Sarah Bolger: Emily Thomas


Following this, I found Irish actress Sarah Bolger to be a very interesting actress. Naturally, she has been acting since she was a child. Also, she has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Sarah Bolger: Emily Thomas

Emma and Sarah Bolger
Emma and Sarah Bolger

Early life

First, Sarah Bolger was born February 28, 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. Not to mention, Sarah Lee Bolger is a bright blue eyed an Irish actress who is 5′ 4”.  In addition, her parents are Monica and Derek Bolger. Furthermore, her father is a butcher and her mother is a homemaker.  Also, Sarah is the older sister of Irish actress Emma Bolger. She has two dogs. Importantly, Sarah attended The Young People’s Theatre School in her home city of Dublin, Ireland and Loreto High School, Beaufort in Rathfarnham from 2003-09. In addition to this, she became a minister of the Eucharist when she was 17. Although, her parents aren’t very strict Catholics, for some reason she decided this is what she want to do, and she has kept it up. Sarah played the sister of her real-life sister in In America (2002). Her favorite movie is The Fugitive (1993).

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger


Without a doubt, she is best known for her roles in the films In America (2002), Stormbreaker, and The Spiderwick Chronicles(2008). Not to mention, her award winning role as Lady Mary Tudor in the TV series The Tudors(2007). Furthermore, she guest starred as Princess Aurora in Once Upon a Time (2011).

Sarah Bolger as Princess Aurora
Sarah Bolger as Princess Aurora


  • 1999    A Love Divided – Eileen Cloney
  • 2003    In America – Christy
  • 2005    Premonition – Azura  Short film
  •            Tara Road – Annie
  • 2006    Stormbreaker – Sabina Pleasure
  • 2008    The Spiderwick Chronicles – Mallory Grace
  • 2011    The Moth Diaries – Rebecca
  •             From Up on Poppy Hill – Umi Matsuzaki – Voice role (English dub)
  • 2013    Crush – Jules
  •            As Cool as I Am – Lucy Diamond
  • 2014    Kiss Me – Zoe
  •            Starbright – Pamela
  • 2015    My All American – Linda Wheeler
  •            The Lazarus Effect – Eva
  •            Emelie – Emelie
  • 2017    Halal Daddy – Maeve Logan
  • 2018    End of Sentence – Jewel   Post-production
  •            A Good Woman Is Hard to Find – Sarah   Post-production
Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor


  • 1999    A Secret Affair – Helena Fitzgerald
  • 2002    The World of Tosh – TV series
  • 2004    The Clinic – Janey Quinn
  • 2006    Stardust – Lorraine Keegan
  • 2008–2010  The Tudors – Mary Tudor
  • 2012–2015  Once Upon a Time – Princess Aurora
  • 2014    Mixology – Janey
  • 2015–2017  Into the Badlands – Jade
  • 2016    Agent Carter – Violet
  • 2018    Counterpart  – Anna Silk
  •            Mayans MC – Emily

Sarah Bolger

Video games

  • 2008    The Spiderwick Chronicles – Mallory Grace – Voice role
  • 2010    BioShock 2 – Eleanor Lamb – Voice role

Sarah Bolger

Awards and nominations


  • In America – Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards – Best Supporting Actress – Nominated


  • In America – Broadcast Film Critics Association Award Best Young Actor/Actress – Nominated
  • Chicago Film Critics Association Awards – Most Promising Performer – Nominated
  • Independent Spirit Award – Best Supporting Female – Nominated
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards – Best Performance by Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role – Female – Nominated
  • Satellite Award – Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Drama – Nominated
  • Screen Actors Guild Award – Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture – Nominated


  • Herself Berlin International Film Festival – Shooting Stars Award Won
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles – Irish Film & Television Awards – Actress in a Supporting Role – Film – Nominated
  • Herself Chicago Film Critics Association Awards – Rising Star Award – Nominated


  • The Tudors – Irish Film & Television Awards – Actress in a Supporting Role – Television – Won


  • The Tudors – Irish Film & Television Awards – Actress in a Supporting Role – Television – Nominated


  • Halal Daddy – Irish Film & Television Awards – Actress in a Leading Role – Film – Nominated
Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger


  • 2011 The Moth Diaries (performer: “Fantasia in D minor K.397”)
  • 2002 In America (performer: “Desperado” (1973)
Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Other projects

Of course, in January 2011, Bolger was selected to be in photographer Kevin Abosch’s project “The Face of Ireland.” Thus, Sarah appeared alongside other Irish celebrities including Sinéad O’Connor, Neil Jordan, and Pierce Brosnan.

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

In particular, Irish actress Sarah Bolger recently discussed bringing a strong female energy to this M.C. world. Simarly, how exciting it is to get to play a woman who is a power player herself, and how she most connects to her character. In fact, she also discussed what it’s like for Emily to have EZ back in her life now, working with JD Pardo to develop the history between their characters, and having to both get the American accent down and learn Spanish. She also talked about the wide variety of characters she’s been lucky enough to play, as well as what she remembers of her experience making the never-aired Fox pilot for Locke & Key (which is now going to series at Netflix), back in 2011.

Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo
Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo

On Mayans, MC

From co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, the FX series Mayans M.C. is the next chapter in the Sons of Anarchy saga. Fresh out of prison and trying to carve out a new identity in a town where he was once the golden boy with big dreams, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) is trying to navigate what it means to be a prospect in the Mayans M.C. charter on the California/Mexico border. On the other hand, while figuring out what the next step in his life can be, EZ is torn between his struggling but lawful father (Edward James Olmos), his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas), who is a full patch member of the M.C., and his childhood sweetheart Emily (Sarah Bolger), who seems to have moved on without him.

Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo
Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo

What we know happened

Consequently, eight years ago, the love of her life, the person who she thought was going to be the man she would end up with, went to jail. As a result, he ruined everything, in Emily’s (Sarah Bolger) eyes. In essence, he messed up everything they had planned. However, when you meet her eight years later, she has command of her own life!

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Emily’s Choices

The choices she’s now making define her, but, at the same time, they define a woman she never thought she’d be. Then, she ends up surrounding herself with people who probably are nothing like the relationship she had before. Notably, they are polar opposites in terms of demeanor, in terms of power, in terms of financial security, and in terms of future. For instance, it seems as if she has to erase the past. Consequently, she has to make choices to secure a future for herself, even though it’s not the woman she ever thought she’d be. Therefore, Emily (Sarah Bolger) is creating a new self, as we meet her, and she’s figuring that out, like we all are. Surely, it’s going to be a very rocky, but, very beautiful journey.

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

It has been said, that ignorance is bliss, in a lot of unique scenarios, and Emily’s scenario is unique enough that she’s been told it’s safer to be in the dark. But, the thing about Emily is that she’s too bright. Not only, does she need information, but, she craves it! In fact, what was maybe romantic or sexy about not knowing the ins and outs is now so much a part of her world. Yet, her world has crashed apart and she needs to know everything. Thus, she can no longer be in the dark, she can no longer be naïve, she’s no longer an ingenue. She’s like, “Give me the information and let me deal with that.” Ultimately, that’s the woman she is, innately.

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

As it turns out, Emily has such a pragmatic approach to things. For instance, she went to law school and got some sort of law degree before the show began. Thus, as a result, there are elements of her that have a very logical and strategic mind. But, she’s in it now, and she has to be in it. As you can see, That’s part of her everyday now, for better or for worse. Although, I believe there are residual feeling there for EZ, I do think she loves Galindo.

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

In short, Sarah Bolger stars as “Emily Thomas,” the beautiful “guera” next door and childhood sweetheart of EZ. But, when Romeo departed, this Juliet didn’t unsheathe the dagger! Instead, she traded it in for diamond studs and a mansion on the hill. In conclusion, Emily makes her debut in the series’ premiere episode, “Perro/Oc” and we learn a little more about Emily in the second episode, “Escorpión/Dzec.”

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