers about his business. After such a betrayal, we can likely expect Emily — who later asks EZ for help — to fall into her ex-boyfriend’s arms at some point.  The disappearance of Emily’s baby weighs heavily upon EZ because she aborted their child. He wants to find the baby to make things right.

Mayans MC - Emily

The Personal Favor

Galindo recruits the Mayans MC to do him a “personal favor” by tracking down the rebels that kidnapped his child.

Mayans MC - Emily

Louie and Coco

The club tracks down a man named Louie, a drug dealer with the Dogwood crew who always gives the Mayans a 12-percent cut of the dough. Louie originally flees when the club first finds him. Then, once they get him cornered, he apologizes to Coco for filming Coco’s younger sister in a few scenes for his porn website. Coco seems disgusted by the idea of his sibling getting caught up in that world, and Louie reluctantly agrees to double the Mayans’ cut of the drug money “until Coco’s pain subsides.”

The Twist

Mayans MC - Emily

The club members begin to snicker after walking away from Louie, and Coco reveals to EZ that “I got two sisters, man — both older than me. And beards thicker than Gilly’s.” EZ, appropriately puzzled, asks who the girl on the porn site was, then, and Coco says he has no idea.

Mayans MC - Emily

Rebel Bitch

The Mayans, meanwhile, are angry that they didn’t know the abduction was going to happen. Later, they scold Los Olvidados leader Adelita for failing to share her plan with them.  The baby, for now, is fine, according to Adelita, who’s referred to as the “rebel bitch” by the cartel.

During the MC’s meeting with Adelita, Angel lets her in on the fact that EZ and Emily have a history together. Then, he assures her that it won’t be a problem for the club. “Is he still in love with her?” Adelita inquires. Angel responds with “More in love than I am with you, mi dulce?” Adelita smiles and tells Angel that they “shouldn’t complicate things.”

Mayans MC - Emily


Once again, with the assistance of EZ’s photographic memory, the Mayans are able to track down the station wagon that the rebels were apparently driving when they took Galindo’s son. The vehicle is abandoned in a ditch when the MC finds it. The rebels were smart enough to transfer to a second car to drive back across the border into Mexico.

During the search for Los Olvidados’ getaway car, Galindo’s men track down a street vendor and his young son, whose food truck music was heard playing in the background of Los Olvidados’ mission-statement video. The vendor tells Galindo that he did see some children near the bonfire that night, but he doesn’t have any intel on who took Galindo’s son. At this point, one of Galindo’s men throws a pan of scalding hot grease on the food truck owner, instantly burning his face and chest.

Mayans MC - Emily


This week, another familiar face from Sons of Anarchy is revealed, that would be Chucky Marstein, (Michael Ornstein), who is apparently working at the salvage yard. When Chucky leaves his office, Coco uses his computer to check out the website and clicks on a video, and he seems rattled by the identity of the girl in it — so rattled that we have to assume it is his sister, after all, or someone else very close to him.

The Fate of The Vendor

The vendor’s young son comes close to suffering the same burns, as a result of EZ telling Galindo to stop treating these men like “greasy f—king peasants.” However, Bishop convinces Galindo to hold off on the torture tactics while the MC tracks down Los Olvidados’ station wagon. Galindo agrees to stop. Despite this fact, once he gets word that the rebels drove off in a second vehicle, and once he makes the decision to retaliate against them, the food truck owner and his son meet a grisly end. Their bodies are burned to a crisp and dumped in the middle of Merchant Square for everyone to see, each of their mouths stuffed with the flyers that Los Olvidados posted around town, revealing their mission to seize power from the cartels.

Mayans MC - Emily

Emily Goes to EZ for Answers

Eventually, Emily senses that she isn’t getting the full story from her husband and she pays EZ a surprise visit at his father’s butcher shop. Emily begs EZ to tell her if anything goes down between her husband and the rebels, since she now knows that he will not be honest with her, and EZ agrees to tell her. Then, EZ regretfully tells her that something has already happened. He tells her that two innocent people were savagely burned and put on public display. Emily is completely thrown by the news and heads for the door. But, before she gets far EZ assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her baby.

Mayans MC - Emily

Next, with EZ and Felipe standing in the doorway of the shop we see a brief flashback to eight years earlier, when EZ and his father watch paramedics cover a woman as they roll her away on a stretcher. We are left to presume that it was EZ’s mother.

Emily - Mayans MC - CoCo

Coco Looks for Answers

The episode concludes with Coco paying a visit to a prostitute on a nearby street corner.  “You must be really desperate,” the woman jokes when she sees Coco pull up. Coco’s response: “Shut the f—k up and get in the car, Mom. We gotta talk.”

This season’s titles follow a telltale format — the Spanish/Mayan name of an animal for each episode. Last week, a lingering stray dog, and this week features the scorpion at a few key moments: (1) While the child of cartel leader Miguel Galindo is kidnapped; and (2) When the Mayans notice escaped dogs barking near a kennel that also houses lost children in cages. It’s plausible that the scorpion arrives in the spirit animal totem sense, to forecast change on the horizon — that is, the rebel army of Los Olvidados, which means “Forgotten Children,”  are working to overthrow the cartel after decades of brutality.

Mayans MC - Emily

More substantially, this episode develops evolving club dynamics while prospect EZ swiftly wins the respect of seasoned members. Whereas he was punched for speaking out of turn last week, he now receives a pat on the back from club President Obispo “Bishop” Losa after mouthing off to Miguel. EZ can’t hide his resulting uneasiness, since he fears club blowback for whatever he’s doing to help the DEA.

Mayans MC - Emily

Elsewhere, well-executed action goes down, including when the Mayans descend upon the kennel for an all-out brawl with invaders. Some humor surfaces during the violence when Bishop halts his fight with Miguel’s braided mercenary. They part ways with a smile while letting the others have “a few more minutes” to work out their differences. It’s an amusing moment.

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