Mayans MC Season 1, Episode 1, Perro/Oc, Premiere of Mayans MC


Premiere of Mayans MC

The Mayans MC premiere episode takes place two-and-a-half years after the events of Sons of Anarchy

Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes

EZ (JD Pardo), the lead character is a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the California/Mexico border.

The Prospect

Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, is a “prospect” in the Mayan MC charter on the California/Mexico border. Prospects are not yet “Patched in” members who are often given menial tasks and hazed by full patch Mayans MC members, such as EZ’s brother, Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

Angel Reyes

EZ’s Past

Ezekiel was once the gifted son of a hard-working Latino father Felipe (Edward James Olmos) who had a photographic memory.

EZ’s dream was snuffed out by cartel violence when he was found guilty of killing a police officer and sentenced to 25 years in Stockton State Prison.

Now, EZ has a need for vengeance driving him toward a life he never intended for himself and one that he can now likely never escape. The show will use EZ’s photographic memory as a way to gradually reveal what set this brilliant young man on a path from Stanford to prison to biker club, the Mayans MC.

Prosecutor’s misconduct

In the premiere episode, during a discussion between patched in members of the Mayans MC about the “Prospect” we discover that the prosecutor assigned to his case was found guilty of some sort of misconduct. So, as a result, EZ was let out of prison after serving only 8 years of his sentence.

Agent Jimenez

Later we discover, as he meets with Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte), a DEA agent, that it appears that EZ struck a deal for his release.

Santo Padre, CA

The Mayans club works out of Santo Padre. It’s a Southern California town, straddling the Mexican border transporting. They selling Heroin labeled “Tiny Hands.” A border-crossing tunnel assists the Mayans MC in their “underground” activities.

EZ’s Test

During the premiere episode, our protagonist finds himself in a sticky situation. Then, the formal dresses being used to smuggle a 12-million-dollar shipment of Heroin out of Santo Padre are hijacked.  Even more, EZ remembers seeing a tattoo on the wrist of one of the hijackers. Hence, he blurts out what he saw when Galindo is questioning the Mayans MC about the loss of his product.

It appears that the local Somali faction is responsible for the attack. The Mayans are ordered to produce a Somali, or Galindo (Danny Pino) will take his aggression out on a Mayan.  As a result, the Mayans attack and kidnap a Somali leader. They bring him to Galindo, who promptly orders his torture and eventual murder.  EZ and the Mayans are responsible for the disposal of the body.

In the premier episode, we met many of the patched in members of Mayans MC, the cartel “boss” Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), and Emily (Sarah Bolger). Emily is apparently attached to Galindo now. She was formerly EZ’s girl, before he was sent to prison.

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